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Frontgate EZ Bed: Inflatable Bed Review and Video

The Frontgate EZ Bed is the air mattress for anyone who appreciates a good night's sleep while staying at a friend or family member's home.
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  1. BCH says:

    One Brother likes this! Very cool technological advances since the good ol’ days.
    I’m sure One Niece will be thrilled with anything as long as she’s there with you!

  2. Mommy Mentor says:

    Glad you like One Brother! She wanted that room upstairs so now she can have it all to herself. 🙂 It will be nice that I can post pics in my links on FB and you can keep up to date when she is here.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I spent a week on this and it was very good. A quick flick of the button before bed and it is plenty firm. I was wondering how long they last. Before the top leaks from age cracks etc.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Can you please provide an update of how the EZ Bed worked out for your niece and its current status a couple of years later? I am considering buying one and I want to know the comfort and longevity of the product. Thank you.

    -One Aunt

  7. Love the twist on your name, One Aunt! 🙂 It worked out very well and continues to. Set up and storage is still as easy as it was day one. The surface can get cool so I would recommend a foam topper of some sort and then put sheets on top of that. Works great!! My Mom is buying a twin for her house now, too.

    Thanks for stopping in…