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Most of you know I have done the Standard Process Cleanse, which is the healthiest I have found in all of my reading. I personally LOVED it (relative to cleanses, that is – LOL) and will be doing it again in another few months.

Are you doing or interested in the Standard Process Cleanse? Join our chat and ask your questions! Standard Process FAQ | What is Standard Process | Standard Process for Adults | Standard Process for Kids | Standard Process CLeanse for Health | Healthy Living Tips | Tips for Health | Healthy Supplement Ideas | Supplements for Health | Standard Process Supplements #standardprocess #healthyliving

Have you tried the Standard Process Purification Cleanse, or are you in the middle of doing the cleanse? 

  • What meal ideas do you have? How long did you make it before eating foods that were not off-limits?
  • When did your cravings subside?
  • Did you find you couldn’t do without anything while on the cleanse?

standard process cleanse

I thought it would be nice to help each other by posting questions, answers, comments, etc. I would have really enjoyed having someone tell me my 1/2 cup of brown rice was really worth it when I was passing on the nacho chips and making it through my cravings. We can support each other…

I look forward to learning from you and having you share your experiences.

Are you doing or interested in the Standard Process Cleanse? Join our chat and ask your questions! Standard Process FAQ | What is Standard Process | Standard Process for Adults | Standard Process for Kids | Standard Process CLeanse for Health | Healthy Living Tips | Tips for Health | Healthy Supplement Ideas | Supplements for Health | Standard Process Supplements #standardprocess #healthyliving

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  1. i am doing it right now! Today is my first day. Good thing the shakes are really filling, but I don’t know How I can drink 3 of these a day and not get sick of them. OMG and taking like 15 pills 3 times a day is going to be tough.

  2. Hey Dawn – Thanks for stopping by and letting me know. How are the shakes? I did not do those – just the pills. After a few days, I could take 5 pills at a time with water. 🙂

    Good luck! Stop back! I am rooting for you!!!!

    1. I am terribly bloated after only 3 days.. Will this go away.. It is AWEFUL.. I look 9 months pregnant and cannot go number 2.. HWLP

  3. My ND is recommending I do the cleanse with my 12 year old daughter. She is about 100 pounds overweight due to some digestive issues. He thinks the detox will help her lose weight and heal. He also thinks it will help me with my chronic fatigue issues. And dizziness??? Yikes! Are you still enjoying being dizzy-free? I have done all the same as you – BPPV testing, balance therapy… nothing has helped! Thanks for posting about the cleanse. It’s just what I needed to read tonight! 😉

  4. If any cleanse is worth a shot, I think this one is. It does great things for your body. Let me know how it goes for you and your daughter.

    I have ended my dizzy free spell. 🙁 My allergies seem to affect it and we have had a lot of stress, lack of sleep, etc. with our relocation, so I have had a few recurrences in the last month or two. I am like you – nothing has helped. My ENT said the therapy is inconclusive and can make your life a living he** as it just magnifies the symptoms if it does not work. NO THANKS! 🙂 When are you starting your cleanse?

  5. I am so glad to have found this blog! My husband and I decided to this together. We’re starting tomorrow, and I’m afraid I’ll get sick of taking pills and drinking shakes, but I’m very hopeful and determined. I’ve heard so many good things and I’m anxious to see great results in how we feel!

    Good luck to everyone doing the clense and keep me posted on how you do!

  6. Thanks for stopping in Michelle! It will take a little getting used to, but after a day or two the pills are no problem. I actually found it harder to schedule taking them in a busy schedule.

    Stop back and let us know how you are doing – especially if you need a pep talk. 🙂

  7. I’m thinking about doing this cleanse – I don’t think the altered diet will be too difficult but I’m a little wary of the shakes and pills in terms of what they contain. But I’m really encouraged that you liked it so much and am leaning towards it.

  8. Hey I am on my second day of this cleanse and I am getting really discouraged. I am having horrible headaches and muscle aches. My dietician/doctor told me to only eat fruits, vegetables, brown rice (if needed) and water. I am going crazy. I am a vegan anyways, but I need some help. I am craving hummus so badly it’s ridiculus! Is this normal to start feeling sickly? Thanks!


  9. Hi Cherish – Those first two days are hard b/c your body is not getting the toxins it is used to. My understanding is that headaches will be present if you eliminate caffeine, etc. Once the first few days are over, they should pass. And cravings are COMPLETELY normal. I craved every sweet for the first 3 days and then it got easier. IMO, just eat the brown rice. I did not try to go without that b/c I cannot survive without some carb. My sheet says you can also eat egg whites I believe. Keep in touch so we can help you! Amy 🙂

  10. I am on my 10th day of the Garden Variety process (No rice, egg whites, etc.) – strictly the approved veggies, fruit and water, shakes and pills. The shakes provide the protein so I don’t know how you could do without those. My acupuncturist recommended this process for health reasons; I really was not interested but to be preventive, I took it on. I wasn’t sure I could do this, much less for 21 days, so decided I needed to take one day at a time, and not look or think forward. Ironically, eating this way makes me fully present, thinking about each taste, like I never have before. Not completing the 21 days is not an option for me; I view it like mountain climbing and plan to go to the top. I have lost 10 lbs., have an incredible amount of energy – so much so I started back doing pilates to deal with this energy. My body feels differently, smaller, healthier and my mind is exceptionally clear. I did have headaches the first 5 days. I do not crave other food although I am sure looking forward to day 22 when I can eat some! I am really surprised I did this, am doing this – because I love good food and I love wine with dinner – I really think the thing that helps me is not allowing myself to think about the time left to go. If you crave something sweet, Trader Joes and Bristol Farms both carry dehydrated fruit with absolutely nothing else added – those are crunchy and very sweet! My favorite way to make the shake is either with a banana and frozen blueberries, or with juiced carrot/apple/ginger root (permissable). Janet

  11. Way to go Janet! That is awesome that you made it 10 days so far. Keep up the great work! I am trying to decide when I will do the cleanse again. Last time I did not do the shakes – are they good? Do you eat them with your meals?

    Good luck with the rest of your time days! Keep us posted on your progress!!!

