What are Standard Process Supplements?

You might be wondering what are Standard Process Supplements? I can help with that! After nearly a decade of use, I trust my health to no one else!
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In the past I’ve written about the supplements I use and how they help me live my best life. If you have never used health supplements it can be a daunting area to address. Before you get discouraged on your journey to find out what are Standard Process Supplements, let me tell you a little bit about them and how they have changed my life.

You might be wondering what are Standard Process Supplements? I can help with that! After nearly a decade of use, I trust my health to no one else!

When you have a food allergy life can be tough. There is often discomfort and irritability that come along with food and environmental allergies. I have three of these allergies. I have a dairy, tree nut, and egg allergy. I try to avoid these items in my diet but sometimes they slip through. My Standard Process supplements not only fill the holes in my nutrient needs but also help keep me feeling great despite my allergies.

Another reason I was so motivated to find out what are Standard Process supplements was to help reduce doctors visits. As a family, we spend way less time being sick than we did before Standard Process supplements entered our lives. We are rarely sick, the kids included, Standard Process supplements help reduce our doctors visits and the need for prescription medicines.

The History of Standard Process Supplements

On any quest for knowledge it’s best to start in the past. We can’t discuss the questions of what are Standard Process supplements without looking into their past. We’ve been using these supplements for nearly a decade but Standard Process has been around since 1929! They are an incredible company that has spent the last 88 years honing their craft. They are dedicated to creating nutritional supplements based on the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee. Standard Process supplements provide your body with the nutritional building blocks it needs to function at the highest level.

Why Standard Process Works

Now that we know what Standard Process supplements are, we need to know why they work. Standard Process supplements are created based on a Whole Food Philosophy. A whole food supplement is defined as “A complex formula that includes plant and animal extracts, desiccates, or other ingredients as required to create the best dietary supplement for each health indication.” This means that Standard Process supplements are created by using real ingredients. They’re not made using artificially created elements. The best source of nutrition is within whole foods and Standard Process extracts these elements from within foods to create their top notch supplements.

You might be wondering what are Standard Process Supplements? I can help with that! After nearly a decade of use, I trust my health to no one else!

Why I Use Them

When I first set out to discover the answer to “what are Standard Process supplements?” I was skeptical. After some research and use I discovered that I could live a much happier and healthier life with Standard Process supplements. Now, I have been using them for nearly a decade. They work so well that my entire family uses different Standard Process supplements. With our arsenal of supplements on hand we make less trips to the doctors office and spend less time overall being sick or feeling ill!

Standard Process Products I Use and Love

Standard Process Catalyn

Catalyn is designed to support overall well being. This supplement is made with multiple vitamins and minerals to act as a complex nutritional support. We all take this as a daily multivitamin. It kind of acts as our base supplement within the Standard Process line.

Standard Process Congaplex

Congaplex is a supplement from Standard Process that helps support a healthy function of the upper respiratory tract. It also supports the immune system with Thymus Cytosol extract. We use this whenever we feel like something might be coming on, or any kind of sickness is going around. It helps boost immune function and keep us all happy and healthy.

Standard Process Ovex

You might have figured this one out by the name…Standard Process Ovex is a supplement that I use to regulate my cycle. Not only does this help balance female hormones it also helps support healthy ovarian function. A must have for those of you who might be trying to conceive or for anyone who has difficulty with their typical monthly menstrual cycle.

Standard Process Symplex F

Another must have in the female Standard Process supplements line up is Symplex F. This is one that I use to help regulate my mood, reduce hot flashes, and other common “female” issues that arise from time to time.

You might be wondering what are Standard Process Supplements? I can help with that! After nearly a decade of use, I trust my health to no one else!

Standard Process Antronex

This Standard Process supplement is one that many people can benefit from. Antronex contains Yakriton which is a bovine liver fat extract. When used properly Antronex can help regulate histamine levels and it can also promote and maintain a healthy liver! If you have bad allergies like we do this is a must have in your regimen of Standard Process supplements.

Standard Process Arginex

Standard Process Arginex helps to support normal organ function. Primarily this supplement is great for the liver and kidneys. I use Arginex for my kidneys because I always seem to retain water. As a result, Arginex also has the added benefit of aiding in a healthy urinary tract flow. When I first visited my chiropractor I asked about this because I didn’t want to be on a water pill constantly, the only option my Doctor could come up with.

Standard Process A-F Betafood

Standard Process A-F Betafood is a great supplement for a few different conditions. Ideally this supplement works for a number of digestion issues. I take these for Gall Bladder stones. I was getting them pretty consistently and after going on A-F Betafood I have never had another issue! A-F Betafood from Standard Process is also really great for IBS and other digestive issues.

Standard Process Multizyme

Standard Process Multizyme is a supplement that is geared towards the digestive tract. It keeps everything regular and comfortable. These enzymes provide support for the digestive, intestinal, and gastric phases of digestion. There are also supplemental pancreatic enzymes.

Standard Process Gastrex

Standard Process Gastrex is what I take whenever it feels like something I eat doesn’t quite agree with me. This happens quite often considering my dairy, tree nut, and egg allergies. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who has stomach aches and pains. This is my family’s go to product for stomach aches.

Standard Process Calcium Lactate

Standard Process Calcium Lactate is critical for me. With a dairy allergy I don’t get nearly the calcium and magnesium I need from typical foods. Calcium Lactate is a supplement that is essential for body functions like bone mineralization, muscle contraction, and nerve conduction. This is made from a non dairy source so I can take them with no worries about an allergy flare up!

Standard Process Cateplex A-C

Cateplex A-C is a combo supplement made up of Vitamins A and C. It boosts immune health and activity. We take this whenever some kind of illness seems to set in. It helps make sure that our immune systems are in fighting shape to get rid of any kind of intruder!

This might seem like a lot, but don’t get overwhelmed! I see a chiropractor regularly. They determined what supplements I needed and what dosage. You should always consult a professional before you start any kind of supplement regimen. Even though these supplements are made from natural ingredients you need to know how and when to take them in order to see the appropriate results!






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