17 Tried and True Fitness Life Hacks

Life Hacks For The Workout
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Hacking has gone beyond technology becoming the term for ways to make life easier. There are life hacks, cleaning hacks and even fitness hacks with the goal of making everything easier to accomplish. The hacks are easy to follow but aren’t exactly shortcuts. Instead, fitness hacks are ways to achieve your goals in fitness by making changes in your lifestyle that are easy to turn into habits.

Fitness life hacks cover dieting and workouts which are the two main ways to lose weight and get fit.


17 Tried and True Fitness Life Hacks

Household Weights

Not everyone can follow the exact layouts of a DVD workout routine because not everyone has the weights that are often required. Though everyone has cans of soup or vegetables that can be used as weights instead. In order to do this properly, you’ll need to weigh the cans to get the amount of weight you need in pounds, not ounces.

Push Up Bench Required

Some workouts require bigger equipment that you may not be able to afford or fit in any room in your home. Instead of a push-up bench, you can use a countertop or sofa. Simply place your hands on the edge of the countertop or sofa and stretch your legs out behind you; then start your push up routine.

Step It Up

Some people love to use workout equipment like the stepper, but if you have a stool or stairs in your home you don’t need the stepper. Use the step stool as a step or walk up and down your stairs to get the same workout you would on a machine. Feeling bold? Try skipping a step on the stairs to get that extra stretch.

Cleaning Up

Did you know that simply sweeping your floors for 20 minutes burns around 80 calories? Get fit and keep your home clean by sweeping the floors, even if you think it doesn’t need to be swept.

The Laundry Workout

Yet another multitasking workout is simply folding the laundry. In order to achieve the optimal workout, you want to place the pile of laundry on the left side of you. Turn your entire upper body to the left, grab an item of clothing, twist to the middle to fold the item, then twist to the right to place the item in a neat pile; repeat for each item.


While some people reward themselves with a drink or some sweets, treat yourself during your workout. Find an audiobook that you absolutely love, and just need to hear how it ends. Once you’ve found one, make it a point to only listen to it when you work out. This will not only help you work out more but keep your mind off the burn you feel during the workout.

Starting Line

Starting a workout is easier if you start slow and gradually build it up over time. Start by doing one minute, then add a minute to the workout each day. You can also create a schedule for the first month. After the first month, you’ll find it easier to follow the routine.

Life Hacks For The Workout

You’re Not Crazy

Talking to yourself while running is a good way to stay distracted and regulate your breathing. Have a running partner or two? Talk to them and make the conversation riveting.

Add Tech

There are so many different fitness bands, even some that will shock you if you haven’t taken enough steps today. Though you don’t need to get shocked, just set a goal for each day and use your fitness band to keep track and meet that goal.

Drinking Games

Many of us know about the television drinking games. One, for example, is every time someone says their full name and info on Game of Thrones, you take a drink. Instead of taking a drink, do a set of push-ups or pull-ups. It’s a great way to make it fun and ensure a good workout.

Wearing Your Gym

There are some items of clothing like wrist weights, body weights or ankle weights that you can wear every day. Simply wearing these items and going about your day is a great way to up the amounts of calories lost. The best part is, you just slip them on, and go about your day.

Members Only

Instead of signing up for a gym, use that money to pay yourself. Every time you workout, add a few dollars to a jar. At the end of the month, or two months or however long you want to set as the goal, use that money to do something fun.

Workout Password Required

We are used to putting passwords into computers for our email or bank sites. Add a set of push-ups or sit-ups to your password. You can even make sure that every time you open the fridge or pantry, you do a set.

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It is very important to drink water while you’re working out, but not everyone enjoys water. Add frozen fruit slices to the water bottle to add some chill and some flavor.

No more Commercial Breaks

DVR has made this one almost void, but you can make it a habit. Instead of fast forwarding through commercials, use that time as a really short, but intense workout. Every time your show goes to commercial break, you workout.

The Commuter

If possible, change the way you commute to work or around town. Simply walk or ride a bike instead of driving. Once at work, you won’t have a choice but to do that after-work workout. You can even keep the kids healthy by riding bikes with them to school, and then meeting them afterward on your bike.

Make it a Competition

Find a friend or even your spouse and make it a challenge. Set a goal for each day of how many steps you need to take, or how many pushups you can do during a commercial break. Then compete with each other and see who wins. You’ll find that this is a great motivator and really works.


  1. Great hacks. The creative mind can turn just about anything into a piece of fitness apparatus. No more complaining you don’t have time to go to the gym.

  2. Awesome hacks, these definitely have the right push to get things started! Working out is always a goal and yet it seems to never be achieved but I am sure through these hacks it will work out perfectly!

  3. Thank you for such a great post! I will surely tell my friends and family about it. Totally love what you wrote regarding the household goods, now i can use my everyday items to work out and reduce weight. Thanks!


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