  12. Mommy Mentor – Did you make the the 21 days?
    I love the shakes but my acupuncturist told me she and I are the only ones who say that. When I juice carrots, apple and ginger root, then I pour that into the blender and stir in the 2 scoops of shake powder, sometimes the powder will form some clumps. When I eat those, to me, they taste very similar to malt. When I use the blender to make a shake, I liquify very little water, 1 banana and a handful of frozen blueberries – doing this, I don’t get any clumps and the shake really just tastes like a banana-blueberry shake. I don’t have my shakes with my meals. I usually get up in the morning and have a shake, by noon I have a meal of veggies. In the afternoon I have another shake. For dinner I have veggies and if still hungry, another shake about an hour later. I will snack on the fruit if I feel a need for something sweet. I don’t use the flaxseed oil in my shakes; instead I use the amount allowed in the shakes on my salads or veggies with lemon or orange juice so I have a little dressing. I also slightly grill my veggies which my acupuncturist said I can do because I like to eat a hot meal – I find the mushrooms are most filling for me and will buy different varieties. Thank you for your support! I was very happy to find your site because there is very little written about what one experiences or any ideas to jazz the veggies or shakes up. I would like to hear what people who have gone through the 21 days have experienced: how they feel they benefited. I do know at my acupuncturist’s office, women who have done it once, do it again so they must recognize benefits but it seems to me most do not complete the 21 days – and I haven’t met anyone who did the garden variety process yet aside from my acupuncturist. . .and she started out so healthy. I am 52, have never done anything like this, never dieted or never really practiced any healthy regimen. This past year my cholesterol shot up, my thyroid functioning plummeted, I had high blood pressure and plaque for the first time – I am seeing if this helps those numbers. To date, I haven’t been able to find feedback about how it might help such things.

  13. We started the cleanse! Actually, I am just doing the shakes and veggies and fruits for the first 2-3 days and then jumping in. My daughter started yesterday. She is doing fine, but having trouble with finding enough veggies that she likes. She loves mushrooms, so she is eating lots of those! She is only 12, so it’s a very big deal for her, but I’m proud of her!

    I felt like death warmed over yesterday. I think it was the last of the caffeine finally leaving – and quite reluctantly!

    I roasted some veggies this afternoon so we will have them on hand. I can eat a salad, but my daughter does not like them.

    I really enjoyed really about the different schedules some have followed. Gives me new ideas and helps me think outside the box! I am looking for new recipes for veggies.

    I am hoping to feel better tomorrow, as I will start my supplements then!

  14. Hi from San Francisco! I’m on Day 18 today…It’s been such an interesting journey! For all of you in your first week, soldier on! It gets much, much better. Just a recap of my process so far: The first four days were the WORST. My cravings were intense and it made me realize how much I depend on sugar for emotional upliftment…I actually cried over not having a chocolate chip cookie! After Day 4, things started calming down a bit. I realized what foods were filling and yummy. I had fun experimenting with new foods and recipes. I discovered avocados. By the way, avocados are great in the shakes. You can put in an avocado, some cherries, some vanilla extract, and it’s delic! Only 3 more days to go…I am looking forward to certain things like nuts and cheese, but I’ve really discovered how bad refined sugar is for you and I am pretty confident that I’ll be able to cut that out! One last note, I had a work dinner last night that I was dreading because I wouldn’t be able to eat anything…but I called the chef earlier in the day and explained all of my dietary restrictions and when I got to the restaurant he had whipped up a 3 course meal (including dessert!) that followed all of the restrictions!! It is the best food I’ve had in the 18 days and I was SOO excited to have a gourmet chef cater to my diet! He obviously can do a better job with all these veggies etc than I can! Anyway, that’s all. Good luck to everyone. Oh and I did have a small slip at the end of week 2 (a few fries and a small piece of cake at my friend’s engagement party) but I took it as an opportunity to accept myself – flaws and all – rather than beat myself up over it. I’ve adhered closely otherwise, and we’re only human after all!

  15. Congrats on such a successful cleanse! It sounds like you have made some wonderful changes in your life. I too discovered Avocados this last year. Not sure why I never loved them before, but they are so yummy! Keep up the great work!

  16. Thank you for posting about this! I’m on day 4 and feeling pretty optimistic about this. I did two 3-week Thorne cleanses in the past (before children and when I felt healthier:) and remember feeling great afterwards. Day 2 this time I had the worst headache of my life, but it was gone yesterday. My favorite pollens are in full-force right now and I’m having super-intense allergy symptoms (sneezing fits like you wouldn’t believe). It feels as if all my weaknesses are brimming to the surface, and hopefully flushing out. I’ve had this great light-tingly flushed sensation over my skin, and a stronger ability to be present. My instructions seem to be the Garden Variety way to go. I guiltily broke down and inhaled a few bites or my kids’ Annie’s mac-n-cheese last night:( I must be human. The other thing I’ve allowed myself a bit is manna bread – sprouted wheat, salt, & raisins lightly baked. Does anyone have any knowledge of eating sprouted wheat during this cleanse?

  17. I’m on day 10 of the “Standard Process Purification Cleanse”, don’t know if that is the same one everyone on here is talking about. I am doing the pills, shakes and veggies, also 1/2 cup of brown rice once a day. I only steam my vegetables once a day and only eat fruit in the shakes, other than a grape here or there. The first 6 days I felt just fine, a little hungry and craving but really ok. Last night and today I feel very nauseous. Hopefully it is just the toxins coming out of my system.

  18. I have done this two times and loved it both times. I drank two shakes a day and had a huge salad. The pills were easy to take if I took them with a mouthful of shake. My favorite shake so far is frozen bananna, frozen blueberries, and frozen strawberries. When I am not doing the clense, I still drink a shake each day. At -43lbs and counting, I am looking forward to my next cleanse.

  19. My husband and I are on day 2 of the cleanse. Day 1 for me was HORRIBLE. I had the worst headache of my life (literally was crying), freezing cold, and I vomited 5-6 times. I slept for 11 hours and felt good in the morning! My doctor said that some people get that immediate reaction. While hovering over the toilet last night I wasn’t sure I would continue, but today I decide to soldier on. I cut back on the cleanse pills a little bit and had a good day. Tomorrow I will up them a little more and see how I feel.

    I’m not as worried about the pills or the food restrictions, but I know I am going to struggle with the shakes. My husband thinks they taste great…I think they are disgusting. I did the Ultraclear cleanse a few times and I struggled with those shakes as well. I put in frozen fruit/berries, half a banana, 2 scoops and ice – yuck!

  20. Im about to start the cleanse tomorrow, so ready all of the posts helps..
    I know I am not suppose to eat grapes or pineapple, anything else I should avoid?

