Who’s Going to #DisneySMMoms 2012 Celebration? We Are!!

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Invites to the Social Media Moms Celebration went out this week; it is so fun to see all of the happiness from those who are going on Twitter at #DisneySMMoms.
I know our family is BEYOND thrilled to be attending, even more so because this is our first year of being invited.
How did I share the happy news with Mr. C and Princess A that they were going on their FIRST TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD?  Yeah…big deal for them!
I printed a picture I had taken of their favorite breakfast ever…

I mean really…who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse waffles?  🙂 I made a quick card with the printed picture and surprised the kids with them right before they left for school!

Yes, those are leaps of true joy from Mr. C.  
Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2012 is two weeks before his 8th birthday so he feels an extra special glow around the trip.
Are you attending Social Media Moms Celebration 2012 at Disney World?  I would love to connect with you!  I am kind of nervous…It feels like many people have gone a few times or know each other.  You can find me on Twitter @AmyBarseghian!  Leave your information in a comment and I will find you! 🙂


  1. Becca, you are so sweet. I too am so excited to have time for our families. Ava showed Daddy the card last night and said, “We get to go to Disney World as a FAMILY AND be with Becca and her family.” The smile was HUGE!


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