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iFit Active Activity Tracker Review

Pin Share Tweet +1 Stumble Yum Share Reddit Share EmailTotal Shares 30It seems we all want to be the healthiest we can be.  Whether it involves monitoring our diet, getting more sleep, drinking more water, or just getting in our steps for the day, fitness activity track... Read more

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Pin Share Tweet +1 Stumble Yum Share Reddit Share Email With its wealth of museums and other educational institutions, Chicago is a great place to visit with children. Because there are so many places to take children in the Windy City, travelers should consider staying... Read more

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What is the Best Pedometer App?

Pin Share Tweet +1 Stumble Yum Share Reddit Share EmailThere are many different ways to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Eating right and working out are the two biggest contributors to results but it gets simpler than that as well. Just walking around your h... Read more

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