100 Things to Try with the Amazon Echo Show

Like the Echo or the Echo Dot, the Echo Show comes with Alexa features, and you can do all of the things you can with the other Echo devices. BUT, you can also do so much more with the Amazon Echo Show!

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The Amazon Echo Show is the newest device in the Echo lineup. What makes the Echo Show better than any other Echo device is the touchscreen display and the front facing camera.

All it takes are these two new features to open up a world of possibilities. There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home.

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of an Echo Dot with the Time Displayed on the Front

Amazon took the lead in the smart home race when they created the first Echo. The world’s first at-home digital assistant that is activated by voice, gestures, and touch.

Using the original Echo device changed the smart home industry because it took away the need for using your hands. You could turn on or off lights, televisions, vacuum cleaners, or locking the doors with your voice.

Amazon Echo Show an Echo with a Wooden Cover

Now, Amazon is taking things to the next level by adding two new features and a whole new level of capabilities. A touch screen and a camera is all the Echo needed to become the Amazon Echo Show which is loaded with fun capabilities!

The Amazon Echo Show is available at Best Buy.

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon

Add Skills by Voice

There is no need to mess with the settings or dive into an app when you want to add a new skill to your Echo Show. Simply say, “Alexa, enable [skill name].” The new skill will be activated and you can set it up after that.

It is important to keep that in mind for some of these features are considered to be a skill. All skills must be activated first. However, some of these features are not skills. We will let you know if it is a skill.

Amazon Echo Show a Kid on a Video Call in Their Room

Video Calling

The New camera adds a bunch of new features to the Echo line-up. But the most important and coolest one may just be video calling. You can video call any other Amazon Echo Show device or any other device with the Alexa app.

Hands-Free Videos

The touch screen display on the Echo Show is similar to the ones you’d find on a tablet. This screen allows you to watch videos whenever you’d like. Currently, only YouTube and Prime videos are supported but we believe other video services will be available in the future.

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of a Security Camera

Check Security Cameras

Many security cameras come with the ability to view them from anywhere in and out of your house. Some new smart cameras come with Alexa support, meaning you can control them with Alexa.

Using devices like, Ring Doorbell, Netgear Arlo Pro or Nest Cam, you can view their feeds on the Echo Show.

Photo Frame

The display on the Amazon Echo Show is connected to your Amazon account. If you upload pictures to your Prime Photos account, you can have them display on your Echo Show.

Change the settings and have different pictures show on a regular basis.

Amazon Echo Show a Woman Cooking in Her Kitchen

Discover New Recipes

Another time that display comes in handy is when you’re in the kitchen. We’ve all struggled with a tablet or smartphone in the kitchen with our hands dirty. We can’t touch the screen to scroll down for the next instruction with our hands covered in batter.

Along with introducing you to new recipes, the Amazon Echo Show will scroll down for you, making it easier to follow instructions while cooking.

Control Smart TVs

Did you know that even smart TVs can be connected to your Echo Show? Only certain TV brands will work, like Vizio. But you can connect your Vizio TV to your Alexa and then turn it on or off, up, or down, or even use playback controls with your voice and Alexa. 

Amazon Echo Show a Guard Dog on a Leash Outside

Stand Guard

Want to get an alert any time your Echo Show hears something weird in your home while you’re away? You can do that too. Just turn the feature on in the app and tell Alexa you’re leaving.

It will listen for any sounds and then send you a notification. 

Anyone Home?

You will need to turn on the Alexa Guard feature to get the sound notification. But you can also get Alexa to cycle through your lights periodically.

The lights will have to be smart lights and Alexa compatible. You can then have Alexa turn on and off lights on a set schedule to make it seem like someone is home.

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon


Ok, this one is more of a fun feature and may not get a lot of use. Unless of course, you’re cleaning the room the Echo Show is in and are alone. You can have Alexa show you the lyrics to the song you’re listening to and turn it into a karaoke machine of sorts.

