Verizon FiOS SoCal Supports World Special Olympics in Long Beach #FiOSConnectsSoCal

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Being a member of any community is easy, all that is required is to live or work in the community and you’re set. However, to be an active part of the community, it requires you to get involved.  Verizon FiOS sponsoreddoes just that by providing faster internet speeds and an overall better home entertainment experience. Though to go above and beyond for the SoCal community, Verizon FiOS is headed to the Special Olympics at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach California.

Join us and Verizon FiOS this year at the Special Olympics and cheer on Katherine Campos and the rest of the athletes this summer.

Join us and Verizon FiOS this year at the Special Olympics and cheer on Katherine Campos and the rest of the athletes this summer.

The Verizon FiOS Experience has been lending a helping hand all over Southern California in an attempt to improve the community they service everyday. In March, the Verizon FiOS Experience headed to the Boys & Girls Club of Pomona Valley. While at the Boys & Girls Club, the FiOS Experience team provided $2500 worth of tech upgrades to the club as well as a $2500 grant to purchase video equipment. While there, the team gave a tutorial on how to tell a story through a film and even how to edit videos using iMovie.

The visit to the Boys & Girls club was the first outing for the FiOS Experience this year. Since starting the Verizon FiOS Experience in 2013, the team has handed out $122,500 worth of grants. The team altogether has already volunteered more than 1,300 hours to local charities. The next big Experience can be found during the Special Olympics in the “Fans in The Stands” area of the Summer Games.

The Special Olympics started in the 1950’s-60’s as a summer camp for children with disabilities. Then, on July 20th, 1968, the first ever International Special Olympics Summer Games was held at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The drive of the founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver helped show the world that disabilities don’t mean the end of life. Instead, disabilities are an obstacle to overcome. Now, the Special Olympics has grown into an event that brings the world together watching how people who have been told they can’t do this or won’t be able to do that are doing it all.

This year, the Special Olympics is coming to SoCal, and Verizon FiOS has not only taken this opportunity to sponsor one of the athletes but is asking for you to join them at the Special Olympics as they cheer on the athletes.

On July 26th at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach from 10 am to 2 pm you can be part of the Verizon FiOS team and support Katherine Campos from Costa Rica. Campos will be taking on other sponsored athletes in the initial rounds of Beach Volleyball. The Verizon FiOS Experience team can be found at the Special Olympics in the “Fans in The Stands” area. Here we will all be able to cheer on the athletes as well as get inspired by them all. You can even get a Verizon FiOS Team shirt for the big day in Long Beach.

You can get involved today by donating to the Special Olympics through Verizon FiOS. You can donate any amount and with your donation, you become part of the Verizon FiOS team. Donate today and then join us at the Summer Games on July 26th.

Admission to the event is free and we can’t wait to see you there to wish all the athletes best of luck as they play for the gold medal! Join the Verizon FiOS team or donate to the Special Olympics to show your commitment to community. If you want to learn more about how the Verizon FiOS Experience Team has helped the community you can check it all out before seeing it first hand at the Special Olympics.


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