  21. OK so I am about to start the cleanse this coming Monday. I need help with the shakes. What is the best way to make them? I have read to use water, soy milk, or juice. What’s the best way?

    1. I use crushed ice, unsweetened almond milk, and bananas for my morning shake. This fills me up for a couple of hours. For the second shake, I use crushed ice, strawberries, and a delicious juice by Knudson that is coconut/pineapple…just a splash…it has a lot of calories but if you use crushed ice it helps that calorie intake. So tastes like a strawberry colada! (available on the juice aisle in Shop Rite)
      Very important to drink a glass of water when you are feeling hungry. Also, herbal teas like rooibos (african redbush) or honeybush teas with a smidge of stevia in them take the edge off for me.

    2. I am on Day 5 and today has been my worst day. I’ve had a headache all day and I’ve been a little dizzy feeling. Has anyone else had dizziness? I’ve done this before so I know it gets better, but I don’t remember being dizzy last time. Thanks.

  22. I’m on day 6 of the standard process purification program. I decided to take one saturday a week off to deviate a little bit from the diet to keep me sane (a cocktail or a scoop of ice cream!!). It’s been going well – my boyfriend is doing the cleanse with me and he’s already lost 12 pounds! I’ve only lost about 3-4, but I’m doing it mostly for the detoxing benefits rather than losing weight. Today is the best day yet – I feel energized and am not craving cheese and carbs as much as I have been. If anyone has any dinner recipes, that would be great!! For the person who posted on February 5th, the actual S.P. detox does not allow any soy or dairy, but the more citrus fruits you add to your shakes, the less you can taste the protein powder. My favorie is kiwi, pineapple and orange in the blender. Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes for you!!

  23. Leanne – Thank you for sharing your story. I hope the rest of your cleanse is going well! The citrus fruits in the shakes is a great tip!

    We also have the VitaMix blender which truly makes smoothies and grinds things up so well that you taste powder less. Expensive but worth it!

  24. Hi I am on day two of the Standard Process and it seems to be going well. I’ve added a package of Stevia to my shake. Is that cheating?

  25. I found your blog in a search for recipe ideas for the Standard Process cleanse. I did it a year ago and LOVED it… my husband is doing it with me this year and I need some ideas for filling him up. We start tomorrow – going grocery shopping this afternoon!

    We love guacamole, so we’ll do an SP-approved version with celery instead of tortilla chips. Yummy!

  26. I’m calling tomorrow to buy the Purification Program. It was recommended by my chiropractor hopefully to help with all the inflamation in my spine. I can also use to lose a few pounds. So, I am hopeful and nervous. I’ll keep you posted. Elena

  27. I started SP today. The beginning of the day I felt ok other than the lack-of-Starbucks-headache, but now I am starting to feel really awful. Like coming down with the flu awful. I am likely more ‘toxified’ than most people – I had to cut out a LOT of fun but not good for me things to do this. My motivation is purely weight loss, but I’ll take the health benefits too 🙂 I’m a vegetarian so this isn’t too awful in terms of the food choices, but boy, I sure am missing my dairy and carbs!

  28. Courtney – Thank you for stopping in. You will feel really great in a few days. I hope that time has come by now. I actually do a cleanse of sorts twice a year now just to keep my body on a good maintenance plan. It really is worth it! Good luck!

  29. Hi I am thinking of starting the Standard Process Purification Program because I am 46 years old and am experiencing, what I thought were pre-menopausal symptoms, (a constant period). I am being told by my Chiropractor that I have a hormonal in-balance and that taking this cleanse can fix this problem. I am also diabetic and am a little concerned about having low blood sugar issues. Has anyone on the program had these problems or similar problems? Has this cleanse helped your symptoms?

  30. I am certainly not a doctor so I would recommend consulting with your primary care physician if you have concerns. I can share what I experienced. It certainly stabilizes things in your body so while it may not cure your hormonal imbalance, you may feel a lot better and have a better baseline. My Dad did a cleanse of sorts and did Phase 1 of South Beach with no bread and no fruit for two weeks. He kept up with a banana a day to help with the potassium but he did great. His blood sugars were so much better when eating better. Vegetable and fruits actually have carbs in them, but they are not complex, thus why they are preferred over bread, etc. Again, this is just what I experienced. I would talk with your doctor because he knows your full history.

  31. I’m on day 8 of the cleanse and I feel great. This is the second time around for me, did the cleanse about 6 months ago. The second time is definitely easier because you know what to expect.

    I find that by day 4 or 5 my mind is clear and I feel more present in my body. Meditating is easier. And I’m so much less jittery. It’s kind of scary what caffeine and sugar do to us — emotional roller coaster ride.

    I lost 8 pounds the first time. Right now at day 8 I’ve lost 10, so I’m hoping that means that my body is less toxic. LOL.

    Tiredness the first couple of days is pretty standard. Headaches happen if you quit caffeine cold turkey…so consider a “pre cleanse” week where you start cutting out caffeine and sugar. That helps big time.

    The key for me is a wide variety of vegetables, picking something in every color. I also prefer to eat cooked veggies, but we’re supposed to eat about 2x the amount raw than cooked. So I’ve been doing a lot of raw cukes and tomatoes and peppers and asparagus.

    Also, this time I’ve tried to use fruit with less sugar for the shakes. Blueberries, cantaloupe, strawberries, etc. and keep each shake to 1/3 banana. I’m also thinking about getting Maqui concentrated powder for the shakes for an antioxidant boost. Has anyone tried that?

    Good luck to everyone! Stick with it…

  32. I am on Day 2 of the SP Purification Diet. At this point I honestly cannot see how people do this more than once, but I’m trying to stay positive. Day 1 was AWFUL for me. I was nauseous all day besides being hungry. I am desperate for some good recipes, especially for vegetables. I’m terribly craving any real food. I do feel better today, not nauseous, just hungry. I have to hold my nose to get through the shakes and pills without gagging. If anyone has any good websites for veggie recipes that would be SO helpful!! Thanks!

  33. My chiropractor fiance and I are starting this cleanse this week. Can anyone speak about bathroom time? I’ve heard that many people doing a cleanse end up in the bathroom pooping all day. Can anyone speak about that? Will it be a problem going to work and out on errands?

