Identity App: Update Billing Information in One Place

What is the Identity App
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We often use different cards for different services. Maybe you have a credit card linked to your household utilities, and emergency gas card, a medical bill card, daily use card and of course, your debit card. While carrying these cards around is enough of a hassle, managing them doesn’t have to be. There is an app that can help called Identity App. The Identity app is there to help you manage your billing information for all of your services in one simple. We use apps to help us simplify just about everything in our lives and it’s about time we have an app to help us manage our different accounts in one spot.

The Identity App makes updating personal information across services easy with one app and one click.

The Identity App makes updating personal information across services easy with one app and one click.

The Identity App

The app is simple and available on both Android and iOS. Identity helps you manage your billing information on all of your accounts in one spot. You can even manage the billing information from different services. You can easily add cards, services and update your address through the app, saving you a ton of time. 

If you haven’t already discovered the theme here, the Identity App is super easy to use!  We will walk you through the app features to help you see for yourself.

What is the Identity App


Identity has multiple features that are meant to help save you time. There are three main sections to the app. The first section is “Payment Cards”. In the payment cards section of the app, you can add or remove any card you use for payments and start managing the account from the app. The second section is “Addresses”. In the addresses section, you can manage the addresses you use for every payment card. You can add multiple addresses, like a home address and a business address and more. You can also manage email addresses from here as well.

Identity App All of your Billing information in one place

The last section is “Services”. In the services section, you can manage the many different services that are linked to the many different cards. One example would be if you had your debit card, which automatically pays your electricity bill, and is linked to your home address.

Log into Identity App

When to Use

There are many different times when you would get great use out of the Identity app. If you move to a new home, you need to change the billing address on all of your accounts. You can do it with a few clicks across all accounts using the Identity app. If you get a new card, you can add it into the app and manage it as well. It’s very simple to use and saves you a lot of time and possibly even a headache or two. One of the best parts is the security. The Identity app is developed by a trusted source meaning security over your identity is the highest priority. The app stores all of the information on your physical device and sends nothing to “the cloud” or any “remote servers”. The information is on your phone and nowhere else.

Identity App Update your Billing Across All services

In the digital age, life is made easier in many different ways, but it’s also easier for identity thieves. Identity protects you and makes life easier at the same time. You can manage your accounts in one spot, on your mobile device. Even better, when you move around, your credit information can come with you.


  1. It sounds like a great app, and one that can simplify your life too. I think it’s great that you can make all your payments in one app and I love that you can keep track of all your accounts.

  2. The apps sound nice but I am a little bit worried about the security. I will check more reviews about this.

  3. Sounds pretty interesting for an app! I know it would be useful for quite a few! I am always leery of apps, and try to stick to just the basic ones. I’m going to have to check this one out!

  4. This sounds like a great app. I know that identity theft is on the rise. A few years ago, my husband’s debit card was compromised. Thankfully, we caught it early so that the companies didn’t ship products.

  5. We do a lot online and pay almost all of our bills online. It would be nice to have everything all in one spot. I am going to check this out a little more.


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