How to Go Dairy Free

Growing up in the Midwest, dairy was a staple in our household; it was a part of life and something I craved when hungry. Imagine my surprise when the doctors told me I was allergic to dairy.  All I could think of was pizza because really, who doesn’t love pizza?   When I learned about my allergy to dairy products, I had a quick self-talk with myself about how to go dairy free and tackled it head on. I was willing to do it because I just knew it would help me feel better both inside and out.

When you are wondering how to go dairy free, these real life tips will help.

When you find yourself thinking about how to go dairy free, these real life tips will help. 

Find your Why

I was willing to do whatever I needed to feel better and that was my why.  Most of us that have food allergies of any kind have discomfort or something we don’t like that is a direct result of the allergy.  Find your why and don’t lose sight of it.

Pay Attention to Cause and Effect

Most likely, you will find other benefits of going dairy free.  I knew something was not right for me because I had struggled with vertigo for over nine years and just wanted – desperately – to feel better. Going dairy free made my vertigo go away almost completely.  But then I saw my skin clear up and I then began to tolerate other foods more easily.  Clearly the dairy was causing problems in my body that I had not even considered.  When you realize the added benefits of going dairy free, it helps you stay on track.

How to go Dairy Free Tips

Find Dairy Free Recipes

I had lived most of my life eating – and LOVING – dairy.  So I knew removing it from my life would be a bit easier said than done. I knew having dairy free recipes at my fingertips would be critical to my success and I hope they help you!

Dairy Free Lunch Ideas

Delicious Dairy Free Desserts

No Dairy Diet Breakfast Recipes

Dairy Free Recipes for Dinner

How to Go Dairy Free - Real Life Tips from Someone Who Has Done It

Don’t Give Up

Following ANY plan or making any big change can be a lot for anyone.  I still slip up and will accidentally forget about dairy being in or on something.  Thankfully after going dairy free, a little slip up does not cause much discomfort anymore. It is such a blessing!  If you slip up, don’t give up or cave and use it as an excuse to go crazy on the dairy.  Just brush yourself off and move on.

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