  34. I am doing the SP Cleanse-along with my husband-for detox and weight loss purposes. I am on Day 2. Thanks so much for blogging about this-it helps me to know what others are experiencing. For me Day 1 was ok-I had a headache-but nothing horrible. I did find that that 2 shakes a day is alot-they are filling. I have learned to stagger the shakes away from the meals-1 for breakfast and one at 2pm. Day 2 has been full of fatigue, light headed-ness and no appetite at all. After I take the cleanse pills I get dizzy and have an out of body sensation.
    I am following the guidelines of 2-3 shakes a day and only the fruits and veggies as outlined in the list. We are also eating lentils and 1/2 c. of brown rice/day as instructed by my ND. The shakes are good with 1/2 banana, frozen berries and some orange. I also add flax seed oil to it. I have been roasting beets, sauteeing swiss chard and spinach in coconut oil with some garlic, sauteeing brussels sprouts and even baked a yam. I am definitely getting enough to eat-not sure how anyone loses wight on this diet. I am craving cheese-but other than that I am ok. I am going to attempt my workout now-keep your fingers crossed!

  35. I am on day 6 of the SP cleanse. This is my Fourth time to do it. I have not done it for 2 years. Surprisingly I am doing very well so far. I did experience the headaches and fatigue. It happens every time, but the renewed energy I have now outweighs the negative symptoms. I can’t say I love doing the cleanse as it is very hard to give up foods and beverages that I love. The hardest part is explaning to friends, family and coworkers what you are doing. They think I’m crazy, but just wait till they see the results. I just want to be healthy. I am tired of being tired all the time. The cleanse works. It def. is a mind over matter thing. I tell myself Yes, I want to eat these foods, the thing is that they will be there when you get done. I have found that watching TV is really hard because of the food commercials. Ahh chilis is the devil lol. This time I am going to try to eat more healthy after my 21 days is over. I wish eating healthy wasn’t so expensive!! Also, that fresh foods SPOIL so FAST!! Thanks for people who have posted it is encouraging to see people going through the same thing. It helps to stay strong. So everyone HAPPY CLEANSING!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    PS To the person who posted about restroom visits. If you drink enough water you shouldn’t have a problem with the #2s you will have to pee more often, but that is what makes the toxins get out of your body and lose the weight.

  36. I started day 1 yesterday of the SP purification. Normally I drink 1-2 cups of black tea (with nothing in it) a day, and had tapered down to 1/2-1 cup last week. Yesterday, I had two shakes, two courses of the supplements and ate fruit and veggies at the 2:1 ratio with no issues with hunger, etc. At dinnertime (I made lentil & vegetable soup) when I sat to eat I was overcome with intense nausea and headache along with a feverish (hot/cold) feeling. I proceeded to vomit for 6-8 hours and felt extremely weak with chills and a horrific headache that honestly was equivalent or worse than the 36 hours I spent laboring with my son. My husband worries that I reacted to something in the cleanse; after the first shake/supplements in the morning my face flushed and after the second at midday my face, neck and chest was red and blotchy.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? So far this morning I’ve only stomached some chamomile tea. I am extremely frustrated on many levels – the $$ I spent on these products, the evening last night wasted (my parents came for dinner and I spent their whole visit huddled over the toilet). I was really looking forward to experiencing the benefits of detoxing but with two small children I don’t have the time to be ill like this, thankfully this happened on a night when my husband was not travelling for work!

    I wonder if I am really just that toxic and it is shocking my body to release the toxins? I consume a diet high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. For meat, I only consume chicken and eggs that we produce ourselves and beef (no more than once weekly) that is raised on a friends farm (organically). I purchase 80% of our produce locally and what I get from the grocery store is organic. The only dairy (one of my vices!) I consume is whole milk yogurt that is produced on a local farm. My other vices include a bi-weekly loaf of white italian bread or croissants from a local bakery and dark chocolate, also usually only once a week or every other week.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or advice? thanks!

  37. Hi,
    I am happy to find this forum. Wanted to look for recipe ideas and found this. I started the SP purification diet today. I wanted to loose some weight and get clearer skin. It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Definetely tired and have a slight headache. I stopped coffee about 2 weeks before this since I was on homeopathic medicine so dont crave that. I miss my green teas that I usually have at 3 pm. Is herbal teas ok with this diet? I crave bread right now. Haven’t had dinner yet. Maybe some rice will definetly help with the carb craving.

  38. Those cravings will subside after a few days. I am always amazed at how little carbs my body craves after I get 3 days under my belt of no bread. I think the teas are okay.

    GOOD LUCK and keep us posted! 🙂

  39. I am starting the cleanse on January 15th. I’m going to try and dial down my caffeine ahead of time to minimize my headaches. My acupuncturist suggested I do that. Is anyone else going to do it again? This is my first time and I hate Veggies…so I’m really scared! But I am addicted to sugar and want to cleanse my body of it.

    I loved reading all these comments!!! I’m also going to blog my experience @

  40. On Day 4….and its much better. 3-5 is the most dangerous time. Especially when Im giving my kids snacks after school. Feel like munching on something. But its amazing I have lost 2 lbs already. Its going to be tough to maintain this after 21 days. Have a dinner at a friends and she was willing to have rice and dhal for me. yay!! I have kept a journal. Sweet potato, rice these are saviours…thank god for them. And in the morning I wake up really hungry almost like when I was pregnant(had the worst morning sickness ever with all 3 pregancies till the seventh month) little nauseated because I eat nothing from 9 pm to 8 am.

  41. I have the Vita mix and its the best. The shakes taste amazing. I atually love them. For 2 days my dinner was a thick soup made out of onions, dhal(lentils from Indian stores) , brown rice, cumin powder, turmeric, salt, chilli powder and last some spinach. It tasted great. Made just a bowl size and was very filling. And for salads this dressing was great. EVOO or grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, raw honey(creamy version available in whole foods). Poured this dressing on Arugula, some carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms. You can add any other vegetable you like…celery, grape tomatoes etc.,

  42. I’m going on day 3 of the purification process and having some major problems swallowing the pills (I couldn’t swallow pills well to begin with, let alone 30 a day).

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to swallow pills?

  43. I started the purification detox last Sat. On the 14th of Jan. Since day 5 I have been in bed with flu symptoms such as fever greater than 101, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches…has this happened to anyone else? My healthcare doctor assures me that I am just detoxing. I have managed to stay on the program regardless. I can do anything for 21 days.

