Top 10 Things I Have Learned During Jillian Michaels Body Revolution {#BodyRevolution}

It’s official as of today.  I have completed Phase 1 and 2 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and learned a lot about myself along the way. Eight weeks. Six days a week. I have not missed a workout.

The Top 10 Things I Have Learned During Jillian Michaels Body Revolution are the ones that matter...

Top 10 Things I Have Learned During Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

They Say Pain is Gain

I don’t remember what it feels like not to be aware of my body, muscles, joints, and how it feels each day. Initially, it bothered me, and I thought something was wrong. 

I am now so used to it that it would be odd not to be so aware. I look at it as a kick-butt sign that I am getting stronger and challenging myself each and every day in this workout.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution a Woman Doing Yoga on a Yoga Mat

Tips for Workout Progression

This is Jillian, folks. I finished Phase 1 and thought, “Awesome! I am so set for Phase 2.” As I finish Phase 2, I know Jillian will continue to make each workout progressively harder.

And now…in some strange sort of way…I like it. I may still curse her very name at 6 am, but I love it.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution A Woman Wearing Yoga Pants and Running Shoes Standing Next to a Yoga Mat, Two Dumbbells and a Water Bottle

Learning Natural Strengths and Weaknesses

The Body Revolution workout follows the same pattern regardless of where you are in the program. Front of the body, back of the body, and cardio. I rock at cardio.

My husband does not. He rocks at upper body strength.  I do not. He still hates the cardio days BUT is now working his heart at a level I have never seen from him.

It’s inspiring to see. Still, I wouldn’t say I like the upper body workouts, but I can feel myself getting stronger, and it is all worth it.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution a Woman Doing a Plank While Wearing Workout Clothes

Workout Seven

Truly. As in hate. Refer to #3.

Tips for Not Giving Up on Workouts

Modify if needed, but do not quit or skip that workout because it is hard. They are all hard, but I promise you, you will get stronger. The first time through a workout, it is painful.

The second time, it still hurts. The third time, you may get sassy with Jillian because it doesn’t hurt as much, and you must admit she was right the entire time.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution a Woman in Workout Clothes on a Yoga Mat Looking at a Laptop

Avoiding the Scale

When I started this workout, I did. I am within my healthy weight range and just wanted to drop five to seven pounds. I have dropped a few pounds, but the scale has stopped moving.

Four of six workouts each week focus on weights and strength building. Forget the numbers…focus on how you feel.

The Top 10 Things I Have Learned During Jillian Michaels Body Revolution are the ones that matter...

Jillian Michaels Quotes to Inspire

For me, it is “Take this power and control into your day.” It stuck with me from day one and is what I do internal coaching with each day when I feel “off.”  

Jillian is full of motivating phrases, and many are freaking hilarious.  Find what you love and use it to give yourself that daily boost you need.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution a Woman Doing a Yoga Stretch

Managing Appetite During Weight Loss

When I first started this workout, I was ravenous.  I did my best to monitor it, but I didn’t deprive myself of carbs, fruit, etc.  I ate healthy and ate a lot of it when I needed it.  

After three weeks, my appetite settled as my body became used to working out more often at this intensity.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution a Woman Doing a Side Plank

Workout Support System Tips

I started this workout with the intent of doing it alone. My husband joined me three days later, and we have been working out together since then.

We may switch a day or two here and there due to work, meetings, etc. But having his support and watching him do this motivated me.  So before you start…find a buddy!

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution a Woman Stretching Wearing Workout Clothes in a Room with a Couch Behind Her and a Side Table

We are all stronger than we think we are.  

Jillian keeps saying, “You are strong. You can do this.” In the beginning, she irritated me.  But now, I know she is right. I am doing front-body workouts, which are my absolute weakness, but I do them with greater strength and agility than ever. Now…onto Phase 3.

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  1. many thanks for this review it’s very motivational. Today I felt so down after workout 3 because all of the planks and push ups so reading this was so helpful. *sorry for the grammar mistakes English is my second language.

    1. Izraa, I am sorry your day was a frustrating one. Today we did workout 9 and I felt the same way. It was hard and the moves were hard so I was frustrated at not doing them properly…in addition to hurting. 🙂 Keep me posted in the comments here on how your days go. It would be nice to motivate each other.

    2. I am in great :)that’s kind of you thank you. So I did workout 4 yesterday (Sunday in my country ) it was super easy comparing to workout 3. I think all the odd numbers workouts are tough, because it will be the front body day :). Today is my cardio day I couldn’t add any cardio workout I had no time, and I will take it one day at a time. One day at a time.

  2. WOW, eight weeks! That’s so great to be able to stay with it. Although I’ve seen Jillian’s workouts and they’re popular, I think her intensity scares me a little–I’m lazy at heart!

    1. Thank you Ann! I thought the same thing at first…that was eight years ago – lol! Her workouts are so good I don’t need a gym so that keeps me going. With little ones and our schedule, I would not work out if I had to go somewhere to do it.

  3. I’ve done Jillian’s “30 Day Shred” a few times before and she can kick your butt. I’ve actually been thinking about doing it again… you might have just motivated me.

    1. Aww – thanks Becca! How is your new workout going? Talk about HARD! 🙂

  4. thanks so much for this!!! My daughter is starting tomorrow she is 15. i am making her read this!!!!
    I am going into my last week tomorrow. I love 11 and 12 they really tone and tighten. i have lost 15 lbs but over 30 inches so you are totally right when you say ditch the scale!!!!! I love your page and will keep it under my favorites. (even though you are american…LOL)

    1. Hi Sandy, So happy you found me! 🙂 And glad you will come back – lol! Where are you from? If you subscribe by email on the right column, you receive and email update with new posts. Look forward to chatting with you more!

  5. i have subscribed. We live just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Love your Jillian blog and would love to hear your final results. but please let your readers know it is MURDER on the knees. mine hurt every day, not to the point where it is debilitating but it makes me aware that i am no longer in my twenties!!!!!

    1. Thank you for subscribing Sandy! Yes, you are so right that this is murder on the knees. It really hit me at the higher levels. We started over at level 1 when we were done to get a little break and that helped a lot!

  6. I’ve been debating on buying this workout. I am a fan of TurboFire and Insanity but Jillians Body Revolution is something I have been meaning to look into. Thanks for the thorough review.

  7. Hi! I love that I read this just before starting workout 1! 🙂 I’ll definitely tell you what happens after week1. I’ve always worked out in high intensity so this is exciting for me. What exercise did you do after the Body Revolution? Aren’t other exercises relatively easier after finishing the program? 🙂


    1. Hey Jen! Yes, if you can become a regular of Jillian’s, it all gets easier from there. We did T25 which totally amps things up. I use a combo of that and Jillian.