5 April Fools Jokes for Young Kids

April Fools Jokes for Young Kids
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Some may think pranking children is not the right thing to do since they could be considered easy targets. On April Fools’ Day, everyone is a target, including kids. However, turning your kids into April fools shouldn’t go too far. They should have the right amount of fun and laughter involved to make the prank enjoyable for everyone. The goal is to avoid the tears and create a smile instead.

Keep the smile going and make April fools of your children during your April Fools’ Day fun!

April Fools jokes played on kids should have the right amount of fun and laughter make the prank enjoyable for everyone. These joke will bring all smiles!

Cup of Jello

The night before, make a cup of Jello and leave it in the refrigerator. When your child asks for a drink, offer up this cup of “juice”.

Colorful Bath

Get some food gel dye and swab the inside of the bath faucet liberally with the gel. Be sure to pick your child’s favorite color and watch as they are amazed by the colorful bath.

Turn The House Upside Down

You can take this one as far as you’d like but use the same idea. Before your children wake up, turn every photo in the house upside down.

April Fool For Kids

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Before driving your kids to school or around, grab a piece of poster board and write a note big enough to see from a following car. Write something asking other drivers to honk and wave hello or yell out “Hi, (your kids name here)!

Hairy Tricks

Get a fun wig and wear it when you pick up your children. When they ask about it, tell them it is a new style you’re trying.

Pranking children is very easy, it’s almost like taking candy from a baby. Just be sure not to go overboard or else you might end up getting tears instead of laughs. After you’ve pranked them, reward them for being such a good sport with an early Easter craft or a sweet treat. Don’t forget to keep your best camera handy either, because while it may be too easy to prank them, the reactions are always amazing.



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