  44. i also started the sp cleanse detox. First day I was OK. Day 2 I started getting headache and eventually got worse. Next morning woke up with the headache. I thought it will get better, that maybe it was just a hunger headache. I drank my delicious shake. Before I took the next set of pills, I threw up about 3 times and felt weak & terrible all day. After reading the reviews that this part of the cleansing process, I’m gonna try again once my busy schedule lightens up in a week. Not really looking forward to feeling sick again. I’m gonna give this a fair chance. But if it goes more than 2 days feeling horrible again….I’m going to stop the pills and may e just keep up with the food diet.

  45. I was on Day 5 of SP Cleanse and went to the movies without bringing a snack. I was starving!! So I ate a few handfuls of MOVIE POPCORN, which led to a couple sour patch kids. I am doing well on the detox and have passed a lot of cravings, and painful headaches/vomiting part. Does anyone know what this means as far as does it set me back? Will it ruin the detox?? Any input would help. I am continuing the detox, but just feel like, “Has anyone else slipped up during the detox?”

  46. Thanks for stopping in! I think we have all slipped up and when I have, I hopped back on track 110% and noticed no difference. Good luck with the rest of your cleanse!

  47. TY Mommy Mentor for this forum!! I finished the SP purification program in May ’12; my fave benefit was an utter absence of my usual allergies to dust, spring pollens, mold. No runny water eyes, sneezing, wheezing — asthma inhaler gathered dust 🙂 which WOULD be some death-inducing irony. Except my dust and mite allergy had vanished!

    The eczema outbreak w/which I’d suffered for about 11 months slowly improved post-cleanse. Went from about 9 different sites on my body, to two: and these were the original sites that are the most engrained/long-standing.

    Chiro adjustments FAR FAR fewer during maintenance visits; chiropractor said many patients post-purification have more ‘clean spines’ w/fewer issues.

    Finally, other inflammatory processes abated: some chronic bi lateral hip inflammation of a decade is now gone. Just gone.

    Cuts from gardening or general life … now heal SO fast, I feel vampiric.

    BTW, I, too, started w/headache, but not from lack of caffeine. Had stopped that during a pre-purification program of about four weeks prior to cleanse. Also had muscle pains, etc. first day or two and headache lasted about 5. LOTS of trips to the potty first few days due to flushing. Impressive, the peeing! But the change-up in diet for me caused constipation. Did some Sennecot w/stool softener to relieve those symptoms w/chiropractor OK — and was fine.

    With the good comes the bad: I’m turning 54 in August and was in the throes of perimenopause before SP Purification. And the program by the second day tanked my estrogen, caused significant spikes in hot flashes, and created such mental fogginess and lack of memory / mental accuity I was fearful something profound had happened.

    Talked to chiro, who noted her own last cleanse included a spike in hot flashes for the first time in her cleansing-life :), and she is a few years younger than I. She explained it is due to the purification which shuts down the body’s estrogen receptors.

    And at 53, I simply don’t have enough serum / systemic estrogen on my own… to compensate for my receptors being shut down.

    Hence … 20-30 hot flashes per day/night and total brain fog.

    It’s been two months — STILL experiencing hot flashes tho surely not to same severity as May. And the mental fog has ALMOST lifted completely.

    So my Now-Open 🙂 estrogen receptors are slowly… I guess ‘receiving’ available estrogen so my levels must be rising.

    I can deal w/hot flashes in future.

    The mental fog however … from sudden tanking of low-estrogen levels … I am not sure I could ever do again. It was frightening.

    I know that ‘knowing’ its cause should be enough to forge ahead. Especially given clear other benefits.

    But there’s this panic around my BRAIN not functioning … that is hard to overcome.

    Anyway, thought I’d share. Had not seen any posts about SP cleanse and increase in hot flashes or other spikes in perimenopause symptoms, so thought I’d give it a go.

  48. I’m on day 14 and I cheated last night and had a glass of wine and Greek pizza. It was so yummy, but now I feel like the flood gates have been opened. Must get back to the veggies because I’ve lost 5 lbs. and my hot flashes have lessened. The cleanse has also helped by singing voice: I have more clarity and range. I’m in 2 bands so that means so much to me. Now, about my obsession with my fat: I was doing HCG for weight loss off and on for a year and I’m glad to free from that crazy 500 calories a day diet. I do hope to lose another 5 lbs. on SP cleanse. I’ve stepped up my exercise adding Zumba and a 3 mile walk each day with my husband. Love when people notice you’ve lost weight, but it seems to take 10 lbs. for that to happen.

    1. Hello everyone! Today is day 7 out of 21. First day and a half it was hard to gag down those shakes..
      After some experimenting I found several good recipes I like. This is my favourite: 1orange peeled and quartered, 1&1/2 cups frozen pineapple chunks, 1/2 banana, 2 scoops shake powder, 2 T. Coconut oil, 2tsp. Ground flax seed, 1 tsp. Vanilla extract, and 1-3 packets Stevia. This is so yummy and it is a lot like a Pina Colada. The coconut oil really makes a difference, which is really strange because I never liked coconut in anything. I bought the stuff because it was recommended in the directions/recipe book, then opened it and tried a dab of it on a spoon because I was desperate on the second day. It smelled like my favourite tanning oil from “back in the day”,but when I rolled it around inside my mouth it was very mild. After a minute or so I almost craved it! There was something about it that was both emotionally and physically immensely satisfying. Half a teaspoon every now and then really helps my mood and keeps me from feeling weak and tired (I am not at that high energy point you all talk about yet). Thanks for this great page of priceless info!!!!!

  49. Started the SP Purification two days ago. So far doing pretty good. I do feel bloated and gassy. I stopped my coffee a week before and have not had any headaches. I prepare my shakes in the morning and take them in a cooler to have with me through the day. I love celery, carrots, and red bell peppers sliced and use them to dip fresh guacamole. That is very portable to carry in your cooler. For me having something to munch on about every two hours has helped. Yesterday I was craving bread, but that went away.

    I make a batch of lentils and keep them in the fridge. I don’t really like the taste of them by themselves, but they are good with veggies on top. Today I put my avocado in my blender with a little salsa and 1/2 cup of my precooked lentils. Wow! I couldn’t taste the lentils and it made the guacamole very creamy.

    I have lost a total of 5lbs over the past week. What was interesting was when I stopped my coffee consumption I lost 3lbs that first week.

    Only 19 more days to go!

    1. Wow! Way to go! The fresh veggies slices up is a great savior in this process. 🙂 That is also very interesting that you dropped weight after giving up coffee. Any ideas on that?

    2. Thank you. I have no explanation for the coffee other than I was adding half and half to it. Today marks Day 3. I am tired today and a little foggy headed. I went without eating too long this afternoon. I am finding if I make sure and plan ahead with snacks I feel great, so today was a good lesson of what not to do.

