35 Easter Treats for the Family

Spring is filled with beautiful natural colors all over the country. We use those colors to help us celebrate Easter. People are making DIY Easter décor with plenty of those bright pastels. But now you can do the same thing with some homemade Easter treats the whole family will love.

Making homemade Easter treats is a great way to spend time together as a family and enjoy the flavors of springtime. Easter Recipes for Kids | Easter Recipes for Families | Snacks for Easter | Homemade Chocolate Bunnies | Easter basket Ideas | Easter Foods | Spring Foods and Side Dishes #easter #recipes

Homemade Easter treats are a great way to spend time with the family and enjoy the flavors of springtime. What constitutes an Easter treat? Shapes and colors are what we are looking for. We want colorful eggs, chocolates shaped like bunnies, and just beautifully colored snacks that fit right into our celebrations.

There are many DIY Easter treats you can choose from and each of them bring the season to life. For example, a simple fruit juice is fantastic because it is part of the season or something more colorful like a puppy chow with Easter sprinkles.

Easter Shaped Tins Filled with Easter Treats

Not to mention, making these Easter recipes with the family gives us an awesome Easter activity to do with our kids. Entertaining, cooking for and serving your friends and loved ones is so much fun! It’s also a lot easier if you have the right tools on hand.

I survive the holidays in the kitchen by having my stand mixer, apron, baking sheets, cookware, serving utensils, extra serving dishes, and flatware all ready to go!

Easter Treats Glass Easter Bunny on a Blue Surface with Eggs Lined Up in Front

The Best Easter Treats

Fresh Pineapple Juice | The Best of Life Magazine

Oatmeal Apple Crisps | The Best of Life Magazine

Classic Hot Cross Buns | The Best of Life Magazine

Mini Apple Crumble Cups | The Best of Life Magazine

Dairy Free Easter Candy Recipes | The Best of Life Magazine

Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Cheerios | The Best of Life Magazine

Easy Pink Pinwheel Sugar Cookies | The Best of Life

25 DIY Peeps Crafts For Any Age | The Best of Life Magazine

Easter Treats Two Nests Sitting Side By Side with Easter Eggs in Them

More Easter Recipes

Easter is filled with themed food to choose from. Most of these recipes incorporate the things mentioned above like spring colors or flavors. The best part of making these recipes is that you have the freedom to add or remove things. For example, a few of the above recipes require a little customization.

But you don’t need the customizations to be required. You can enjoy changing things up however you please. Add more colorful sprinkles, take out some of the color, make the frosting fluffier, whatever you can think of, try it.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Easter Eggs | Cincy Shopper

Bunny Shaped Cinnamon Rolls | Betty Crocker

Hidden Surprise Easter Eggs | Rice Krispies

Nested Easter Egg Cupcakes | Bakers Royale

Bunny Coconut Cupcakes | Styling My Everyday

Easter Nest Cupcakes with Easter Eggs | Niner Bakes

Extravaganza Bark | Sweetapolita

Easter Treats Nest in Some Grass with Colorful Eggs Inside

Making it Tradition

Holidays are filled with traditions, and Easter is no different. We celebrate Easter in a few different ways like attending church, having BBQs, and hunting for Easter eggs. Don’t forget about the Easter bunny stopping by to drop off Easter baskets as well.

But what makes the holidays even better are the traditions we have all to ourselves, within our families. You can easily turn making Easter treats into a tradition. The recipes can be switched out or maybe you find one that your family loves the most.

Either way, starting new traditions is a great way to make the holiday yours.

Pistachio Salad Easter Peeps | Mom Endeavors

Hollow Chocolate Confetti Eggs | Brit + Co

Easter Basket Cookies | Oh! Nuts

Chocolate-Covered Eggs | Taste of Home

Easter Egg Oreo Truffles | Gimme Some Oven

Cake Pops for Easter | Bakerella

Cake Balls for Easter | Skinny Taste

Easter Treats Two Kids Sitting on Grass Surrounded by Easter Eggs Holding Easter Baskets

A Taste of History

Did you know that the bunny and eggs may have come from Germany? The first record of an Easter bunny is in the 1700s. German immigrants came to Pennsylvania and would celebrate Easter with a being called “Osterhase”, which we now know as Easter bunny.

Their kids would make nests for the bunny to lay colorful eggs in and to leave chocolate, candy, and other gifts behind. Over time, the tradition spread across the country and adapted. We changed out the nests with baskets and there was even a time when it was commonplace to leave out carrots for the bunny.

Here’s another fun fact, the first White House Easter egg roll was all the way back in 1878.

Oreo Bark | Lil Luna

Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies | My Kitchen Craze

No-Bake Chocolate Egg Nest Cookies | Chef in Training

Carrot Garden Cupcakes | Your Cup of Cake

Easter Cake | The Gunny Sack

Marshmallow Easter Bunny Paws | Hungry Happenings

Chocolate Pretzel Bites | Kid Friendly Things to Do

Easter Treats Fluffy Fake Chick on a Stump with a Crochet Bunny in the Background

Easter Treats and More

Easter is a holiday that has changed and adapted over the years in many ways. This time, it is your chance to adapt the holiday to your family. Of course, there are some things that won’t be changed like the religious aspects of the holiday.

But that doesn’t mean the way you celebrate it needs to always stay the same. Who knows, you may even be the founder of the next Easter tradition that sweeps the world alongside these amazing Easter treats.

Easter Gelatin Cups | Sugar Hero!

Spring Dipped Oreos | Mom Does Reviews

Bunny Butt Cupcakes | Preppy Kitchen

Cinnamon Sugar Bunny Twists | It’s Always Autumn

Easter Blondies | Buns in My Oven

Crock Pot Easter Candy | The Slow Roasted Italian

Making homemade Easter treats is a great way to spend time together as a family and enjoy the flavors of springtime. Easter Recipes for Kids | Easter Recipes for Families | Snacks for Easter | Homemade Chocolate Bunnies | Easter basket Ideas | Easter Foods | Spring Foods and Side Dishes #easter #recipes

More Easter Ideas

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