Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter – What is the Difference?

Otterbox now makes numerous products that are built to last. But the products that put them on the map were cases for smartphones. There are plenty of smartphone cases to choose from, like the Prefix and the Commuter. An Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter review can help you decide.

Pitting the Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter cases can help you decide which Otterbox case you should get to protect your device. Otterbox Prefix Case Review | Otterbox Commuter Case Review | Otterbox Cases for iPhones | Otterbox Cases for Samsung | Apple Phone Cases | Otterbox Case Review | Smartphone Cases | Smartphone Accessories #otterbox #phonecases

Pitting the Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter cases against each other can help you decide which Otterbox case you should get to protect your device. Otterbox is a company that many people trust with their smartphones, which is no easy feat. The cases from Otterbox have been known to protect devices, last long, and get the job done correctly.

However, things evolve and change over time, and smartphones are easily among those evolutions. We have seen smartphones go from small to big, back to small, and then back to big again. Now, there is a variety of sizes, colors, specifications, and more in the world of smartphone devices.

Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter Overhead View of a Phone in a Case on a Wireless Charger

Everyone has their preferences, but the one thing we all have in common is a desire to protect our investments. After all, smartphones are not cheap, and they carry our lives inside them. That is why Otterbox makes such a wide variety of cases, to ensure everyone has an option. The Prefix series is one line of Otterbox cases you can utilize for your smartphone.

But the Prefix series is not the only series available. You could also go with something a little different, the Commuter series. These are not the only two lines of cases by Otterbox, but they are worth looking at for your smartphone. An Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter review can help you decide if one of these cases is worth investing in for your phone. 

Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter Close Up of a Person Holding Up a Phone in a Pink Case

Otterbox Prefix Vs Commuter | Design

Dropping a smartphone can be terrifying; your heart almost skips a beat. But that is exactly what Otterbox cases are designed to prevent. The Commuter series is one of the dual-layer cases produced by Otterbox. There is a synthetic rubber slipcover that you place over the phone first.

Then, you connect the polycarbonate outer shell to the rubber and have dual protection for your device. The rubber slipcover is designed to absorb shock, which helps protect any major vibrations from hitting your phone, which could lead to chips or a cracked screen. The outer shell adds a lip around the front of your device, ensuring the screen stays intact.

Another bonus of the Commuter series is the port covers that prevent dirt and dust from clogging up your charging port. The Prefix series is different in that it uses only one layer of protection, thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU case. This one-layer design makes the case easier to put on and even less bulky than a dual-layer case.

However, you may be wondering about shock absorption. Luckily, the Prefix series has internal coring, which helps protect against drops and bumps. 

Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter a Lineup of Different Cases and Screen Protectors

Levels of Protection

Ottebox Prefix vs Commuter would not be complete without looking at the levels of protection each case provides. Of course, we can already tell that one case will have higher levels of protection. But that is where balance comes into play. The Commuter series has a higher level of protection as it is two layers.

Those two layers combined help protect your device from drops, and the no-slip grippy edges lower the chances of drops. The port covers protect against dirt and dust from getting into the charging ports, which is just another level of protection. However, the dual layers also mean the case is a bit bulkier.

Still, that makes the Commuter case a great travel case for your smartphone. The Prefix case is only one layer which means the case doesn’t have as much protection as the Commuter series. However, the inner coring is designed to help spread the shock of a drop throughout the case and protect the phone.

There are no port covers on the Prefix series, so you aren’t getting that level of protection either. However, the one-layer case means it is less bulky and can easily slip in and out of your pocket. 

Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter Close Up of a Person Holding Up a Phone in a Blue Case


Cases are not just about protection anymore. People seek ways to make their phones stand out, and the case offers an opportunity. The commuter case can be found in different colors, but the materials will always remain the same. You will be able to find different color combinations, where the rubber layer is a different color than the outer shell.

But the Prefix series is slightly different. This line of cases comes in different colors, like translucent ones. But the design of the case offers more aesthetic features. The outer edge of the TPU has ridges that help grip the device but also look great. You can easily grip your device to take some amazing sunset photos, thanks to that design.

Trade-offs with both cases could make it easier for you to decide which one to go with. Do you need more protection? The Commuter case might be the answer. Do you prefer a little more style? The Prefix case might be the one you want. Knowing the differences between this Otterbox Prefix vs Commuter review should help you decide.

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