Play your Playlists

Listening to music is easy with the Echo Show. Just like other Echo devices, the Show lets you access your favorite music apps like iHeart Radio, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora and more.

If you have playlists set up in a music app that works with Alexa, you can just ask Alexa to play that playlist.

Amazon Echo Show Inside View of a Restaurant

Restaurant Reviews

Getting restaurant reviews is something we all do when we’re looking for a new place to eat. Hearing how good a restaurant is can be useful but seeing how good it is can be even better.

The Echo Show will show you pictures of the restaurant along with the reviews.

Create Groups

Do you have more than one Echo device? You can use the Alexa app to group multiple Echo devices together. Play music on all of them, at the same time, to create one massive sound system.

The music will be synced as it will play from one device, but all of the speakers will put out sound. 

Amazon Echo Show a Woman Holding Shopping Bags Smiling


Another thing we would like to do is see a product before we buy it. Here is another way the Amazon Echo Show will come in handy. You can see a picture of the product on Amazon before you buy it.

Gone are the days of hoping the product is the right one when ordering from an Echo device.

View Calendar

Remember the days when calendars were seen in the kitchen with markings all over them of plans to come? Well, now you can see that calendar again using the Echo Show.

You can even have it flip to a specific day by voice or by touch.

Amazon Echo Show View of Clouds in the Sky

View Weather

The touch display can also give you a view of the weather outside before you head out for the day. Just like on a tablet or smartphone, the weather display will give you all of the information you need and read it aloud.

You can stop the reading aloud by simply touching the display.

Baby Monitor

The Amazon Echo Show comes with a 5MP front-facing camera. This camera can be used for many things like video calls and more. But maybe one of the most useful is using it as a baby monitor.

Once you have two devices, you can set one in the nursery and check in on that one with another Echo Show.

Amazon Echo Show a Woman Scanning Paper

Scan Items

That very same camera can also be used when shopping. Simply ask Alexa to add something to your shopping list or to buy the item by simply holding it up to the camera.

Say, “Alexa, scan.” and it will scan the item and give you the option of ordering it through Amazon.

Connect via Bluetooth

Inside the Echo Show is a decent set of speakers. Those speakers can be used to play your music or the sound in the videos. You can also connect another device via Bluetooth to the Echo Show to play whatever you’d like to play.

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon

Set Reminders

Have you ever asked someone to remind you to do something and then that person forgot to remind you? That problem is gone when you have an Echo Show. You can ask your Echo show to remind you about anything. All you need to do is say “Hey Alexa, remind me…” and set a time and date.

Once set, you will be reminded, and Alexa won’t forget to remind you.

Dropping In

Not all features are as appreciated as others but this one will make for a fun time and could come in handy. Introducing, Dropping In with the Amazon Echo Show.

Dropping In lets you connect to other Echo Show devices without being invited. To drop in on someone you’ll need to be on their accepted list, and they will get a warning that you’re coming in.

They will have a few seconds to say, “Alexa, hang up.” to close the virtual door on you. But this feature could come in handy if your elderly parents aren’t answering the phone.  

We use it a lot to communicate through our home like a modern-day intercom.

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of a To-Do List on Paper

Display Lists

Some of us are visual creatures meaning we need to see something in order to understand it better. Echo devices have always been able to read off lists like shopping lists or to-do lists.

The Echo Show will not only read these lists to you as well as show them to you on the display.

Flash Briefings

Flash Briefings have become an important part of the start of an Echo owner’s day. Using the Echo Show for Flash Briefings will not only give you the latest news and info, but it will also play short videos along with them.

Your flash Briefings are now a lot like a personalized news show just for you.

Amazon Echo Show Outside View of a Movie Theater

Get Movie Times and Info

Want to see a movie but don’t know what to see? The Echo Show will not only display movie times near you but also give you info on the movie. You can read the full synopsis of the movie and even see some ratings before you make the final decision.

