Family Road Trip Tips (That Will Save your Sanity)

Family Road Trip Tips for Every Age
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  1. Sarah says:

    So true on chargers!!!! Need to stock up before our next journey.

  2. These are great road trip tips! Besides driving me back and fourth to college for four years (which was a 9 1 /2 hour drive), the longest actual road trip my family has ever taken was about 5 hours and we definitely made it through with fun tunes and lots of snacks!

  3. Clara says:

    Family road trips are the best. Even the bad ones make for great memories. I think it’s one of the reasons I enjoy summer so much.

  4. Giannina says:

    Good planning is essential when travelling with kids, whatever their ages. This is what takes the stress out of long journey’s and with a car like this you want to enjoy your ride!

  5. Pam says:

    We used to take a lot of road trips with the kids. Keeping everyone fed, watered, and occupied made everything go a LOT smoother.

  6. Jeanette says:

    We do a lot of road trips. And you’re right minimal packing is the best. As her son is gotten older it’s been a lot easier to be able to travel without whole lot of junk. He gets a backpack it whatever you can fill in and that is all he’s allowed to take in the car.

  7. Eloise says:

    I follow these tips each time my family drives Up North for our summer vacation… it’s only a few hours drive though! I haven’t tempted a longer drive with my young ones yet, but some day! great list!

  8. Liz Mays says:

    I always check my tires before big trips. I love the idea of packing a car bag with everything you need!

  9. rika says:

    I want to have more family road trips. We need to buy a bigger car first so my kids can feel comfortable in the car

  10. Nickida says:

    I love when the family gets to test out the Mazda cars, we just had one about two weeks ago and we loved it. Great tips in your post for a road trip.

  11. My mom was always so organized for car trips. I get car sick sometimes so making it comfortable was important.

  12. Kita says:

    My kids and I are going on a road trip next weekend. Individual chargers are an absolute must!

  13. Kiwi says:

    Great car review! I love the hi quality photos and this looks like a great family car for road trips!

  14. Adrienne says:

    Great tips! I especially love the car bag idea!

  15. Mimi Green says:

    Great tips, we love road trips as well. Each kid gets a car bag, it is the only way to keep our sanity. I like the idea of packing a water bottle, I will allow them to do that the next time.

  16. I can’t wait to go on our next road trip, I love packing a car bag full of activities and snacks of course. Gotta feed the minions!

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