Intel Introduces RealSense (#Intel2in1)

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 has plenty of stuff to check out from companies like Lenovo, but the star of the show has definitely been Intel. Intel is surely going to be the company to pay attention to in 2015, and the reason why is RealSense. We’ve tried to do a highlights article on everything that Intel has been working on, but it’s just impossible to sum it up. Instead, we’ve decided to go in depth with Intel’s RealSense technology.


What is RealSense?

RealSense is a technology that can be incorporated in many different ways. The main goal of RealSense is to bring a new way to control and interact with technology. RealSense has been incorporated into a camera known as the RealSense 3D Camera. The RealSense 3D Camera is at the heart of possibilities to come from Intel’s RealSense. As Intel describes it, the RealSense 3D Camera is “the world’s first integrated 3D depth and 2D camera module that helps devices ‘see’ depth much like the human eye,” The uses of the RealSense Camera are endless, but Intel shows off just how we can benefit from technology seeing things the way we do.

What RealSense Means For You

Intel is aiming to change everything, much like touch displays changed the world. Imagine not having to touch your mouse, keyboard, or controller. Instead, everything can be controlled through hand gestures, finger movements and even as simple as a wink. During Intel’s Keynote at CES, a small example was given when an Intel employee used her voice and hand gestures to pause, play and scroll down a screen playing a YouTube video. All of this is done using the Intel RealSense 3D Camera module as it is incorporated into different devices.

Some of the bigger examples of What RealSense can do involve security and 3D printing.


True Key

True Key is part of how we’ve all envisioned the future. A mounted RealSense 3D camera at your front door can use your face to unlock your home- just for you. Just how does True Key work? Using the depth sensors, RealSense can use your facial traits like distance between your eyes, nose length, and even fingerprints. However, the technology doesn’t just end with door unlocking, imagine logging into Facebook or other sites with your facial features and gestures. Our very own Amy is seen above getting a makeover giving herself a makeover with the help of RealSense. While TrueKey is a very impressive use of RealSense, there is still room for growth. Surrounding environment plays a big role in how the RealSense 3D camera sees us. Just like us, if the surrounding light is too bright, it gets a bit blinded. Surely as time goes on, this new technology will grow and gain its footing. Until then, we still feel that this technology could change the world.


3D Printing

3D printing has come a long way since its realization, and much of that growth is thank to Intel and RealSense. Using a RealSense Camera module, HP created Sprout. Sprout is a desktop with a flat pad instead of a keyboard, and an overhead scanner. The overhead scanner uses RealSense 3D technology to scan a 3D object with ease. Once an object is scanned in, it can be cosmetically changed to fit the users needs. Once the object is finished being redesigned, it can be 3D printed. However, 3D printing and RealSense can be used for so much more. Another example is better seen on the runway of a fashion show.

Photo Credit: Intel
Photo Credit: Intel

Intel has teamed up with fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht and asked her to design a dress that works with RealSense technology. Wipprecht came up with what’s being called “the Spider Dress”. Using RealSense Camera modules and sensors the dress measures depth between the wearer and the people who surround her. If someone enters the personal space too quickly, the dress goes into attack mode and the spider leg collars flare up and out. However, the dress also is constantly measuring the breathing pattern of the woman sporting it and can tell if she is calm. If the wearer is calm when someone approaches her personal space, the dress will not go into attack mode. This dress shows off not only RealSense in a real life situation, but 3D printing and just how far we’ve come.

There’s still so much more that Intel’s RealSense is capable of doing. What are you most excited to see? I can’t wait to see RealSense come to more Intel 2 in 1devices

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