30 Things to Do at Aulani Resort

This was our third trip to the beautiful resort located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, and there are so many things to do at Aulani! You will have a fantastic trip!

With this list of 30 things to do at Aulani Resort, kids and adults have plenty to do!

We just returned from another amazing trip to Disney’s Aulani Resort; each year, I wonder if the kids will want to use our Disney Vacation Club points at a different property, but so far, they have no desire.

With this list of 30 things to do at Aulani Resort, kids and adults have plenty to do!

Collect your Wristbands

Each day, you receive a different colored wristband for the pools and water features. If you arrive later in the day, be sure to head down right away to get your wristband for the day and let the collecting begin.

Our kids and other Disney Vacation Club Members LOVE stacking them up their arms.

Have breakfast at Ama Ama

Ama Ama is a restaurant located on the property with a beautiful view of the ocean and is a must-do list of things to do at Aulani. Make sure you have breakfast there at least one day – it’s amazing!

Our full review of Ama Ama Restaurant may help as well!

Trade Pins

If you or your children are into pin trading, be sure to bring them along on your trip to Aulani and trade pins with cast members. It’s a great chance to get some special pins that not everyone may see.

Enjoy Dole Whip

Dole Whip arrived at Aulani in August of 2014, and it has long been a favorite treat for everyone in our family. Some days, we would pile it high and have it for lunch.

It can be found in The Lava Shack, and if you find yourself missing it when you return home, make this Dole Whip at home!

With this list of 30 things to do at Aulani Resort, kids and adults have plenty to do!

Go on a Menehune Hunt (A favorite of things to do at Aulani for kids!)

There is an important story about the Menehune at Aulani.  You can go on a Menehune Hunt around the resort – simply go to the Pau Hana Community Hall to check out little interactive iPods that will lead you around with clues.  It’s a must-do activity every year.

Swim in the lagoon at night

Five years running, this is one of our favorite things to do at Aulani. You may be the only ones in the lagoon, and the calm waters under the stars are breathtaking.

Make sure you take in the beauty of Aulani at night.

Enjoy a family movie night in your room

Check out a Disney DVD from the Pau Hana Community Hall and kick back in your room to enjoy some family time.

Go on a walk along the lagoons

Aulani is perfectly situated on a secluded corner of the island with four lagoons that offer protection from the open ocean. Walk them, run them, love them. They offer so many benefits to the area!

Go on a scavenger hunt along the Waikolohe Stream

I will have a full post on this soon, but be sure you look for animal shapes in the rocks along the stream.  Keep your mind open, and more will appear.

With this list of 30 things to do at Aulani Resort, kids and adults have plenty to do!

Watch an outdoor movie

We stay a week, and that means 2-3 movies throughout our stay. Look at your daily ‘Iwa for movie title and location.

Ride down the water slides A LOT

You truly cannot get enough of these! If you are traveling with your children, partner up on a double raft and enjoy their laughter echoing throughout the tubes.

Visit the gift shops

There is something for everyone and plenty of fun mementos to bring home for loved ones.

Register your kids at Aunty’s Beach House

Do this on day one. Pronto.  That way, you can drop your kids off to play – for free – and do #14 while you enjoy a night out. Aunty’s Beach House is a definite travel benefit of Aulani Resort.

Relax at the Spa

The kids are at Auntie’s and you can go relax at Laniwai.  I have never done a spa treatment at Aulani, but have heard they are amazing.

With this list of 30 things to do at Aulani Resort, kids and adults have plenty to do!

Go out on the open water on a catamaran

Makiki Joe’s Beach Rentals has everything you could want down by the lagoon. We thoroughly enjoyed our catamaran outing and especially loved that it was just us as a family on the boat.

Laze along the Lazy River

The Waikolohe Stream is a great place to chill – grab a tube and float along while you enjoy taking in the scenery. If you are feeling adventurous, go down the Tubestone Curl first, and you will land in the stream.

Participate in activities at Aunty’s Beach House

Each day, you can find a schedule of activities at Aunty’s in the daily ‘Iwa. If you want to participate in these, you must sign your kids up right when Aunty’s Beach House opens.

Stand in line about 30 minutes before they open to ensure you get a spot.

Go kayaking in the morning

You can rent kayaks for really great prices at Makiki Joe’s by the first lagoon. Activity in the lagoon is slow during the morning hours, so go out and kayak early for the best open water.

Watch the lights sparkle in the hot tub

The hot tub by the new infinity pool leaves some surprises for nighttime, so be sure to head over for some warm relaxation.

Go paddle boarding with your kids

We love renting these, and some have a clear viewing area up front so the kids can see under the board as you paddle along.

Hang with Mickey and Minnie

The daily ‘Iwa has any character events noted, so make sure you take advantage of those! People always ask us if we get tired of seeing Disney characters during our stay.  

I always say that Aulani’s commercials are correct – our stay only involves a “touch of Disney.”

Build a sand castle

The beach is amazing at Aulani and perfect for building sand castles because the waves don’t wash them up as quickly. Each year, we buy sand toys at Target on day one and donate them to an arriving family on our departure day. Family travel traditions are the best!

Listen to Uncle tell stories by the fire

We love sitting by the fire with other families, listening to the stories of the island. These are also great ways to educate the family about Hawaiian culture. You can see times in the Daily ‘Iwa.

Go snorkeling in the second lagoon

The second lagoon has more fish in it and is perfect for beginner snorkeling. Our kids love how safe they feel and that they can see a lot of fish without going out in the big open ocean water.  

We bring our snorkels each year, but you can also rent some.

Go out on a date

And leave the kids at Aunty’s Beach House. Enough said. We managed to get three date nights in one week on our last trip. Pure bliss.

Listen to music at night

Live music can be found most nights at Aulani.  Ama Ama and the other resort restaurants offer beautiful Hawaiian music that embodies Hawaii.  

Eat Lucky Charms on the patio

You remember those traditions I mentioned – this is one of ours.  So whether you choose Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops, the point is to enjoy your breakfast on your patio with a special Disney Aulani tradition as you listen to the music and watch the resort come alive each day.

Feed the Menehune

The story goes that the Menehune come out at night and work magic around the island. Cal and Ava love to leave them treats at night on our patio just in case they need some extra nourishment.

Auntie told the kids they love Snickers, so each night, they get a few.

Drink out of a pineapple

Pineapple is the treasured fruit of the island; there is nothing like it! The bar can make just about any cocktail in your very own fresh pineapple. Do it – at least once.

And let the kids have a sprite in one, too, so they can feel special.

Snorkel in Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef is located in the pool area so you can watch people snorkeling through the viewing windows. You can snorkel in the reef one time or buy a pass for your entire stay.

Honestly, it’s so cheap that it’s worth buying the extended experience that allows everyone the opportunity to increase their comfort level with snorkeling.

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