9 Tech Gifts For Men and Women

Tech has made not only gifting easy but getting gifts easy as well. In addition, tech moves fast, so every year there is something that someone would love to see the upgraded version of as they tear away at the little elves that cover the wrapping paper.

Knowing the best tech gifts for men and women can help you make sure you gift the most up to date and desired tech products! Tech Gifts for Men | Tech Gifts for Women | Gifts for Dad | Gifts for Mom | Security Gifts | Mobile Gifts for Adults | Tech Gifts for Teens | Technology Shopping Guide | Christmas Gifts for Her | Christmas Gifts for Him #tech #gifts

Once upon a time, during a time not so long ago, buying gifts meant knowing someone’s size, hobbies, or grooming needs. Now we are in a time when all you need to know is what are the hottest tech gifts. Tech gifts for men and women are easy to find since there is always something new, something better, and something techies want.

Finding the perfect tech gifts for men and women is easier than shopping for most any other gift. You just need to know what is new, what is hot, and what is worth the money. Luckily, there are tons of reviews for just about any piece of technology.

In fact, tech transcends all the boundaries we have set for different types of people. Fashionistas could use a tablet to design their next outfit, car guys can use tech to help diagnose a problem, cooks can use tech to help them cook their next “world-famous” dish; the list goes on and on.

The only question left is, what’s hot right now?

Tech Gifts For Men and Women | Wireless Charging Dock

This gift will require a bit of digging around before you purchase. However, it’s still easier than finding the right outfit for a fashionista. You will need to know if they have a phone that is capable of charging wirelessly. There are some wireless charging docks that are designed for specific devices.

But most of them will work with any device that has wireless charging capabilities.

Tech Gifts For Men Gifts with Snow

Smart Soundbar

Soundbars have been popular tech gifts for years now and they just keep getting better. Smart technology helps them integrate voice controls. It also gives access to the internet on TV which means streaming apps galore. You can find soundbars with Amazon Alexa built-in or Google Assistant, or even Roku.

There isn’t much you will need to know when it comes to finding the right one, either. All you need to know is if they will enjoy it or not and the answer is usually, yes.

Tech Gifts For Men Man and Woman Holding a Gift

Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds

Just about every tech device is Bluetooth capable. That means one of the best tech gifts for men and women will always be Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. These devices will change from year to year but there will always be a mobile listening experience available.

The only thing you should know before you buy is if they prefer earbuds or over-the-ear headphones. The difference is important as everyone has a preference.

Tech Gifts For Men Cardboard Boxes with Ribbons

Smart Home Assistant

Here is another tech gift that everyone can enjoy. Of course, these will also change from year to year, but they will always be improved upon. That means you can still gift a smart home assistant to someone who already has a smart home assistant. So long as they didn’t already get the latest and greatest before the holidays.

Google makes home assistants, Amazon does as well. The best rule to follow here is if the person you’re shopping for has an Android phone they will more than likely enjoy a Google Home of any kind. Apple users tend to use Amazon Alexa devices more often.

Tech Gifts For Men Pile of Gifts

Smart Security

Anyone who would love the best tech gifts for men and women would love to up their security game. Keeping all those tech devices safe isn’t easy. Luckily, there are devices for this. You can set up your family member or friend with a smart security system starter kit.

Starter kits provide you with everything you need to get started and can easily be found on sale during the shopping season. You can find smart security cameras, locks, and even doorbells.

Tech Gifts For Men Gift with a Rocking Horse Next to it


Phonesoap is a device that you insert your smartphone into and then it uses UV light to sanitize your phone. This device has been one of the most popular tech gifts for men and women for a while now. But this device is on the top of a lot of techies lists this year more so than ever.

Tech Gifts For Men Assorted Gifts Piled with Red and White Wrapping


Dashcams are one of those devices that will be installed and forgotten about. But they will become money savers or even lifesavers in the event of an accident. In fact, a dashcam is the ultimate safety gift for the person you care about most.

Men and women can appreciate the extra level of security while driving and there will always be a new one to pick.

Tech Gifts For Men a Gift with a Tree Round on Top

Smart Vacuum

There isn’t a techie alive who would turn away a smart vacuum. These robots have come far in what they are capable of. The way they work is simple, they will map out the house they are in and then vacuum on a schedule without the owner doing anything except the setup and emptying.

There are even some smart vacuums that empty themselves.

Tech Gifts For Men Gifts Under a Tree

Smart TV

Do you recall a commercial that aired years ago in which a man gets a TV delivered only to find out that before his brand-new TV could be delivered a new, better version was released? TVs are still the same way. That may seem like a negative, why would you want to buy a TV that is outdated before you even get home from the store you bought it from?

The positive is that great technology gets cheaper and cheaper. For example, 4K TVs were only in the homes of the wealthy for a while but now anyone can afford a 4K TV.

Knowing the best tech gifts for men and women can help you make sure you gift the most up to date and desired tech products! Tech Gifts for Men | Tech Gifts for Women | Gifts for Dad | Gifts for Mom | Security Gifts | Mobile Gifts for Adults | Tech Gifts for Teens | Technology Shopping Guide | Christmas Gifts for Her | Christmas Gifts for Him #tech #gifts

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