Best Gifts For Men

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Everyone loves getting a great gift for the holidays…or at random. The problem isn’t for the receiver, but the giver. Finding the perfect gift for men can be stressful. Getting a good set of socks, or a nice shirt is always welcomed, but sometimes givers want to get something a little different. First you have to think about what the receiver would like, then if they have it, then shop for the right one.

That’s why a list of the best gifts for men can really come in handy.

Best Gifts for Men 2015


While guys may not always express a deep passion for fashion, there is nothing like getting a good pair of shoes. The Vivo Barefoot Handcut Porto Boots make the perfect shoes. Handcut from premium Portuguese leather, these boots come in three different colors and are sure to last for a long time. The Handcut Porto Boots are available for $290.00 a pair.

LG Gram Gifts For Men
Photo Credit: LG

LG Gram

Many gifts that are intended for men are ones that are sturdy and can handle a lot of rough handling. The LG Gram is a laptop that is built from a sturdy Magnesium Alloy. the display measures in at 13’’ and only weighs 980 grams. Powered by an Intel i5 Core Processor, the LG Gram would be a great addition to any guys tech gadgets. You can get the LG Gram today for only $799.99.

Keep The Peace Bedding Gifts For Men
Photo Credit: Keep The Peace Bedding


Keep The Peace Bedding

Finding the best bedding for both you and that special guy in your life could be as stressful as buying a home (depending on how important sleep is to you). Sometimes you find yourself kicking off the blankets while he is freezing or the other way around. Keep the Peace Bedding solves that problem by allowing you to each customize your blanket according to your sleep temperature needs and has a price range that allows you to find the perfect one for both your budget and a great night sleep.

Chrome Set Gifts For Men
Photo Credit: Huckberry

Winston Chrome Set

Then there is the shave kit, while classic, it’s always a good choice. The Winston Chrome shaving kit is one of the best and cheaper than it would cost to buy a pack of razors at your local store. The razor itself is made from an aluminum alloy similar to what is used in modern aircraft. The Winston Chrome Set even comes with shaving cream, three razor heads, a travel cover and a special gift all for $30.

Rodan and Fields Gifts For Men
Photo Credit: Rodan and Fields

Rodan and Fields REDEFINE

Another gift that men may not ask for outright but appreciate just the same is Rodan and Fields Redefine skin care. This regimen helps fight the signs of aging while keeping skin smooth and touchable. This is one of those gifts that qualifies as a gift for you as much as for him. Rodan and Fields Redefine is good to use after a good shave and for only $193.

Logitech Blok Gifts for Men
Photo Credit: Logitech

Logitech Blok

One aspect of the life of a man means getting dirty. Whether that’s doing yard work, going fishing, or just playing with the kids, dirt happens. The problem is tech doesn’t like dirt much, which is why getting a case for those tech gadgets like a tablet is important. Then there is the Logitech Blok Case, which brings a bit of masculinity to the case.

Glenfiddich Gifts For Men
Photo Credit: Glenfiddich

Single Malt Scotch

Then there is the classic man in your life. This is the guy who enjoys a nice, stiff drink while watching sports or just relaxing in his chair…yes, his chair. For this guy, you should consider one of the best single malt scotch drinks available, Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch which has a price range of $45 to $190 a bottle.

Oak Bottle Gifts For Men
Photo Credit: Oak Bottle

Oak Bottle

What makes most drinks “high-end”? It’s the aging process. Aging tequila, scotch or any other drink gives it a flavor that is worth spending the big bucks. However, not everyone wants to hand over hundreds of dollars for that flavor or even wait that long to age it yourself. The Oak Bottle costs only $79.95 and can age that lower-end tequila in just two days.

Logitech Circle Gifts For Men
Photo Credit: Logitech

Logitech Circle

With all the advancements in tech comes advancements to security systems. Logitech has some of the coolest in home camera systems for nurseries and security. The Logitech Circle is one of those cool new cameras. One of the coolest features is instant home monitoring from your mobile device. Making this a great gift for that guy on the go.

Make shopping for him easier this year and get one of the gifts on this list. You will be guaranteed to get a big thank you and an approving smile for your choice. Though if he is a techie maybe you should shoot for a more tech-driven gift. Let’s just hope that the gift he got you is just as awesome.



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