Lion King 3D Opens in Theaters

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Lion King 3D opens in theaters today for a limited two week run. We had the fun opportunity to preview this movie last month.  The 3D animation was completely amazing and the best we have seen from the children’s movies we have seen as a family. Both my husband and I were in agreement; the “oooohs” and “aaaahs” from the children in the audience were so cute and even more adorable was seeing them reach in the air for birds as they “flew overhead”.

Can you believe that this was the first time that Mr. C and Princess A saw this blockbuster?  Granted it was originally released in 1994, but it was actually a choice we made as parents, simply because of the heavy material in The Lion King.  After all, Simba does lose his father and spends the entire movie thinking he is at fault.  Our choice ended up being the correct one because the children enjoyed it at the ages of 4 and 7, whereas I am not certain that would have been the case any earlier.

They found humor in the hyenas, knew Scar was trouble from the start, and were overjoyed when Simba and Nala find each other again.  They loved the music and Princess A just adored the baby cubs.

With a two week limited run, time will fly fast.  Who is going to take their children to see Lion King 3D in theaters?


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