Treat Vertigo at Home with Standard Process Catalyn

After a day of vomiting and not being able to walk or eat, we went to the ER. 90 minutes and 7 people later, I left with Meclizine to treat Vertigo. But Standard Process Catalyn was going to make things better.

Consider this at home remedy to treat vertigo at home with Standard Process Catalyn. If my story is any proof, it works well. Supplements for Vertigo | Home Treatments for Vertigo | Home Remedies for Vertigo | Standard Process Supplements | Standard Process Catalyn Uses | How to Use Standard Process Supplements | Vitamins for Vertigo #vertigo #standardprocess

Standard Process makes so many great supplements. As a family, we have used many of their products, and we have a pretty great system in place now.

It’s incredible to know that I can keep my family healthy and happy with Standard Process supplements. We take home remedies over a doctor’s visit any day; it keeps us healthier and saves us money and time!

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I had my first episode of severe vertigo/dizziness two and a half years ago. I rolled over in bed, and the room started viciously spinning. At the time, I had no clue what was going on…I thought I had the flu…stayed in bed.

Little did I know that being on my back and rolling around only made everything worse. Consider this at-home remedy to treat vertigo with Standard Process Catalyn.

If my story is any proof, it works well.

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Treat Vertigo at Home with Standard Process Catalyn

“Probably related to the flu or something.” That was February 2006. It came back completely out of the blue in November 2006 when I was 28 weeks along in a high-risk pregnancy.

I remember that because the vomiting triggered contractions, I was afraid I would go into labor. Then again in February 2007…and November 2007. (Can you see a strange pattern?)

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Since these “episodes” can debilitate me from the first day and last time I checked, a baby and 3-year-old cannot care for themselves; I went to an ENT.

I was told this could be triggered by trauma in an accident…hmmm….nope. The only thing that could have been related was slipping on my Grandparent’s linoleum floor after they had dusted the baseboards with Pledge (In case you are wondering, you should spray on the rag and be careful NOT to do this over the floor because it basically creates an ice skating rink).

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My feet went out, and I fell hard on my tailbone. Did that dislodge some Otoliths? Again, who knows? It was our best guess. I had a great ENT that I worked with.

After an MRI to verify that nothing more serious was going on, I was diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Updated 1/2017: I still have vertigo. 🙂

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Life After Diagnosis

After I had spoken with my ENT, the frequency of the episodes increased, but they lasted only a short time. They came every 3 weeks and stayed a few days.

Then 4 weeks, then 6, and I just passed my “two-month” anniversary this past week. It is such a freeing feeling to sleep on both sides and play with my children without fear of getting dizzy.

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(I should knock on wood right now, shouldn’t I?) Has anyone else experienced these episodes of Vertigo, or do you suffer from BPPV?? It is an absolutely horrible feeling that is hard to articulate to others.

Generally, my symptoms started very severe and then gradually dissipated over 7-10 days. I have learned how to control them by reducing caffeine and sodium, staying still, not shifting my weight, and not drying my hair in the morning to avoid tossing my head from side to side or, heaven forbid, upside down.

Consider this at home remedy to treat vertigo at home with Standard Process Catalyn. If my story is any proof, it works well.
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Standard Process Catalyn to treat Vertigo

However, here is my exciting observation. I was taking a multivitamin that I loved. High energy and no nausea. Not one complaint. I began to wonder if there was an herbal stimulant in them that was contributing to my vertigo. After all, stimulants make it worse.

I started taking Congaplex, a supplement by Standard Process, in February of this year. So, I read about their multi-vitamin, Standard Process Catalyn, and decided to try a bottle.

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Since then, my BPPV episodes have actually changed. The symptoms did not knock me out for the entire first day; the duration shortened, and the frequency decreased.

Some of the ingredients in Standard Process Catalyn can be found in Congaplex. If you read about Congaplex, you will find it can be helpful for ear infections…hmmm…

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The Science?

S0 – do I have a scientific study on my hands? No. But, taking Standard Process Catalyn has helped my BPPV. I still have those strange sensations that things are moving (My favorite is when I am standing outside an elevator, and I can swear that there is an earthquake as the elevator arrives at our floor).

But those, too, are reducing. I love Catalyn and have no plans to discontinue it. Does anyone else take it? How do you like it? What about other supplements by Standard Process?

Consider this at home remedy to treat vertigo at home with Standard Process Catalyn. If my story is any proof, it works well. Supplements for Vertigo | Home Treatments for Vertigo | Home Remedies for Vertigo | Standard Process Supplements | Standard Process Catalyn Uses | How to Use Standard Process Supplements | Vitamins for Vertigo #vertigo #standardprocess

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  1. Hi Amy,

    This is Mirabella29 from the Pink Room (kittystar23 on our Yahoo groups). In May 2005, I also experienced Vertigo that came out of nowhere. I just woke up one day with the room spinning and me zigzagging to the bathroom so I can throw up! My doctor also prescribed Meclizine and that treated my Vertigo. The side effect was that it made my senses super sensitive that I would feel goosegumps when somebody suddenly entered the room. Almost exactly two years to the day, in May 2007 I got Vertigo again. I was given the same prescription by my doctor and thankfully, it hasn’t happened since then. He said it was viral vertigo.

