GoVino Plastic Wine Glasses offer Design and Convenience

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GoVino Wine Glass Review

UPDATE: After a few months of GoVino use, you can read to find out what we thought

One Daddy and I have been known to (often) enjoy a glass of wine so the GoVino Wine Glasses seemed worth a try for a contemporary but non-breakable way to enjoy some wine or other alcoholic beverage on the patio. I love that they are stemless and the notch for your thumb is a nice added touch. However, one of the best features is that they are made from a safe plastic (#1) and are recyclable when they have reached their maximum life span.

I searched around for a few prices and have to say I am surprised by how many companies do not pay attention to how much they overcharge compared to their competitors. I think I found a good price at where I got a 12 pack for $36.95 and free shipping. I didn’t even need a coupon code for free shipping, which was a nice bonus.

If you find a better price, please leave a comment! I hope we love our GoVino Wine Glasses!




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