3 Best Hotels in Laguna Beach

Montage Hotels in Laguna Beach Pinnable
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Laguna Beach is a part of So Cal that even if you live nearby, you may want to spend a weekend there. The beauty and luxury you experience are well worth it, no matter where you’re from. You’ve got the beaches, great dining and in order to amp up the experience, you only need to find the best hotels in Laguna Beach. US News recently named their top rated hotels from all around the world and they didn’t leave out Laguna Beach. Search no further for the best of hotels in Laguna Beach.

Search no further for the best of hotels in Laguna Beach because the top three are right here.

Search no further for the best of hotels in Laguna Beach because the top three are right here to make your California travel easier.

Montage Laguna Beach

There are many aspects that get a hotel on the list of top hotels around the world from US News. One of those aspects is luxury found both in the room and around the property. Montage Laguna Beach has over 30 feet of luxury at your disposal. Possibly the best luxury found in each of the 248 craftsman style rooms is the beach-front view. There are three restaurants, a spa, and two luxury pools if ocean water isn’t your thing. Montage Laguna Beach deserves their Gold Badge rating and a spot on the top hotels list.

Ritz Carlton Hotels in Laguna Beach
Photo Credit: Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Resort

California is known for the weather and our beaches, even more so in Southern California. The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Resort perfectly encompasses the strengths of California. Pulling inspiration from the beach lifestyle that is just a few steps away, the Laguna Resort makes the list. Part of the resort is a full golf course, ocean-inspired spa and 15 different eco-excursions to fill your weekend. If you decide to really get the “California Lifestyle” down then head out on the ocean using a surfboard as your vehicle. All this and more make the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Resort a Gold Badge hotel.

St.Regis Best Hotels in Laguna Beach
Photo Credit: St.Regis

St.Regis Monarch Beach

Many of the hotels in Laguna Beach area are nestled near public beaches. While being close to beaches makes for an amazing vacation, enjoying a private beach is even better. The St.Regis Monarch Beach has their very own private beach; they’re willing to share it with you as a guest. Their championship golf links or thrilling water sports can distract you from the real world that awaits you at home. The beauty that surrounds the resort is one of the biggest reasons for anyone’s stay. The views even make the St.Regis an iconic wedding destination. The St.Regis Monarch Beach is another Gold Badge hotel in the Laguna Beach area.

The hotels that make the list made by US News are there for a reason. That reason is to help you make the most out of your vacation or staycation. Each hotel is worth every penny you pay and will make you never want to leave. So whether you’re traveling from near or far, these are the three hotels you should consider before anything else.


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