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Mirabella! It is really nice to hear from someone else that has gone through this. I am still vertigo free and am happy to hear that you are too. Do you ever get small dizzy/spinning spells without a full blown episode? I get them periodically but it does not progress or limit me. Just enough to remind me…:)

  3. HI Amy,

    Oh, yes, I do get the mini dizzy spells! I get scared that it would develop into Vertigo (and last 2-3 days) but it doesn’t…whew! I keep my prescription pills in my purse to be prepared. The mini dizzy spells happen (sometimes) when I bend down and keep my head low, like if I were looking for something under the couch. I’m such a basketcase, I’m also prone to sinus headaches and migraines 🙁 thankfully they respond well to medicine, so as long as I have Aleve, Tylenol, Antivert, etc. in my purse – I’m good 🙂

  4. I experienced my first episode about 6 years ago, after using one of those home ear cleaning devices. Didn’t think much of it at the time except that I was sooo sick. I just lay down and let it wear off. The next episode came a couple years later while I was pregnant, I went to the ER at that time and was diagnosed with a bad UTI, so the vertigo was contributed to that. The 3rd episode came last Thanksgiving (Oct). I again went to the ER and was again diagnosed with a bad UTI. After a gravol shot and a prescription for Meclizine I was sent home. The last episode then occured 6 months later in April. After another trip to the ER and a consult with a neurologist I was diagnosed with BPPV, given another gravol shot and another prescription for Meclizine and sent home. No other major episode in 4 months now 🙂 But I do experience mild dizziness 24/7. I can’t lie on my back, or move too quickly. I get car sick very easily and bending over or turning too fast are definite no no’s. It makes it very difficult to care for my 21 month old and also sometimes to work. Is anyone taking Meclizine on a reg basis or just to help them over the episodes? I’m beginning to wonder if I should be taking them everyday.

  5. Wendy – I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. It is no fun at all. It actually sounds like yours is getting worse.

    An iron deficiency was discovered a year ago so I take Floradix Iron and Herbs to keep my levels normal and since then my episodes are much improved. I had my first year where I had it only once every 3 months. I do not take Meclizine daily but I do take Advil cold and sinus when I feel my allergies rise and those dizzy sensations. That seems to help mine diminish quickly.

  6. My name is Paula and at 59ys old, I suddenly experienced dizziness and total confusion every time I looked up to the sky or laid down in bed. I sent for a blood test and it was discovered that I had almost no Vitamin D in my body. I began using a good quality Vitamin D…but still experienced Vertigo during different periods of the year. Never had anything like this. My chiropractor recently suggested Catalyn used as directed. I take 2 tablets in the morning and 1 before bedtime. Within 6 weeks, my overall health has improved significantly…more energy, many less dizzy spells, less confusion, able to do regular daily home and job functions. I have an extremely physical job that requires enormous energy…guess I was burning up everything in my body and was complicated by being menopausal as well. I have also stopped using Fixodent with ZINC..Also causes big problems in the body with long term use (at least for me.) No overdosing of Zinc and this great vitamin product…I am a different woman..takes time to balance the body…there is no overnite cure. I needed to take about 180 tablets to feel renewed…or approximately 6-8 weeks. You get 360 tablets for about $36.00. A supply of approx 3 mos. $12.00/mo. WORTH EVERY PENNEY! Today I wake up feeling great…I highly recommend Catalyn Vitamin. It has changed my life…perhaps it might for you too. Take care all!!!

    1. I realize this is many years after the 1st post but I must comment.I first experienced BPPV in the winter of 99 and it is HORRIBLE!Long story short,it is caused by the mis alignment of the small stones in your ear canal.Mine came in the winter when it became dry from heating the house and not drinking enough water.There is a Dr. in Germany that came up with a technique consisting of a series of very simple movements taking 5 minutes 3 times a day to realign the stones.The simplicity is magic.I have had BPPV 10 times in 12 years and can recognize the symptoms immediately and can stop it in 1 day if caught soon by performing the movements.It is called (MEP)modified Epleys procedure.It has become well known since then and the procedure is found on any search engine(Google)and how to video’s on YouTube.This has helped 4 other people I know in the past 10 years.Also I make sure I drink plenty of fluids .I have not had an episode in 5 years(knock on wood).I hope this helps anyone who is looking for help with vertigo.

  7. It was nice reading all your comments. I also have vertigo and was taking Meclizine and Min Tran for anxiety however I think I will go back to my Catalyn in a second after reading tbis. Vertigo is no joke. I seriously think I got it from doing exercises that involved me bending down and up multiple times

  8. I experience vertigo after turning out the light at night, when I attempt to walk. I try to remember to carry a small flashlight, because I surely don’t want to fall. Usually, if I stay still until my eyes adjust to the darkness, I’m okay, but the flashlight helps too. I might give Catalyn a try.