  50. Im starting the detox program tom and sampled the shake today w banana mixed it. It was awful! I was told to add a bottle of spring or filtered water crushed ice 2 spoonfulls of powder and blend. It seems like too much water?? What can I add to the shake to make it taste some what better and is that too much water. Thanks in advance for all help.

  51. My mom and I started this detox on Wednesday and, so far, nothing too dramatic. Not sure if that’s good or bad haha. We live and eat very healthy lifestyles, but we have some baffling issues that just won’t go away that we wanted to see if a detox would fix (constipation, migraines, sinus trouble, frequent colds). We got the shake, but haven’t been able to get the cleanse pill. Our chiropractor says that’s not too big of a deal and that eating lots of veggies and fruits detoxes the body really well anyway, but I was wondering if anyone else has done it without the supplementation of all the SP stuff and how it worked out? Also, are canned pineapples (pineapples, 100% juice, and citric acid) okay to eat? lol Thank you for this site…it really helped with some of the grey areas! 🙂

  52. NOt sure on the pineapple. I would imagine the sugar content would be too high on that but maybe some others know. 🙂 has some of the products – did you check there?

    Good luck! 🙂 Thanks for stopping in…

  53. Hi all – I started the cleanse yesterday and am feeling absolutely retched. Cold shakes, wicked headache, nauseous. I’m not sure I can continue but am hoping for some recommendations on how to minimize the pain. I have to parent my 3 kids tomorrow when my husband goes back to work and can’t get out of bed today.


  54. Day 4 & love it. I feel great. I am trying to get my daughters & grandkids to give it a try. Hope it continues to be this delightful.

    1. Hi. I am beginning day 8 of the SP cleanse. First 2 days major headaches. Lots of flu symptoms off & on. My chiro has me ONLY doing the veggies on the list w the shakes & pills for the first 10 days. I am trying to reboot my body, as have surgery scheduled the end of the month, and typically react badly to meds, etc. I am off all allergy/asthma meds. Still on thyroid & beta blocker. I am very blocked in my sinuses now. Is this part of the dtox? I have very little energy. Tonight I ate a tangerine & some blueberries, as I felt so listless. Am thinking I’ll add the fruit now, and keep the meat until day 11. Also insomnia a problem, possibly because of sinus issues? Q: is oatmeal w honey ok on day 11?

  55. After seven days I feel good. Only lost 1 lb but if I can get my cholesterol down I will be pleased. I am thinking about extented my raw veg & fruit period. I don’t seem to be missing other foods, feell very satisfied.

    1. That’s fantastic, Debi!! Weight is certainly not the only thing to look at. Plus that does not always change – keep it up!

  56. Well it is day 14. I am down 4lbs now and feeling good along with proud of myself. My granddaughter 8 yrs old has even been encouraging. She even requeste brown rice over white. At at restruarant yesterday she told me that the fried pickles really weren’t as good as I thought they might be. I still don’t have the want to add the chicken to my diet, but feel I may need it for the protein so I add a grilled breast to my salad yesterday. For the first time I feel I can make this a way of eating and not just a weigh loss diet.

    1. I would add the protein Debi! It is so needed! Plus that will help you feel like you can stick with it. Good for you!

  57. On day 2 of the cleansing. I usually have only 1 expresso in the morning to start my day and no other caffeine during the day. Apart from the kick start, I do not miss it. Yesterday was difficult: terrible headaches, cold spells , and feeling light headed during the day. And I was hungry, no cravings, just hungry. Shakes are ok but not really filling for me. I do not put the oil in the shake and instead I use it to make a nice vinaigrette for all my vegetables.The savory lentil soup helped ( a lot of herbs). In the evening I had a lot intestinal bloating. I woke up in a middle of the night with a terrible headache. Though, I slept ok and I did not wake up constantly due to my hot flashes.
    This morning the bloating is better. Today I started with a herbal tea and I think I’ll start the shake later in the morning to avoid the hunger I had yesterday. I feel sluggish and not very clear headed but hope things will improve during the day.
    My biggest challenge: to drink 64 oz of water per day. I did not make it to that amount yesterday. I ‘ll try again today.

  58. Hi,
    I’m on day 8, and can say that I feel absolutely great! The first few days were hard, bloating and headaches and couldn’t think straight if my life depended on it. I think it’s important to really clear out some time for this cleanse. Don’t try to get through those first few days on your regular daily schedule. After five or six days, I was back to full tilt. I’m amazed at how much energy I have now. I’m 5’2″, and weighed 153 when I started, I’ve lost 8 lbs so far, and hope to keep losing, though I feel like most of the loss was water….The peeing really is phenomenal, huh?
    If you’re just starting this, it gets better quickly, learn when you need those shakes, and to have foods ready when you need them. I’ve found that fresh raw red pepper is one of the most deliciously satisfying things to eat at around 10:30 in the morning when my shake starts to ‘wear off’ Other favorites are roasted vegetables, and I’ve been making ‘spaghetti’ sauce with zuchini, mushrooms, red peppers, garlic, fresh basil, torn spinach and some tomatoes thrown in to sauce it up. I eat it over a half cup of brown rice pasta, with a salad, and I don’t feel deprived at all. Since so much of the meal is cooked, on those days, I put raw veggies in my shake. I am so looking forward to day 11, I think I’ll have salmon for breakfast!

  59. I am on Day 2 of the SP cleanse. I prepare the shakes using 2 scoops of shake with 1/2 cup of 100% juice and 1/2 water. Stir, stir, stir! You can also blend it with frozen berries and juice. Yum!

  60. I’m on day 9. I feel incredible! Crazy energy! This is my second time doing this cleanse. My hubby is doing it too, but his bloating hurts him. Did anyone experience this?

  61. I have just started the Standard Process cleanse. My husband is doing it with me, but became sick and started vomiting. Since it is only day one, I am not sure if it is the cleanse or an illness. We weaned off of coffee before starting. I am feeling a mild headache and have a lot of gas. I am doing the shakes, and I think they are OK. I mix mine with some water and frozen fruit. One thing I am wondering is about the brown rice I read on some of your posts. My chiropractor told me eggs were OK but no red meat. The SP booklet says no eggs, but lean red meat is OK on day 11. Nowhere do I see anything about brown rice. I see quinoa, but no rice. I would love to have brown rice with a little unsalted organic butter and sea salt…but I am concerned the cleanse won’t work right then?