Watch Movies at Home

Smart home assistants are getting more and more popular. That popularity brings demand and that brings supply. Not only can you control your Amazon Fire TV with the Echo Show and your voice.

You can also control some cable providers like Dish Network, all with your voice and Alexa. 

Amazon Echo Show a Woman on a Phone Call

Call and Text

Echo devices have become a great way to stay in contact with other Echo owners through the Alexa app. You can call and text other Alexa users and the Echo Show is no different.

It’s a great way for family and friends to have a group chat or call without clogging up our phones.

Manually Control the Camera

The camera comes with an always-on setting, which to some could be seen as an invasion of privacy. Luckily, you can manually control the camera through the settings.

Change a few settings to make it so the camera only comes on when you need it to or ask for it to turn on.

Amazon Echo Show Black Friday Tags and Confetti

Get Discounts

Another benefit of having the Echo Show is that you are off to a great start building your smart home. Amazon can help you along the way even more by allowing you to get discounts on another smart home tech.

You can get devices like the Arlo Security Camera, Wemo Smart WiFi Plug, or the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit.

Control Lights

The smart home is rapidly expanding. Smart lights are in almost every home across the country. You can control most smart lights with your Echo Show. 

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon


Speaking of controlling smart tech, you can also control smart thermostats with Alexa as well. You will need to connect your smart devices to Alexa through the app.

Set up is a breeze and it helps us get one step closer to the future. 

Cleaning Cycle

There are many different routines you can set up with Alexa. One of those routines is a cleaning routine. However, you will need a smart vacuum that is Alexa compatible.

Then, you can set things up so that your Echo Show tells your vacuum to get started cleaning without you having to say anything. 

Amazon Echo Show Overhead View of a Slice of Pepperoni Pizza on a Plate

Order a Pizza

Domino’s has an Alexa Skill as well. Simply add the Dominos skill to your Echo Show, then set up your easy order. An easy order is your go-to order, for example, extra pineapple.

You can then ask Alexa to order your dominos easy order and then it will order and track your pizza. You can do the same with Pizza Hut if you’d prefer. 


Some Alexa features are known as “skills”.  A skill is when you use an app or a third-party device to create a command. Automatic is a skill that uses a dongle.

The dongle must be plugged into your car’s OBDII port. You can then ask Alexa to find your car, get the fuel level, how far it is driven and more. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of a Starbucks Cup


Starbucks has a skill just like Domino’s and Pizza Hut as well. You must have the Starbucks app and have placed a mobile order in the past. If so, you can connect your Starbucks app to your Echo Show.

Tell it to order that same order at any of the 10 last Starbucks locations you’ve visited. 


Connect your Fitbit account to your Echo Show to get a full report of how well you did the day before, how well you slept, and so much more. 

Amazon Echo Show a Person's Hand Holding Up a Small Globe Toy


Kayak is a website that people use to compare travel prices. You can now do that on your Echo Show with the Kayak skill. Simply ask Alexa where you can go for a certain amount of money or just ask about travel costs to a specific place. 

Hail a Ride

Uber and Lyft both have skills that allow you to order a ride from your Echo Show. You also get to sound fancy when you do it. Simply say, “Alexa, ask Uber to get me a car.” 

Amazon Echo Show View of a Tarmac at an Airport

Airport Skill

Want to know how long the security lines are at the airport? Activate this skill and then start asking for wait time at specific airports and terminals. 

Bedtime Story

Do your kids like bedtime stories? You can have Alexa read a bedtime story to your kids with the Short Bedtime Story skill. 

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon

Ambient Noise

You can also have Alexa play ambient sounds to you while you sleep. There are many different sounds that can be played like a thunderstorm, rain, babbling brook, chimes, rain on a tent and so much more. 

