Amplifi WiFi Router Review

AmpliFi WiFi Routers help spread the WiFi signal throughout every room in your home to help all devices access the internet with ease.
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WiFi is how most of us connect to the internet, but few of us know how it works. The complicated version is that WiFi is a radio signal that is decoded and sent out through a router into our homes which our devices use as a vehicle to access the internet. If we think of the internet as oxygen for our devices, we can draw a conclusion that our routers emit oxygen throughout our home. The problem is, if our routers are emitting oxygen, having it in a room on the other side of the house means not all rooms get access to that oxygen. AmpliFi WiFi Routers help solve that problem by spreading oxygen into every room.

AmpliFi WiFi Routers help spread the WiFi signal throughout every room in your home to help all devices access the internet with ease.

Do you use WiFi at home for your smartphones? How about tablets? It seems like we have way more than just desktop computers and laptops connected to our Wifi signal these days. Our Alexa and Alexa Dots all connect to the internet along with any of our smart home devices! It takes a big toll on our signal strength!

 AmpliFi WiFi Routers help spread the WiFi signal throughout every room in your home to help all devices access the internet with ease.

The smart home technology is growing more and more every day. We have access to not only desktops but laptops, smartphones, home assistants, and smart appliances. All of the above operate using a WiFi connection which makes them easier to set up and makes it easier for each device to communicate with each other. AmpliFi WiFi Routers aim to help each device have the same level of access to the WiFi signal anywhere in your home. The entire system is known as a WiFi mesh system and could be the future of how we connect to the internet.


The Most Beautiful Router

As far as routers go, design is starting to become just as important as function. We’ve all had those routers that look like black boxes with lights that ruin the flow of a room’s decor. AmpliFi WiFi Routers want to bring your router out of the cabinets and into the light. AmpliFi WiFi has a central connection device that is futuristically designed. To help with the mesh system, there are little “mesh points” that have a similar design as the central hub but in a slimmer body.



The biggest feature of Amplifi WiFi is the mesh WiFi system. The system works by having one hub that connects and distributes your WiFi signal throughout your home. In the spots where the signal begins to get weak, you place a Mesh Point. The Mesh Point will connect to the WiFi from the hub and redistribute it. There is also an app that helps you do many different things with ease. Use the app to tell you where the best spots are for the Mesh Points, set up the hub, and add extra levels of parental controls. The hub has a full-color LCD touch screen that provides you with information like current internet speeds, IP addresses, what devices are connected, bandwidth, and time and date. Each Mesh Point has five LED lights that indicate the signal strength from the hub.


Our AmpliFi  WiFi Usage and Review

The AmpliFi WiFi system is ready to use right out of the box. All you need to do is plug everything in, turn it on, and let the app do the rest. Once we found the perfect placements for the hub and each mesh point, we were up and running. We have multiple devices in my home; which could be the explanation for our slower speeds using the AmpliFi system. It’s difficult for our routers to handle all the streaming we do. Be it from YouTube, Amazon’s Fire TV or our Chromecasts by Google. When we simplified our usage the AmpliFi excelled. We feel the AmpliFi WiFi system is perfect for those with fewer devices. Everyone needs internet access and getting it in a beautiful package is a plus. The design alone makes AmpliFi worth a look.




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