    1. Hi Heather, My doctor told me brown rice was okay. I also have an egg allergy so that may have been part of it. I am sorry you are feeling poorly but hopefully you will be better soon and back on track!

  62. Hi, I just started the l0 day Standard Process cleanse but do not feel well. I am use to shakes so that isn’t the problem. I am jittery. In the past, I have and this response from things like guarana and other diet assists. I am wondering if I should cut back on the supplement regimen.

  63. I’m on day 9 of the cleanse and I’m feeling terrible. My boyfriend who’s a Chiropractor suggested that I do this as it will help improve my sleep quality, reduce fatigue and increase mental clarity. I don’t drink caffinated drinks nor soda. Currently, I am studying for the mcats & I feel terrible even after 9 days. I am extreme fatigued and I am unable to concentrate on my studies. I also have a slight fever. I am also very irritable. I have increased my whey pro complete to help with the fatigue but I am still seeing no change. My boyfriend who’s a chiropractor is doing the cleanse too and he already feels great. I don’t understand why I am still feeling terrible. I keep reading that people feel better by day 5.
    Has anyone continued to feel bad even on day 9?

  64. This is my 6th day and I am trying to keep a positive attitude despite the extreme headache on day 2, what seems to be an allergic reaction every time I take the supplements (sneezing, stuffy head, runny nose), and the past 2 days I have had lower back pain. Ugh!! I enjoy all the recipes for the shakes and meals. My chiropractor suggested I reduce the amount of pills I take a day and gradually build the number back up. That definitely took care of the headache. I now understand the headache is pretty common, but is anyone else feeling these other kinds of symptoms?

  65. I’m starting in the SP Cleanse- please tell me what to expect-by taking the pills? I’m supposed to take 7 -3 times a day-does that mean 2 in the morning-2 mid day and 3 at night?

  66. Also, will I need to be near a bathroom? I want to do the purification program- with the 3 phases- but I teach 3rd grade- and cannot run to the bathroom all day lol

    1. Melissa – You are not supposed to have caffeine but I personally didn’t give it up. 🙂 And you should be fine teaching and not having to make personal trips too much.:)

  67. HEY guys!!! So stoked I found this =) I’m day 2 and FEELING LIKE CRAP hahaha body aches and headaches are nasty right now… I’m only laughing because this is my 4th time doing the cleanse… =) first time was in 2008 =), then 2009, 2012, and now =) However this is the first time going No meat!!! my biggest hurdle is my coffee cravings I only did 1 cup a day… but it was a very cherished cup haha. Made a Califlower soup last night and it saved me because I was Starving… however knowing how worth it it is from the past… I’m trucking on… praying I can make it the week without my claritOn cause my ears are hating me!!! Keep at it guys!!! Definitely worth the battle!

  68. I’m day 8 into this 21-day purification thing. I decided to do it for more energy and to improve my complexion. Day 1 was the absolute worst in terms of cravings. The cravings waned on day 2 but came back on day 3 and haven’t left. I want everything I can’t have, even decaf coffee! So far that’s the only negative in this stage. It might get better once I’m able to add meat. The positives are that I do have more energy but it comes at night instead of the day when I need it the most. I developed a relationship with beets, which I’ve never liked all my life, I enjoy the roasted/stir fry veggie recipes, and my complexion is very slowly beginning to clear up. I’m not going to lie though, I have had SEVERAL close calls…even tonight I wanted every candy bar known to man. For me this is the hardest part of the program but I’ll stay the course because this was expensive!! I might post an update in a few days.

    1. Keep going and stay strong! 🙂 It’s so hard to do any program…I am surprised that the cravings have not left though. Seems like they should by this point – keep us posted!

  69. Hi – I’m on day 12 of the cleanse and I’m feeling pretty well. I have a question for all of you about the Green Food capsules. I felt great the first week and lost about 6 pounds – which was amazing. No gas or bloating. When I started with the Green Food caps, My stomach started to bloat and I have not lost any weight (in 5 days). Anyone else have this experience? I’m doing the strict plan – no rice or egg whites. I have also noticed my cravings have come back in recent days. Help?

  70. I am on day six of the cleanse. I have been feeling varying symptoms everyday but started getting unbearable back pain on day 4 and it has not stopped since…anyone else have this problem?

  71. I am on day 2 and feeling rough. This is my second cleanse. My headaches are horrible and I have terrible brain fog. I have taken imitrex for my headache, because I have to function at work. I am waiting for it to kick in. Any tips for a boost I can add to my salad to get me through the day?

  72. We must be on a different cleanse… I am on the Standard Process 21 day detox… all the items you listed above with the exception of the peppers are not allowed.

  73. Hello,
    I am beginning my journey on this cleanse today. I was okay until I read the part about the hot flashes. I have been struggling with these for 3 years and have gained a lot of belly fat because of lack of sleep due to having night flashes all through the night every half hour.
    In the last 6 months the flashes have calmed enough for me to have a restful sleep. I am hoping that this cleanse doesn’t throw it into overdrive again.
    I was told by my practitioner that I cannot have an fruit because of yeast in my body and potential parasites so I am very limited on what I can eat.
    I suppose lots of salads with some brown rice for now.
    Any other ideas please.

  74. I made it to day 4 of the cleanse – it was the worst experience!

    Day one: I was so tired and headachy that I slept the day away – napped twice, which I never do. Fell asleep at 8pm and slept through till 8am and was still tired. I literally could not keep my eyes open. I recall feeling like this when during 1st trimester pregnancy 29 years ago.

    So, I figured that the toxins were being cleared.

    Day two: aches and pains in my back, ankle, neck and shoulder — total brain fog. I followed the instructions precisely – was getting more than a little worried at this point, but kept going. Night time on Day two was a NIGHTMARE. I had such bad aches and pains that travelled all over my body – I kept doing isometric exercises and got relief for tops 10 minutes before pain resumed. Got very little sleep due to the pain.

    Day three: I still decided to keep going. Pain was pretty constant. I could barely bend down to tie my shoes. I did isometrics and other joint drills to ease the pain, but the pain was persistent. I had little energy and My brain was mush… It was so scary that I started looking up these reviews and the pubmed info on the ingredients of the SP Cleanse capsules.

