Clippie Queen’s Hair Clips for your Little One

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If you are looking for the perfect hair clips for your infant or toddler girl, then look no further! Our daughter has had a nice amount of hair since she was a few months old, so I was immediately on a mission to find any hair clip that would stay in her hair.

I found a wonderful woman, Amal, who makes hair clips for infants and toddlers; these clips are designed to stay in their beautiful fine hair. I bought a few clips many months ago and just ordered more because they are so wonderful. So wonderful in fact, that they are the only clips I use with our daughter.

First off, they are adorable. Amal, who also goes by Clippie Queen, has a wonderful selection to meet every possible need you may have. If you can’t find what you are looking for, she will custom make some clips for you, just as she did these to match a dress I purchased.

The quality of these hair clips is outstanding. The ones I first ordered have been through a great deal of stress: they have been opened and closed more times than I can count, have been chewed on to sooth a few teeth, have been sucked on in order to occupy a bored brain on long car drives, and still look impeccable! No parts have come off either, but I am sure Hello Kitty wishes she could have left a few times.

Clippie Queen’s hair clips also feature a no slip backing that keeps them in your child’s hair. They truly do stay in. Princess A is in a phase right now where she likes to pull them out so she can try to put them back in herself, but other than that, they stay in. I like that extra hairs do not get caught in these clips if she does take them out and they are very easy to put back in. Her favorites? Hello Kitty, the Ducky, and the princess crowns.

Here you can see the difference between the small and large clips that Amal makes. I started using the larger ones right away. You can make a pony or pigtail and put the clips over the band. The smaller ones feature a clip that snaps to secure hair versus the larger ones that are an alligator clip. Amal sells her hair clips on Ebay or you can email her at [email protected] to inquire about designs and place an order. The clips retail for $2 a piece and ship for free – a great deal!


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