HIIT Bottle Protein Shaker Bottle Offers Quality and Beauty

What is The Hilt Protein Shaker
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One of the best things you can consume to compliment your workout is a protein shake. These protein shakes usually require only two things, the protein powder, and some water. The only problem is mixing the powder with the water while on the go–enter protein shakers. Shakers are designed to help you quickly mix your protein shake before or after a workout while on the move.

Add a touch of luxe living to your protein shaker with the HIIT Bottle protein shaker.

What is The Hilt Protein Shaker

Stainless Steel

Most protein shakers aren’t very fashion forward; that’s where the HIIT Bottle stands out. The stainless steel of the HIIT Bottle is food grade material. The look of the bottle is a luxurious look that you can feel comfortable taking just about anywhere after a workout. While you may not have a problem letting people know that you are drinking a protein shake, carrying a plastic bottle into a business meeting doesn’t always give off the vibe we want. The HIIT Bottle removes that problem. The stainless steel also makes clean up very simple. All you need to do is rinse and dry the bottle after every use and you’ll be ready to go the next time you need a shake.

What is The Hilt Protein Shaker

Shake It Up

The point of a shaker is having a little ball inside the water bottle that helps break up the powder after it’s added to water. A uniquely designed shaker ball in the HIIT Bottle gives the best mixing capabilities. A multidimensional, 4mm shaker ball aims to work extremely well with the design of the bottle.

Perfect Protein Shaker

To Plastic or Not To Plastic

Some great plastic protein shakers work well and look good. The problem is, plastic isn’t the best material to use when making a protein shaker. Plastic can retain odors, aid in bacteria build up, and even absorb the supplements you intend to consume in a protein shake. The HIIT Bottle not only uses stainless steel which helps prevent those very problems, but the design helps as well. The rounded interior of the HIIT Bottle prevents bacteria growth, which in turn ends odors, supplement absorption and is easy to clean.

Best Workout Protein Shaker

Design Matters

The HIIT Bottle is designed with a slim base and a locking lid. The narrow base makes it easy to fit the protein shaker in all standard sized cup holders. The HIIT Bottle also widens towards the top, making it possible to fit 22 fluid oz of protein shake. The lock prevents spills and leaks from occurring as you shake the bottle. There’s nothing worse than adding the powder to the water, shaking it up, and getting protein shake all over the place; the HIIT Bottle doesn’t let that happen.



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