Surviving Week 1 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

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Big time.
Her workouts – most importantly her 30 Day Shred – changed me and showed me how much I love an effective workout…and a little pain. 🙂
Fast forward almost five years and every Jillian workout later and I was in the mood to shake things up.  I certainly fell out of my heavily disciplined workout routine with the move this past year.  2012 was a big one for us. Between relocating and months in a corporate apartment, three days a week became the norm instead of an off week.
And guess what?  A 38 year-old body does not seem to hold it’s shape with three days instead of five.
Week 1 Recap of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Workout
SOOOO….who better to shake things up than good old reliable Jillian Michaels?
I had seen reviews for her Body Revolution system and decided why not?
So on January 3rd I began and I just completed week one…
And even managed to pull my awesome husband in as well.
Jillian’s Body Revolution consists of 15 workouts that are about thirty minutes long.   Workouts 1 and 2 in week one work the front and back of the body on different days.  You follow that with day three being a cardio workout and then repeat that three day cycle again with a day of rest on day seven.My thoughts on week one? It was not bad.  It hurt in good places…but I know full well this is a baptism and that true pain and work will come. 🙂  I adore the length of the workouts in Body Revolution; 30 minutes is a perfect length that makes working out six days a week totally doable.
We are traveling this weekend so instead of taking Wednesday off at the end of week one, we are plowing right into week two and taking Saturday off.
The question most of you probably want to know is how much weight did I lose?  Right now I am at the high point in my normal zone so would like to get that off and drop seven to ten pounds.
The results of week 1 of the Body Revolution by Jillian Michaels?  2.8 pounds lost (lots of water and cookie weight ;)) and I already feel SO much better.  I can feel things tightening up the way I like.
Do you work out?  What do you like to do for exercise?  Have you considered Jillian’s Body Revolution?


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