Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Results

Wondering what Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred results to expect? Look no further because we have everything you need right here.
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I had a few emails coming in regarding my experiences with the 30 Day Shred so thought it was time to post a review and results!

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I have been doing The Shred for a month and a half. During the first 31 days, I missed only one day due to being sick. I did The Shred exclusively for the first three weeks and watched what I ate for the most part. Then we took a trip so I did Jillian’s Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism workout since it did not require weights while traveling. I did that for six of seven days and then upon our return home, returned to The Shred for the rest of the month.

Wondering what Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred results to expect? Look no further because we have everything you need right here.

Some have asked if I did anything else – no. I did the workout and watched what I ate. I did the South Beach Diet in January so try not to eat an abundance of carbs for maintenance. However, an important detail for anyone who loves food…while on our vacation for the fourth week of the 30 days, I ate two cinnamon rolls that were HUGE and had more carbs than typical, but still maintained my weight.

Some have asked if I exercised before – yes. I exercised three days a week through my first pregnancy, half of my second, and about a third of my third pregnancy. After our last baby was born, I started exercising a bit harder and added in a fourth or fifth day some weeks. Despite that, Jillian’s Shred still wooped my butt. I clearly was not exercising as hard as I could have been or as efficiently as I could have been.

Some have asked about how to phase into it – that depends. If you have exercised in the past on a pretty consistent basis, then I would shoot for doing this workout daily as it is intended. When I first got the DVD a few months ago, I could barely sit down after my first day. So I took a few days off…

Then I read online and found others who advised to just buckle down and bear through it because it will get better. And guess what? They were right. So despite being incredibly sore, I still did it. I modified what I needed and the true pain passed within the first 3-4 days.

If you have not exercised at all, I would shoot for doing The Shred for three days a week for week one and then increasing to four the next, five the following, and then the full seven. Modify what you need and increase it if you feel you can. In my opinion (this is a good time to remind you that I am not a nutritionist or certified fitness guru), the key is to catch your momentum when it hits so you can teach your body that it is capable of more. Regardless of when you start doing it for seven days, it will still hurt – LOL!

So what were my results? At the end of the month, I lost 2 inches off my waist and about a half inch off of my thighs. I wish I had done more measurements so I could see more benefits. My weight has not changed; I still vacillate up and down within my three pound range. Upon starting this workout, I was at my healthy weight for my height, so I try to be happy with the inches versus pounds.

There are a few wonderful perks to The Shred. I have clearly gained muscle, I am able to “cheat” and not gain weight like I used to. I feel like my body deals with foods better and that I retain less fluid. One of the biggest perks to me is the fact that the workout is just a tad over 20 minutes long. When I want to resist, it is hard to argue with that small of a time investment. But the biggest perk is feeling more toned – it is an awesome feeling!

Despite finishing my “30 Days”, I still do the workout. I take a day once a week to rest and keep my body guessing, but I find I prefer doing the workout. I feel more focused, have more energy, and I like feeling strong. When you first start, that strong feeling is masked by aches – lol, but that does fade. And don’t get me wrong – I am not ripped and Jillianish in how tone I am. I feel it and will keep doing this routine to see if I can get more results over time. In time, I will shake it up a bit by adding in other workouts, but for now, it works.

And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.



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