25 Things to Do in Wailea Maui

25 Things to do in Wailea Maui
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Planning a family trip to anywhere in the world requires a bit of work. Family travel needs, even more, work when it’s your first visit to a new place. My family and I will be going to Wailea, Maui this year and it will be our first time. The trip requires me to not only find the best place to stay but some of the best things to do in Wailea Maui. Once I have all of my research, I know that my family and I will have a very good time. The list will grow and grow over time because I will always be looking for the best.

Finding the best things to do in Wailea Maui makes the trip even more exciting.

There are so many fun and exciting things to do in Wailea Maui that make for a perfect family vacation during any time of year.

Wailea Golf Club

Maui claims to have the best golf courses and resorts in Hawaii, and the Wailea Golf Club is among them.

La Perouse Bay

Come early to La Perouse Bay and keep your eyes open for the dolphins swimming and playing nearby.


Mulligans is known throughout Maui for the best dinner and a show schedule around with different acts every night from magic to music.

Makena Beach

Makena Beach is the largest beach on the island of Maui and offers different experiences for everyone.

Mandara Spa

Most spas offer a relaxing experience but at Mandara, Spa relaxation is paired with healing.

Things To Do in Wailea Maui Te Au Moana
Photo Credit: Te Au Moana

Te Au Moana

A Hawaiian trip needs to have a Lu’au somewhere in the trip, and if you want the best Lu’au, you need to get to Te Au Moana.

Keawakapu Beach

Beaches are all over the place in Hawaii, so finding your favorite is a matter of how you feel during the day. Keawakapu Beach is the beach you want to go to for a romantic sunset.

Wailea Tennis Club

There are many different places to practice your tennis swing and Wailea Tennis Club is best one.

Makena Stables

Horseback riding in Hawaii is a whole different experience with morning tours, excellent instructors, and stunning views.

Shops at Wailea

A trip is not complete until you’ve found souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. The Shops at Wailea is where you will want to go for your shopping needs.

Things To Do in Wailea Maui Wailea Beach
Photo Credit: Maui Guide Book


Wailea Beach

Surely you can’t go to Wailea without going to Wailea Beach. No matter what way you look, you will have a picture perfect opportunity to share with your friends and family.

Coastal Nature Trail

Hawaii is a top travel spot because of nature, the history, and the overall experience. The Coastal Trail is a walk that will encompass everything Hawaii has to offer.

Makena Landing Park

When you think, park you probably think playgrounds and grassy fields. Makena Landing Park adds to that with a cove, shore diving, and stunning views.

Paddle On!

Activities on the water are just a given, but a private paddle boarding tour is just above and beyond awesome.

Maui Undersea Adventures

Most of the beauty in Hawaii is under the surface; you just need to get to the best snorkeling experiences to see them.

Things To Do in Wailea Maui Spa Grande
Photo Credit: Grand Wailea

Spa Grande

Getting a relaxing spa treatment just screams Hawaii and Spa Grande just screams the best spa experience for relaxation.

Clear Kayaks Maui

Going kayaking is beautiful but going kayaking and being able to see things below you is even better.

Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventures

Experiencing the culture from Hawaii is easier when you have tour guides that have lived here for generations.

Palau’ea Beach

You may find that you’re always surrounded by people depending on when you travel. Finding a beach that is off the beaten path is always nice, and Palau’ea Beach is where you want to go.

Maui Bombers

It’s important to stay active, even while on vacation. Maui Bombers offers one of the most beautiful and fun ways to do just that with their bike tours.

Things To Do in Wailea Maui Maui Pacific Tours
Photo Credit: Maui Pacific Tours

Maui Pacific Tours

Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to experience a new culture. Maui Pacific Tours offer windsurfing, kite surfing and so much more to get you out on the water.

Road To Hana

There is one very famous road in Maui that offers waterfalls, tropical foliage and sea cliffs that are sure to make for a great day.

Helicopter Tours

Seeing everything from different angles helps one soak in the beauty so why not see things from a bird’s eye view?

Whale Watching

There is a perfect time to go whale watching in Maui, and that is from mid-December to mid-May when 4,000 to 5,000 humpback whales come to play.

Zip Lining

Getting unique views from a helicopter, from under the ocean and beachside views is perfect, but sometimes you need a little more excitement. Go zip lining through the tropical Maui canopies.



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