Why Kids Need Dirt Bikes

Why Kids Need Dirt Bikes - Really!
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Bias Warning: I grew up riding dirt bikes.  From the time I was born,  I’ve loved driving fast,  the wind in my hair – that my friends, is what motorcycles deliver…and so much more.

Ok,  for all the parents I just turned off, let me back up.  Nowadays helmets are standard issue, and most kids’ motorcycles offer governors (the ability to limit top speed) and optional training wheels.  Additionally, the amount of safety equipment available today for a reasonable price is incredible. Everything from boots and gloves to body armor.

Why Every Kids Needs a Dirt Bike

Translation:  you can bubble wrap your kid to the level of safeness you prefer. They need dirt bikes.

So. Back to the main point: every kid needs to experience the thrill of a responsive throttle, of hearing nothing but the engine whining and the wind rushing past you, of leaning into a turn and throttling out of it, of planting their feet in the dirt and burning out on dirt bikes (THIS is one of our favorites for a beginner!).

Those are the physical thrills but there’s so much more to enjoy.  The feeling of pulling up on a look out on a trail, riding thru a creek, passing a fellow rider in the middle of nowhere and doing the head nod, or eating lunch on the trail. And the cool thing about all this?  Its family oriented.  Dad can ride his own bike or a side by side to take mom and siblings with as well. Just toss on a motorcycle mount carrier and you are set!

I’m a big believer that learning to ride, and properly control dirt bikes, offers kids an opportunity to seek their thrills, under the watchful eye of mom and dad, while learning to respect the power of a bike and the value of respecting nature to protect riding areas for future riders.

Every kid should experience motorcycles or dirt bikes either as a driver or  passenger.


  1. I enjoyed this article in that you definitely stress the safety factor and ” armour” to keep the children safe. I still love speed at my older age and love motorcycles and fast cars etc. So if the children learn at a young age safety and the dangers of speed and machinery and respect I say ENJOY life. It is the responsibility of parents to teach them right from wrong!


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