Ted Talks Through Amazon Echo Show

TED Talks are still popular, and you can listen to them with ease on your Echo Show. Simply ask Alexa to ask TED for a specific genre of TED talks or just play the latest episode. 

Amazon Echo Show a Woman Working Out in a Gym with a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Alexa can be your personal trainer with the help of the 7-Minute Workout skill. Alexa will walk you through a good workout whenever you want. 

Business Info

Want to know when the nearest Best Buy opens up tomorrow? You can ask Alexa. Your Echo Show has all of the information you need from local businesses. 

Amazon Echo Show Parents Teaching Their Daughter to Ride a Bike

Parenting Tips

Alexa doesn’t have any kids, but it can help you with yours. There is a skill called What to Expect which provides you with weekly or daily tips and advice for parenting.

Ask a Friend

You can set up the Ask My Buddy skill to get help when you need it. This is not to be a substitute for 911. How it works is simple, Alexa will send a text message to a friend that you have preset in the service asking for help. 

Amazon Echo Show a Mechanic Working on a Car

Car Skills

Not all cars are created equal, some cars have Alexa skills available. Check with your car manufacturer to see if you can lock, unlock, or even remotely start your car with your Echo Show.

Most new Hyundai, Ford, or Tesla cars have this feature available. 


WikiHow is a website that offers so many different step-by-step guides for many different things, Now, you can get those walk-throughs on your Alexa Show with the WikiHow skill. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of a Film Reel

Trailers and Movies

You can use the Fandango skill to watch trailers and then buy tickets at nearby theaters. 


You can play Jeopardy on your Echo Show. Actually, you could do it on any Echo device, but it is easier to see the clues on the Show than just hear them on a Dot. 

Amazon Echo Show Next to a Stove with a Pan on it
Photo Credit: Amazon

Multiple Timers

We have all come across those times when we have two things to cook with different cook times. The Echo Show allows you to make multiple timers so that you can cook everything correctly. 

Light Bar

The Echo Show has a fun feature known as Light Bar. This light bar utilizes the screen to make a colored border around the screen as a visual indicator. The colors are already set but it is good to know what they mean.

Blue means Alexa is processing your request, red means the microphones and camera are turned off, orange means there is connectivity issues, and purple means Do Not Disturb is turned on.

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of Knight's Armor

Guard Duty

Alexa Guard turns your smart speaker into a security device, or at least, an extra level of security. This skill will have your speaker listening for glass breaking, smoke alarms going off, and more.

Your Alexa will notify you through the app if it hears something suspicious.

Send a Hug

You can now send a “hug” to your family and friends who also have Alexa speakers. This is a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them even if you can’t be there.

We won’t spoil what happens when you send someone a hug because it is worth trying. Just ask Alexa to send a hug and follow the prompts.

Amazon Echo Show Overhead View of Two Bowls of Healthy Food

Healthy Help

You should never rely on the internet for your health care needs unless it is to video call your doctor or utilize your hospital’s website features. However, Alexa can offer you quick, generic nutrition tips in the kitchen.

These tips could help you change up your recipe slightly or ensure you add something to the meal you’re making.


There are many different charities that need our help. Alexa makes donating easier. Simply tell Alexa to donate whatever amount you want to donate to whatever charity you want to donate to, and it will be done.

However, it is important to know that this will be your money donated. There are currently 270 charities available to choose from.

Amazon Echo Show a Man Studying at a Table

Help Alexa Learn

Alexa Answers is a crowd-sourced skill. The goal is to have people all around the world contribute their knowledge to the skill. These answers are to questions that Alexa doesn’t have the answer to yet.

You can even earn badges based on the number of questions you’ve answered and how many other users have utilized your answers.


Alexa has some weird responses sometimes. There is now a way to find out where those answers came from. You can ask Alexa “why did you do that?” and she will explain.

Every relationship is made better with open communication, and this is that for Alexa.

