Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson Captures Young Readers

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With the long list of things that we should do as parents, there is nothing more important that teaching your children to love books.  Books open up new worlds and allow us to escape and explore a place we would never know and we are so excited to partner with Mom Select to help share a new book that children will surely love.  New York Times bestselling author and Children’s Choice Book Award Author of the Year James Patterson has brought a new heroine to life for children – and parents – to enjoy in Jacky Ha-Ha.  This twelve-year-old girl makes people laugh in an easy to read book that all kids can relate to.

Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson will resonate with young girls and foster their love of reading through a relatable story filled with laughter.

Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson will resonate with young girls and foster their love of reading through a relatable story filled with laughter.

About Jacky Ha-Ha

James Patterson is well known to many of us and in Jacky Ha-Ha, his new middle grade novel, he introduces us to a funnier than ever new heroine, Jacky Ha-Ha.  As the class clown she is always able to tell a joke to make sure kids laugh with her instead of at her.

While hilarious, Jacky’s “strategy” is more common than ever with children because they all struggle to figure out when it is okay to do things and how to distract from the issue at hand with humor.  At twelve-years-old Jacky Ha-Ha loves to make people laugh but it also keeps Jacky from thinking about the less than funny things going on in her life.  We all know these issues are incredibly real for many children.

Despite her love of laughter Jacky Ha-Ha needs to decide just what she will give up to ease her worries and in the process learns a bit more about herself.

Ava reading Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson

Reading Age

Ava is in third grade and loved the entire experience of reading Jacky Ha-Ha!  I would consider her to be a slightly above average reader and she struggled very little with words and as we talked along the way, it was evident that she was able to comprehend what she was reading throughout.   The book is 384 pages as well so once your reader is confidant with longer books, Jacky Ha-Ha is perfect; my personal recommendation is the book is good for readers through sixth grade.

Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson Book Club with my Daughter

Mother-Daughter Book Club Tips

Children always learn best by watching the adults around them, especially parents.  As a former educator with my Masters Degree in Reading this is such an important topic that I am very passionate about.  So much focus is spent on getting kids to read from birth on, which yes, is critical.  But many readers are lost during their upper elementary and middle school years.  Jacky Ha-Ha captures those readers and pulls them into a story, and a life, that is relatable and truly funny.

  1. Read Together:  Ava and I had so much fun reading Jacky Ha-Ha together and chatting about it along the way!
  2. Make it a Date: She wrote some of her thoughts down and we would talk about them over a walk or Starbuck’s date; Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson really is the perfect book to read as a mom-daughter book club to further develop the love of reading.
  3. Share a Common Language:  Bonding with children is amazing at any age, but experiencing this with Ava over a good book was magical, allowing us to share a common language.
  4. Keep Communication Open: This experience really got me thinking about how important a book club with our daughter is because it will keep the lines of communication open.

Jacky Ha-Ha debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and is available to purchase in hardcover or Kindle format.


  1. I’ve been seeing a lot about these books and thought they would be very interesting. Good to have the review and hear it from a child’s perspective! Thanks!

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot about these books and wondered how a child would perceive them and the age group. The book says look like a fun read. Thanks!

  3. I have only boys in my house, but we try to all read together each day. He is just learning how to read so we try hard to have him read a little and then we read a little!

  4. You know, my daughter and I have been reading this book together, as well, and LOVE it! I love Jacky’s sense of humor. My daughter really relates to her, so it is pretty cool. We have enjoyed reading together and talking about the book.

  5. What a darling idea! I’ve never thought of having a mother/daughter book club! Such a fun thing for moms and daughter to do together.

  6. Mother-daughter book clubs sound so fun! I don’t have any girls myself but I’ll pass along these ideas to my friends and family who do. This book sounds like a good place to start!

  7. My Daughter love to go to the book store together. Both of my kids have a love for reading. I would love to join a Mother Daughter book club.

  8. my brother I used to love reading and going to the book store when growing up. even though his main focus were comics my mom was happy that he was reading. lol

  9. I keep hearing about Jackie Haha but my daughter is way too old to enjoy it now. I do know a few little girls though who would benefit so I will pass the info along!


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