A Skin Care Routine you will Love – Duchess Marden Damascena

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Duchess Marden’s skin care line is effective and incredibly clean. The power of rose is central to their system maximizing its curative benefits.  The pure plant based anti-aging elements work flawlessly with every skin type including highly sensitive skin.  Duchess Marden skin care products increase hydration while reducing discoloration and rosacea.  Its natural ingredients leave your skin feeling refreshed, clean, and glowing.

Based in California, Duchess Marden also carries a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate because of the high level of integrity in their ingredients and method of manufacturing.  Duchess Marden products are natural and free of parabens, chemical preservatives, and petrochemicals.  To find a skin care line as pure and effective as Duchess Marden that is effective and affordable is a great feeling.

I have been using the Duchess Marden Anti-Wrinkle Serum for a few weeks now and consider this a must for my evening skin care routine.  I put it on after I remove my make up and enjoy the benefits throughout the night.  The puffiness around my eyes, dark circles, and fine wrinkles are improved and my skin feels amazing. With eye creams, I struggle to find one that leaves nourished without being greasy and have found some that even dry that sensitive skin out.  It absorbs nicely and requires only a small amount in use.  I anticipate this bottle of Anti-Wrinkle Serum will last me at least three to four months, which makes the already affordable $58 price tag even more appealing.

I have also tried samples of the Foaming Cleanser and am absolutely addicted to it. My skin is more prone to oil and the Duchess Marden Foaming Cleanser leaves it clean without stripping it and leaving it dull.  It feels moist without being oily, which believe you me, is a HARD balance to achieve.  It does not remove all of my eye make up so I use another product for that and cleanse with the Foaming Cleanser after that.

After that, I use the simplest of products -Rose Water – as my toner.  I think of this as my very own bottle of magic water.  It is AMAZING!  I follow it with Face Creme and I am finished. My skin feels amazing and the texture is better than it has been in months.  The little bumps that appear and seem to reflect environmental stress are significantly reduced.  I continue to see an in improvement with an even skin tone and decreased blemishes and oil production.

I consider the Duchess Marden skin care products a gift and I encourage you to try them.  You can purchase the Anti-Wrinkle Serum directly through my Open Sky Shop.  More Duchess Marden skin care products will be added shortly!



  1. This collection of skin care products looks interesting. It’s keeps the skin smooth and moisturized which makes the skin healthy. The anti-wrinkle serum is a must try too. It will keep your face brighter and younger.


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