7 Minute Workout Fitness App Review

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Nutrition is how we lose weight and stay healthy. What we eat matters when we want to achieve our goals of becoming and staying fit. Then there are the workouts that sculpt our body and help us lose weight. There are two issues that always arise with people’s planned workouts. The first being time, the second being the workout; these issues are both solves with the 7 minute workout. Time is very important to us all, so spending an hour or more a day isn’t always possible. Then there is the actual act of working out which can get painful if done wrong or even if done right.

The best way to combat both downsides to working out is to use an app and get in that 7 minute workout.

7 Minute Workout App to Lose Weight

What it does

There is an app for just about everything, and when it comes to getting a quick workout in for the day, 7 Minute Workout is the app for that. 7 Minute Workout is a database of workout routines that fit in the category of high-intensity circuit training routines. The workouts consist of 12 different exercises that last for 30 seconds. You can take 10-second breathers between each workout and even repeat each session for as long as you want. One round of workouts last for 7 minutes, but you can repeat for 14 minutes, 21 minutes, and so on.

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7 Minute Workout App
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How it Helps

Not everyone has the time to make it to the gym, which is a big cause of throwing people off track. It’s hard to reach your goal when you just don’t have the time. 7 Minute Workout allows you to workout just about anywhere. There is no need for weights or machines, simply use your own body weight and gravity to get the workout done. You may need a wall or a chair for some of the exercises, but you can skip those if you don’t have those tools readily available. Using the app helps you get your cardio, arms, legs, planks, butt, and even abs done before work, on your lunch, at the park with the kids anywhere.

7 Minute Workout App Videos
7 Minute Workout App


What it Features

Once inside the app, there is support for Google Fit and fitness bands, which is a great way to keep track of your day. The workouts are accompanied by a video tutorial, so it’s like having a trainer in your pocket. The timer is adjustable, so as you strengthen up, you can extend the workouts, break times etc. There is a notification setting to remind you of when you need to workout and you can pause the workout when you need to or skip to the next exercise.

7 Minute Workout App Calendar
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Time is one of the enemies of a workout routine, which is why it’s important to find a way around time. One of the best options is having your workout routine readily available and finished in just 7 minutes. Your diet plan is important, but your workout is how you sculpt the body you want. 7 Minute Workout is the app that will help you accomplish your goals, or at the very least, take away the excuse of time.



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