Tooth Fairy 2 Movie Set Visit with Larry the Cable Guy

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You may have caught my tweets last week while I was in Orlando visiting the set of Tooth Fairy 2.  It was a whirlwind of activities and fun as I met the other #ToothFairy2 girls in real life and met the amazing talent behind this hilarious movie.


“Tooth Fairy 2 finds Florida car repairman and one-time Metro County Miracle bowling champ Larry Guthrie (Larry the Cable Guy) having one bad day.  He just learned his ex-girlfriend, schoolteacher Brooke (Erin Beute), plans to marry his arch enemy, a local politician (David Mackey).  When Larry shows up at Brooke’s after-school program to talk her out of it, his big mouth lands him in trouble as he inadvertently breaks the news to a child that the Tooth Fairy is just a myth.  Now, unless Larry collects 20 teeth in 20 days, the Tooth Fairies are going to erase his greatest memory. And unless he can prove to Brooke that he’s a changed man, he’s going to lose her forever.”

I don’t want to reveal all of fun at one time, but thought I would share some of the festivities.  We were able to meet April Mackin who is an animal trainer with Birds and Animals Unlimited.  She trains animals for big movies and is currently working training the ever adorable “Crusher” the Pig for Tooth Fairy 2.  She shared him with us for a bit…seriously, this video will make you want your very own Crusher.

Larry the Cable Guy and me on set of Tooth Fairy 2 in Orlando, FL.


An absolute highlight was meeting Larry the Cable Guy.  Did you know his real name is Daniel Whitney?  Larry the Cable Guy treated all of us with the utmost respect, kindness, and humor.  And when he could have left and went about his day, he didn’t.  He came back to talk with us again…and again.  He loves his family, his children, and his country, and is proud to share it.  It was an honor to meet him.

Meeting and working with Wolf Schneider, the Unit Publicist for Tooth Fairy 2, and Jennifer Lang from Fox was a blast!  Tooth Fairy 2 will be distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.    Be sure to check out the rest of the fun I had on this set visit, too!

Disclosure: Travel arrangements and accommodations were provided.  All opinions are my own.

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