Sharkbanz Review – Protect yourself From Sharks

safe and effective shark protection with sharkbanz
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Summer is the perfect time to go to the beach, whether you live near them or are traveling. While the water in some places is clear, you never quite know what is hiding beneath the surface. That’s why if there is a way to protect yourself from wildlife like sharks, you should. Luckily, Sharkbanz is a great way to enjoy the oceans without fearing what’s inside. You can enjoy the waves and surf without fear, play in the sand then dive into the waters, snorkel, jet ski, or any other activity you can do in the ocean; all without fear.

Sharkbanz protect you from sharks and reduce the risk of an attack so you can focus on what matters like enjoying the ocean and nature!

Sharkbanz protect you from sharks and reduce the risk of an attack so you can focus on what matters like enjoying the ocean and nature!

What are Sharkbanz?

With the help of two scientists who specialize in sharks, the founders of Sharkbanz created an easy to use wearable. This shark deterrent wearable goes around your ankle or wrist and creates a magnetic field that deters sharks. The wearables are durable, require no battery and come in one size that fits all (including children 5 and up). You can get the first edition wearable or the Shark Leash for surfers and they come in a few different colors, blue, teal and black.

Sharkbanz keep you safer and deter sharks

The Science

There are many different types of sharks, and research shows that many of them demonstrate the ability to sense magnetic fields. During the final stages of prey capture, sharks use their Ampullae of Lorenzini organ to detect weak electrical fields. Using magnets that correspond with the detection range of the shark’s Ampullae of Lorenzini, Sharkbanz can essentially communicate with sharks. The magnets overstimulate the Ampullae of Lorenzini organ found in many species of sharks and even Rays, creating a deterrent. The best part is, it prevents sharks from mistaking you for food, but it also doesn’t harm them in any way.

Sharkbanz Review - Deter Sharks

How to Use It

There are many different ways to enjoy your Sharkbanz. Use them anytime you go to the beach with the intent to swim in the ocean, especially if you know that the possibility of sharks in the area is high. If you’re a surfer, use the leash to be protected from shark attacks. When you swim, jet ski, snorkel, or any other water activity in the water, you should be using Sharkbanz. Amy’s son, Cal, will be taking an in depth summer course this year geared toward ocean swimming and safety and will definitely be wearing Sharkbanz. Even if you’re boating, wear one so you can confidently jump off the back platform in the open water.

Sharkbanz Review from the Ocean

If you don’t believe me, watch Sharkbanz in action.  Seriously, there is nothing we can say that can top what this video demonstrates.



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