Amazon Echo Show Two Young Girls Looking at a Laptop Laughing

Get Nerd Humor

Alexa is officially a geek with Geek Humor. Geek Humor is a skill that, when activated will have Alexa telling jokes from the science category.

20 Questions

Are you in need of a jolt to the brain in the mornings to get the wheels turning? Alexa has your back. A game of 20 questions can be played with the Twenty Questions skill.

This is the classic game; however, you are playing against a computer that has access to the internet. Good luck!

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon

Getting Healthy

Healthy Habit is a skill that can be easily accessed daily. The goal of this skill is to give you a healthy suggestion to utilize today. This is a great way to challenge yourself to be slightly healthier with each passing day.

Voice Profiles

You can now set up voice profiles for Alexa. This way mom will get the answer that pertains to her and dad will get an answer that pertains to him when they ask about the calendar. 

Amazon Echo Show a Woman with a Bull Horn


The announcements skill allows you to turn your home filled with Echo devices into a house with an intercom system. Telling the entire house that dinner is ready has never been so easy on your voice. 

Capital One

Your Capital One credit cards can now be managed with Alexa. You have to set up the skill as well as create a pin number to get into the skill. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of an Xbox Controller with Some Game Cases in the Background


You can use the Xbox skill to turn on or off your Xbox. Open a game and record a moment all with the use of your Echo Show. 

Burglar Deterrent

Did you know your Echo Show can play sounds from various smart speakers around your home? This skill can be turned on while you are away so that it sounds like someone is home, doing chores. 

Amazon Echo Show View of Historic Sculpted Statues

On This Day

On This Day is a skill that will have Alexa teaching you about history. Simply activate the feature and then ask for your morning brief. 

Zyrtec AllergyCast

This skill will help you determine just how bad the pollen is today. This way, you know exactly why you’re suffering. 

Amazon Echo Show a Man Holding Up a Bitcoin

Crypto Alexa

Alexa is into crypto currency as well. You can ask Alexa to ask CryptoCoin. Alexa will then tell you the current value of Bitcoin in U.S. dollars. In fact, she will even tell you the percentage change that has occurred over the past 24 hours.

Find My Phone

There is a skill that allows Alexa to find your phone for you. This skill might come in handy, though most people never let their phone out of their sight. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of a Bouquet of Flowers

1-800 Flowers

Ordering flowers to be delivered has never been easier. All you need to do is ask Alexa to ask 1-800 flowers to send flowers to whomever you’d like. You will be charged for the flowers.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor is a network of trusted home maintenance companies. You can have one of them call you by asking Alexa to find you one for what you need. 

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon


This one might be great for new parents. KidsMD will help you discover the right dosages of medicines to give to children and common ailments. 


Want to go out this weekend but have no clue where to go or what to do? StubHub on Alexa can help you find local events and activities. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of a Computer Screen with the Stock Market Open On The Screen

Opening Bell

You can now access the latest stock market news by asking Alexa to ask Opening Bell for whatever stock news you’re interested in. 

Twitter Reader

Twitter is not known for its friendly atmosphere. However, you can have the latest tweets from your stream read aloud to you with Twitter Reader on Echo Show. 

Amazon Echo Show A Man being Interviewed for a Job by Another Man

Interview Prep

Job interviews are never fun to prepare for. Your Echo Show can help you prep by asking you questions that are pulled from a database of interview questions. 

Magic Door

Magic Door is a skill that tells your child a magical story. But this story isn’t for bedtime as it is interactive and will require answers from your child to keep moving. 

Amazon Echo Show Paper Question Marks Scattered on a Desk with a Person's Hands Holding One of Them

Question of the Day

Want to learn something new every single day? Question of the Day is a skill that will add a random trivia question to your daily routine. 

Myth Busting

Did you know you can put your myth detector to the test with your Echo Show? Just tell Alexa to open Myth Buster and you’re off to the races. Alexa will start a game that tells you facts and fictions.

