10 Funny Elf on a Shelf Ideas

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The Elf on a Shelf is a fun tradition to start if you haven’t already. The possibilities are limitless of things to do with your elf. Some are easy, and take little to no time to complete, and others may take a few days. The one thing to remember is that you can never go wrong with humor.

If you haven’t started yet here are some supplies to get you going!

So here are a 10 Funny Elf on a Shelf ideas that you should give a try.

Funny Elf on a Shelf Ideas


Disney’s Frozen has taken the world by storm. Let your elf get in on the fun, set your elf up with the Elsa and Anna dolls, and have them be in the middle of building a snowman. If you’re really talented, try making the snowman out of real ice shavings and make it look as close to Olaf as possible.

Elf elf-

The movie Elf starring Will Ferrell having a meal. A spaghetti meal…elf style. Instead of meatballs, fix your elf a plate of spaghetti with marshmallows and candy. Use maple syrup as sauce, and set it up right in front of your elf.

Pop Up Shop-

The iconic scene in Charlie Brown when Lucy puts up an advice stand. Set up the same scene using cardboard, and instead of Lucy, you can place your elf in the shop. You can also, use Lucy and have your elf getting the advice.

Dress up-

Create a costume for your elf. Use Legends of Zelda for inspiration, or maybe a doctor. Maybe your elf wants to fill the big guys shoes.

Funny Elf on The Shelf Ideas
Gold Fishing-

Put some Gold fish in your bathroom sink (the crackers, not real ones). Then create a makeshift fishing pole out of whatever you can find around the house. Tie floss around the tail of a Goldfish cracker and the other end of the floss to the pole. Set your elf up as if he/she was fishing.

Angry Elf-

This one requires you to have some Angry Bird plush. Set up a version of the game Angry Birds, with your elf being the slingshot holder and Legos as the bricks. Print out some pig images and use them in the Legos.

Snowball Fight-

Use some lego blocks to create walls. Then use tiny marshmallows as snowballs, and have your elf behind one wall and another toy behind the other.


If your elf is a he, you can have him shaving in the morning.

Elf on a Shelf with Marshmallow Weights

Fit Elf-

Set your elf up doing Yoga, or maybe lifting marshmallow weights.

The artist-

If you are capable with a pencil, then set up the scene from Titanic. Have a doll laying on a “bench” and the elf drawing the scene. If you can, draw as much as possible first  but have your elf finish it.

Here are some must have supplies for staging your elf. They’ll all come in handy during his stay this holiday season!

Don’t forget there are TONS of options for tricking out your elf now as well. If your friendly Elf on the Shelf has been around for a few years it can be fun to add an outfit or a pet to keep the “magic” alive and flowing year after year!



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