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I love clothes…I mean really, what woman doesn’t, right?

Fresh Produce asked me to review their clothing and I was thrilled to work with them. And not because I got to pick a free item…

But it was because me reviewing Fresh Produce is natural to me because I already own so many Fresh Produce pieces…and stocked up on more before we made our first trip to Aulani in March.
I chose the Impromptu Dress in Lagoon and was so beyond giddy when I saw how gorgeous Lagoon looked in real life.  If the Impromptu Dress is not your style, Fresh Produce has a full line of spring dresses for women where you are sure to find something you love.
So why do I love Fresh Produce?  (This is me hoping I can contain my enthusiasm while I form my written thoughts…)   
Soft and comfortable. So much so that you will have to tell yourself that you should not wear your clothes as jammies. 🙂  Fresh Produce’s fabrics are so soft and feel incredible on the skin.
Quality.  Lately, it seems that much of what is out there in stores, regardless of cost, is so thin and shrinks so fast.  Fresh Produce clothing is thicker so you won’t be able to see through it (something this mama appreciates)  and holds its size over time.  A long time. I have a pair of Fresh Produce capris that are 4 years old and they fit like they did the day I bought them.
Beautiful colors and styles.  I adore the wide range of colors that Fresh Produce clothing comes in. If you are a pink girl, you will find it.  If you are blue or green, it is there. Purple fan? No worries. And most importantly, the styles fit real women in their real daily lives.  I can feel stylish and comfortable when I take my kids to and from school or head to a meeting. A great balance…
Another thing I love about Fresh Produce is that they have clothes that work for multiple seasons.  Their spring clothing line is full of uplifting styles that will make you feel confident and beautiful.   They allow you to go from day to night and layer in ways that work for women in a natural way.
Many of you know that we just finalized our move to California two weeks ago.  As I envision days on the beach, I couldn’t help but peek around on the Fresh Produce website at their beach cover ups.  My favorite?  The Travel Skirt/Dress, which is ON SALE! Eeekkk…how can I possibly resist this piece in black and tropical punch?
The great news is that Fresh Produce now ships to over 200 countries, so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles, too…and most importantly, comfortable stylish clothing.
As I fill my cart, what are some of your favorite items from Fresh Produce?  If I could possibly host a giveaway, which item would you choose? 😉

Disclosure: Fresh Produce sent me a free item of my choice in exchange for my thoughts and time.  All opinions are my own.


  1. The effortless dress, the impromptu dress, the sunshine dress, the spotlight dress… Ok, I think the spotlight is my favorite. So bummed I didn’t know about them in time to order for Florida!! But ordering soon to enjoy them for the rest of the summer!


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