It is your job to tell Alexa if it is a myth or a fact. She will then tell you if you’re right.

Amazon Echo Show View of a Restaurant Table

Open Table

We all have been there, we forgot to make a reservation or needed to make one fast. Alexa can help with the Open Table skill. 

Restaurant Explorer

Maybe you don’t know what restaurant you want to go to. That is okay. Restaurant Explorer will give you a list of restaurants based on the zip code you give it.

You can then ask for more information when you hear a restaurant that sounds worth trying. 

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon

Life Hacks

We all could use a little help every now and then. Life Hacks is a skill that will give you a life hack each day so that you can live your life a little easier. 

Guided Meditation

Have you ever wanted to try meditation but have no clue where to start? Guided Meditation is a skill that will guide you through your first meditation and as many meditations as you’d like. 

Amazon Echo Show a Woman Recording an Audio Book


Audible is a very popular audiobook app that is also available on the Echo Show. It’s pretty self-explanatory but you will need to set up your Audible account in order to access your downloaded books.

Radio Mystery Theater

There was a time when families would sit around the radio and listen to a mystery. They would try and solve it together before the narrator got to the ending. You can bring those times back with the Radio Mystery Theater skill. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of Two Glasses of Wine


MySomm is a skill that will help you find the perfect bottle of wine for whatever occasion you have. 


Do you know what the right temperature every cut of meat should be to know it has been cooked thoroughly? MeatButler does and can tell you when you need to know the most. 

Amazon Echo Show a Tiger Stretching

Animal Workout

Animal Workout is a skill for the kids. This skill uses animal sounds and games to help keep kids active and healthy. They will love to play it and you will love the amount of energy they exude from it. 

Save Water

Many of us leave the faucet running while we brush our teeth. But Alexa can help make that a thing of the past. Just say, “Alexa, open save water by Colgate.”

Before you start brushing your teeth. Alexa will then spout off water conservation facts and tips while you brush your teeth. The best part is, Alexa will also play the sound of running water in the background, so you still feel like your water is running.

Amazon Echo Show a Class Filled with Kids and a Teacher

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Many of us remember this quiz game show. The questions all come from school lessons that are taught from 1st through 5th grade. The question is, how much do YOU remember?

Song Quiz

Song Quiz is a fun skill that allows you to connect to other players from around the world. The goal? To name the song before the other player does. You can also make it so you play against people in your house or family and friends.

Amazon Echo Show a First Order Trooper Inside Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny

This is an interactive game for kids. They can follow along and even help their favorite characters run missions and choose their destiny. 

Get Me Up

There are some of us who have a more difficult time getting up and out of bed. This skill will nag you and nag you until you get out of bed. Beware, you may end up hating your Echo Show after this skill. 

Amazon Echo Show on a Counter in a Kitchen with Entertainment Apps on the Home Screen
Photo Credit: Amazon


You can add the top headlines of the day to your Flash Briefing with the CNN skill. This skill can be further customized by adjusting your Flash Briefing settings. 

This Day in History

The History channel has a skill for Alexa as well. This skill will tell you about the major events throughout history that happened on today’s date. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of the Twitter App Icon

Twitter (X) Reader

Some people want to stay up to date with their Twitter accounts. The Twitter skill allows you to link your account to Alexa so it can read your latest tweets to you. 


Mastermind is a skill that will announce your caller IDs as you get calls coming in. However, this is a paid skill that costs $15 to add to your Alexa and more features are coming as well. 

Amazon Echo Show Two Chat Bubbles on a Pink Background


Alexa is not against holding a conversation with you. All you need to do is say, “Alexa, let’s chat.” 

Exclusive Amazon Deals

You can easily get the latest Amazon deals from your Echo Show. Simply say, “Alexa, what are your deals?” and you will hear the latest exclusive deals from Amazon.

In fact, these deals can only be found by using an Alexa-enabled device.

