Standard Process Congaplex for Sick Children and Adults

We have used Standard Process Congaplex with both our young children and us...for years, and we always get the great results we want.
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  1. Mommy Mentor says:

    Well – we gave her two Conga’s today in her milk and she guzzled it. She is holding even but not getting worse so that is at least good.

  2. Mommy Mentor says:

    Well – things have quickly progressed as they typically do with Congaplex. She showed first symptoms on Wednesday and was draining like crazy. Thursday was much less drainage and Friday through the weekend has been very minimal. She developed a cough on Friday late so it is hopefully working its way out of her system. We are putting a Congaplex in her milk as much as we can. She is getting 2 a day. 3 is hard to do.

  3. Mommy Mentor says:

    So this turned into a sinus infection for Princess A. We all ended up sick. The Congaplex was not enough for her, but Mr. C was able to fight it off with the Congaplex supplement, as were hubby and I. Anyone else out there? I know I can’t be the only one using this stuff!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I always use Olive leaf extract. you can surf the web for dosage. I give my three year old about 1 tsp three times a day. if that does not work then I treat there feet with three parts olive oil mixed with 1 part oregano oil. I started using thease product for my self in the pill form and they knock out just about anything really fast. But, the kiddo’s cant take the pills, so you put it on the sole of the foot with a dilution of olive oil. 3 parts olive oil and 1 part oregano oil. aproximately 1 tsp of olive oil and 2 drops of oregano oil will do the job. I am going to try the congaplex just out of curiousity. I am not a doctor either but have had awesome results with these products. Any questions on what I have found to work you can email me at

  5. Mommy Mentor says:

    Thanks for stopping in and sharing, Donna. I will have to try this next time – when they get sick and I am pretty much open to anything. 🙂

    Standard Process does have chewable Congaplex that I now have for our kids. Both kids take them with no problem. I think it was $11 for a bottle or something. That is much easier than the capsules in their food.

    Happy Health everyone!

  6. Motherof3 says:

    Over the holidays my family and I traveled back and forth to different weather enviorments. My four month old caught a very bad cold. Bad cough, congestion, runny-draining nose. He was miserable, even hoarse which caused him very minimum sound when crying and he was unable to babble. Being that I exclusively breastfeed my chiropractor recommend I take congaplex to get in his system. The magic and wonders it worked. His cough immediately broke and drainage cleared!

    1. So happy to hear this! I always listen to what our Chiropractor says too.

  7. Betty Brown says:

    Mother of 3… Wonderful to hear that congaplex is transmitted thru breast milk… Awesome magic 👍.
    I am taking Conga Plex along with mega doses of Vitamin C to chase away flu like symptoms and day 2 is seeing much improvement. Yesterday was a blur… Only got off the couch for food, water and bathroom. Thank you Standard Process for making a natural supplement that works! -Betty

    1. They are such a lifesaver Betty! And what a great point about the supplements going through breast milk. EASY!

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