    Bottom line: I think that I was experiencing an estrogen “storm” — Day 4: I quit the pills and continued the diet recommendations. Day 5: One day without the pills and I am back to normal — No pain, energy up, brain working —

    Today, I had a session with a Reset professional who does neuromuscular testing and we tested the SP Cleanse pills and they shut down my muscles (think nervous system) immediately.

    Perhaps this cleanse works for some folks, but perimenopausal/menopausal women should be wary!

    1. My girlfriend just started the 21 day cleanse today she has anxiety anyway and is taking something for it but got more anxiety do you know which one of the supplements may cause it it’s not the shakes

  75. Hi all! My name is Zack and I have been dealing with extreme brain fog, axiety,deprission and insomnia (3-4 hours a night)! I’m struggling in school and in life in general due to inability to really even think clearly or concentrate. I’ve seen doctor after doctor, psychologists, chiropractors, etc. Everyone besides the chiropractors want me to go on anti-anxiety/depression medication. As a future Chiropractic student I want to stick to what God has offered us as vitalistic medicine. My aunt is an acupuncturist and recommended I tackle this cleanse to see how it makes me feel. I grew up on junk food (Cereal, pizza, etc.) She suggested that even though I am eating well, I could be expereincing “grain brain” or diabetes of the brain. I started changing my diet around 18/19 years old. She suggested that she thinks all of what I have been experiencing is due to poor diet that has inhibited my mental clarity. It’s been a tough couple of years and as a 20 year old I really should be declaring a time of struggle. TODAY IS DAY 9 OF MY 21-DAY PURIFICATION PROGAM. I HAVEN’T SLIPPED UP ONCE ON THIS DIET. 3 SHAKES A DAY, TONS OF FRUIT AND VEGGIES, AND KEEPING UP WITH SUPPLEMENTS. I FIGURED BY NOW THAT I’D BE FREE OF THIS BRAIN FOG. I KNOW PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE BUT I’M REALLY STARTING TO GET WORRIED ABOUT MY HEATLH! ANY ADVICE?

  76. Has anyone ever done the cleanse twice in a row? I just got done with a very successful 21 days, but putting additional foods back in my diet has not gone so well (feeling very nauseous/light headed). I feel like my body might be saying it’s not done removing toxins or such. Just wondering if anyone has done this…..and how long did you wait in between.

    1. I have done this cleanse 4 different times, but my doctor says that is best to wait about 6 months in between. I usually just try to stick to the diet as much as possible after the cleanse is over with the exception of the occasional cheat day. I was on weekly allergy shots for thirteen years and after doing the cleanse the second time I was able to stop the shots. I feel great and when others are miserable with seasonal allergies I feel fine as long as I eat right. I would also suggest not adding all foods back at one time after stopping the 21 days. This way you can isolate exactly what foods you are having issues with.

  77. Hello all,
    I am finishing up day 3 of 21 day cleanse.
    No major issues something in supplements is making me EXTREMELY bloated ! To the point that I can’t button my jeans !
    Anyone experienced that & will it go away ???

  78. I’m getting ready to start tomorrow and am nervous about keeping up with the prep. Wish me luck! 🙂 Has anyone tried making the smoothies ahead of time? Not sure how I’m going to get my lunch smoothie in while at work. (Not wanting to lug my Ninja blender back-and-forth.) Any suggestions? Thanks!

  79. I am on my 10th day of the detox, last night I experienced a lot of ear pressure and I am getting a lot of noise and everything echos in my left ear when I speak or hear others speaking. This started after taking the green pills, at least that is what I think. Has anyone experienced these symptoms, is this from the detox?

  80. I’m almost done with Day 1 on the SP Purification cleanse and I feel like death. I felt okay up until 5:00 when a massive headache and severe nausea set in. Just the thought of eating anything makes me feel sick and I know if I drink my 2nd shake of the day, I will throw it up. I saw someone else mention she felt like an “out of body experience” and I now know what she’s talking about… once in awhile, I’ll almost feel like I’m floating – and not in a good way. I’m actually shocked that I feel this crummy so soon since a few of my coworkers who have done this cleanse only complained of cravings and headaches, but I also realize everyone is different. So here I lie in bed feeling sorry for myself, doubting my ability to stick with this, and also feeling guilty for ignoring the dog’s whines to play ball, haha. Here’s hoping it’s uphill from Day 1 in my case. Good luck, fellow cleansers!

  81. I am on day 13 of the cleanse, have dropped 7 pounds and feel great! As others have mentioned I too did feel crummy the first two days as my body transitioned. Craving sweets has not been an issue, but did think about bacon alot the first couple of days. I watched several food documentaries which is great motivation for changing your lifestyle and taking sugar out of your diet. I viewed Healthy for Change, Forks Over Knives and Fed Up. The documentaries make this process so much easier. Fed Up was my favorite. Feels great to eat healthy!

  82. i am ordering the 21 day purification/ What shakes taste best: Chocolate, vanilla or plain? i plan on adding some berries to it..

  83. I am on day 4….a few concerns. I am 52 and my hotflashes have increased to about every 30 to 45 mins with this cleanse. They are worse than before. My Chiropractor who suggested the cleanse is closed today and through the weekend so I can not ask him for several day….. Will the flashes decrease?
    Also, I was awake most of the night. With no caffiene I assume that my liver was just so busy trying to keep up and flush toxins that I was unable to sleep. Is this a possibility?
    Also, I am 5’7″ and about 145, so I would not consider myself overweight, I have a very active job running around all day as a Personal Assistant. So I am not obese, and I have a pretty healthy lifestyle. Although I eat way too much sugar and have too much caffiene, that was the reason I decided to do this.
    I do have more energy, but really need sleep for my brain to function. Since menopause is trying to kill me and I am fighting back as hard as I can!!!!
    Any ideas on the excessive hot flashes? I am in the south, I may melt…help help

    1. I would talk to your doctor for sure. I didn’t have them with it but do in general so it is not attributable to the cleanse…just the mid 40s lol! I take Ovex and Symplex F to balance my hormones and my night sweats are almost non existent.

  84. Has anyone tried making the shakes the night before? I have to be up by 4:45am and rather have everything done the night before? I can’t find any literature on how long/and or if the SP complete and fiber will stay fresh?

  85. For some reason i cant figure out if broth is allowed the first ten days, or not allowed until the protein is introduced. It says only fruit and veggies at first but also has broth listed as being okay. Can anyone let me know?

  86. Is this thread still active? I’m wondering if there is anything I can substitute for meat at Day 10. I’m actually on Day 13 and would love to find additional protein sources, since the shakes make me constipated.