Otterbox Levels of Protection: Tips to Protect your Phone

There are plenty of Otterbx cases to choose from, and having so many different options is a beautiful thing. But having to choose the best Otterbox case for you can be difficult. One of the best tips to protect your phone is to find the right case that offers you the best Otterbox levels of protection.

To follow the best tips to protect your phone you’ll need to know the difference between the Otterbox levels of protection and get the best case for you. Technology Reviews | Tech Reviews | Phone Cases | Otterbox Cases #otterbox

*Post Updated 2/24/23* Otterbox makes many different versions of cases each with a different level of protection. To follow the best tips to protect your phone, you’ll need to know the difference between the Otterbox levels of protection and get the best case for you.

One of the reasons Otterbox offers many different types of cases is that we’re all different. Some of us need our phones to be well protected against multiple drops per day. Some of us want our cases to help make a fashion statement but still offer a bit of protection.

Then, there are those of us who don’t mind the looks as long as we can easily slide our phones in and out of our pants pockets. No matter what you’re looking for, different Otterbox levels of protection will help you complete one of the most important tips to protect your phone.

Otterbox Levels of Protection A Row of Defender Cases on a Surface

Otterbox Defender Series

The Defender Series from Otterbox is the heaviest-duty case Otterbox has to offer. The case comes with many different levels of protection, if one were to give it a number it would be a 4 out of 4. The Defender case comes with drop protection which is like the basic level of protection that Otterbox offers.

In fact, most Otterbox cases come with drop protection. However, drop protection isn’t the only level of protection that comes with a Defender case. There is dust protection which helps keep dirt and dust out of the many holes of a smartphone.

A built-in screen protector helps protect against shattered displays, and scratch protection helps make sure your keys or change don’t scratch your phone while in your pocket. The Defender series is available for almost every major phone from Apple, and Android makers.

Otterbox Levels of Protection Overhead View of a Phone in a Commuter Case Lying on a Notebook Next to a Cup of Coffee

Otterbox Commuter

The second line of defense Otterbox offers us is known as the Commuter case. Unlike the Defender, which offers high levels of protection but is bulky, the Commuter case is a bit slimmer. The size of the Otterbox Commuter case doesn’t take too much away from the levels of protection.

If given a number, the Commuter case scores a 3 out of 4 for smartphone protection. As mentioned, drop protection is present in every Commuter case. The other two points of protection come in the form of dust protection and two layers of materials.

The two layers help protect your phone from drops, but they also protect your display from shattering. The Commuter series is available for Apple and Samsung devices as well as a few other makers of Android, making it diverse when looking at Otterbox’s levels of protection.    

Otterbox Levels of Protection A Woman Holding Up a Phone to Take a Selfie with a Friend

Otterbox Symmetry

The Symmetry series by Otterbox offers a milder level of protection but a high level of style and ease of use. Getting a score of 2 out of 4, people who choose Symmetry cases care more about style than anything else. Drop and scratch protection both come with Symmetry, but the size of the case is where it shines the most.

There is only one piece, whereas the Defender and Commuter come with multiple pieces. However, that one-piece design means it’s easier to carry, store, and take on or off. In fact, the Symmetry case is the slimmest Otterbox case you will find.  

There is also a version of the Symmetry series known as MySymmetry. Choosing a MySymmetry case gives you the same level of protection as a Symmetry case but adds the option to customize the design. Using inserts, you can change the backpiece design of the MySymmetry case.

Both Symmetry cases are available for Apple and Samsung devices.

Otterbox Levels of Protection Close Up of a Statement Case

Otterbox Statement Series

Most iPhone users are very proud of their devices and don’t like cases that cover up the Apple logo. Enter the Statement Series; with a score of 2 out of 4, the Statement series offers great protection levels for your iPhone. However, the statement being made is through design.

The slim case has a two-sectioned back piece; the first 3/4 of the back is clear plastic, showing off the Apple Logo. The bottom 1/4 of the back piece is genuine leather, colored to fit your style. The case was designed in Cupertino, the birthplace of the iPhone.

The two points of protection come in the form of common drop protection as well as added scratch resistance. Since the Statement series was designed specifically for Apple products, it’s only available for the iPhone or iPad.

Otterbox Levels of Protection Close Up of a Strada Case

Otterbox Strada

The Otterbox case with the lowest score of protection is the Strada case series. Coming in at a 1 out of 4, the Strada case is made for the person who loves self-expression. However, it’s worth noting that even at the lowest level of protection, the Strada case is known to protect from higher drops; say from the top of a truck while I was getting out and forgot I placed it there.

The Strada series shines the most in the many different designs and customizations you can choose from. Options like the Strada Series Folio which adds a folio cover or the Limited Editions which add leather to the case, make each case very different from another.

Drop protection is present in the Strada series and that is just enough for most of us. The Strada case is available for Apple and Samsung devices, while the limited edition Strada case is only available for Apple devices.

To follow the best tips to protect your phone you’ll need to know the difference between the Otterbox levels of protection and get the best case for you. Which Otterbox Case is Better | Otterbox Cases | Otterbox Case Review | Different Otterbox Cases | Phone Cases
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Otterbox uniVERSE

The Otterbox uniVERSE case is more than just a case; it’s an entire system and the most diverse in Otterbox levels of protection. Using modules, you can customize the functions of the case. The case alone gets a score of 1 out of 4, but the functionality is taken to an entirely different level.

Modules you can add include things like a spare battery, a better camera lens, a wallet, a bike or car vent mount, a tool card, and even a Bluetooth speaker. There are always new modules you can add to the case that add another level of functionality.

The case alone comes with the drop protection Otterbox is known for, but it’s only available for iPhone devices.

To follow the best tips to protect your phone you’ll need to know the difference between the Otterbox levels of protection and get the best case for you. Technology Reviews | Tech Reviews | Phone Cases | Otterbox Cases #otterbox

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