Amazon Echo Show a Whale's Tale Sticking Out of the Ocean

Show Me Something

Alexa Show is capable of showing you things if you’d like. Just ask Alexa to show you something and you’re on your way. 


Your Alexa Show can display trailers for new movies very quickly. All you need to do is ask Alexa to show you the trailer for (insert movie here). 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of a Small Popcorn Bucket Filled with Popcorn

Movie Times

Your show can also show you the latest movie times near you. Just ask for movie times for a specific movie or in general. 

Find Movies at Home

Alexa works with Fire TV as well. Simply use your voice to pause, fast forward, rewind, or even find something to watch. 

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Amazon Echo Products | Amazon Smart Home | Amazon Echo Things to Try | Amazon Echo Gifts | Best Tech Gifts
Photo Credit: Amazon


Your Alexa Show can also show you movies by a specific actor. Simply ask Alexa to show you movies with (insert actor name here).

Alexa on TV

You will need an Alexa enabled TV to do this command. However, it is nice to ask Alexa to turn on or off your TV. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of Headphones Next to a Device Playing Music

Themed Music

You can ask Alexa to play music based on a mood. For example, maybe you want party music or relaxing music. Just ask for it. 


You can ask Alexa to add things to your cart and it will appear in your Amazon cart. You can even ask Alexa to make the purchase for you if you’re ready to buy it.

Amazon Echo Show a Veterinarian Holding a Small Reptile

Veterinarian Help

MyPetDoc is an Alexa skill that allows you to get quick help with a sick pet. You can describe to Alexa what is going on and she will help you diagnose what is wrong.

Alexa may not be able to find the answer for you. However, she will forward the information as well as your phone number to a veterinarian nearby who can help.

Miss Something?

Alexa has no issue sharing things with you that you might have missed, specifically, missed notifications. 

Amazon Echo Show a Band Sitting Outside of a Building Performing a Song

Musical Flash Briefing

You can add music to your flash briefing. Just say, “Alexa, enable Today in Music.”


You can ask Alexa to share quotes with you if you’d like. Alexa has a whole internet database to find the best quotes for the best situations. 

Amazon Echo Show a Mathematical Equation Written in Chalk on a Chalkboard


Alexa is also capable of doing math. Even the more complex problems. All you need to do is ask.

Flip a Coin

Alexa can even help you come to a final decision. Just ask Alexa to flip a coin. 

Amazon Echo Show Close Up of a Dictionary


Alexa also has access to a dictionary. That means you could ask Alexa for any definition and you will hear it very quickly. 

Check the Score

Alexa can also give you the score for whatever game you want to stay up to date on. 

The Amazon Echo Show is available at Best Buy and is sure to be a fun and useful addition to your home!

There are so many amazing things you can try with the Amazon Echo Show that will make life even easier in your smart home. Echo Show Hacks | Tips for Amazon Alexa | Tips for Echo Show | Echo Show in Kitchen | Echo Show 8 Tips | Echo Show Wallpaper | Echo Show Background | Hacks for Amazon Alexa | Amazon Alexa Skills | Skills for Echo Show Alexa Skills | Tasks for Alexa | Tips and Tricks for Echo Show Alexa Tips and Tricks #echoshow #amazonecho

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5 Reasons to Love the Amazon Fire TV Stick | The Fire TV Stick is a great way to get Fire TV without breaking the bank. 

Keto Snacks Amazon Shopping List | But the reason we all love Amazon is because of how easy it is to find things we want or need. 

Amazon Echo Show: Why It’s the Perfect Gift | You can even find things to give to others as gifts for any occasion. 

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  1. I was just speaking with my parents about this! Was at the top of my list to give them for the holidays this year. I love the calendar feature and the dropping in feature, it’s very cool – Almost like being in the same area rather than hundreds of miles apart!

    Personally, I think the reminders is going to be something that will really help me when I combine it with Calendar. Great post and thanks for all the ideas!