35 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

sifteo cubes stocking stuffer ideas for kids
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Everyone knows that sometimes Santa needs a little help with stocking stuffer ideas. Filling the empty spaces that sometimes get left behind in a stocking is the responsibility of the parents. After all, Santa doesn’t know the size of the stocking your child has, and so may not have enough to stuff the entire stocking. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for Christmas morning.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have some stocking stuffer ideas of your own for kids.

35 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

  1. Pocket Pal Mini Notebook//International Arrivals
  2. Nerf Walkie Talkie//Nerf
  3. Nail Polish//Piggy Paint
  4. Hot Wheels//Mattel
  5. Fun Socks//Joy of Socks
  6. Cube Game//Sifteo
  7. Fun Toothbrush//Firefly
  8. Cash Box//Cashmate
  9. Astronaut Ice Cream//American Outdoor
  10. Paper Watch//Knockout
  11. Scented Pencils//Smencils
  12. Skyball//Maui Toys 

    Liquid Chalk Markers Stocking Stuffer Ideas
    Photo Credit: Crafty Croc
  13. Liquid Chalk Markers//Crafty Croc
  14. Defender Case//OtterBox
  15. Bird Wings//Fanciful Fabrics
  16. Blow-Up Beach Balls//Rhode Island Novelty
  17. Infinity 3.0//Disney
  18. Skins//SkinIt
  19. Candy Kit//Glee Gum
  20. Nano Bot//Hexbug
  21. Animal Temp Tattoos//Fun Express
  22. Shoe Wings//Shwings
  23. Story Game//Storymatic
  24. Tube Toys//Uncommongoods 

    Juggle Bubble Stocking Stuffer Ideas
    Photo Credit: Juggle Bubbles
  25. Juggle Bubbles//Juggle Bubbles
  26. Kendama//Kaleb
  27. Story Cubes//Gamewright
  28. Hydro Flask//Hydro Flask
  29. App Crayon//Dano
  30. Water Ball//Waboba
  31. Bendable Magnets//Q-Man
  32. Fun Bandages//Band-Aid
  33. Mini Figures//LEGO
  34. Toothbrush Sanitizer//Dr. Tung’s
  35. Stamp Sets//Fun Express




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