3 Practical Reasons to Drive the Chevrolet Volt

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We just finished an extended test drive with the Chevrolet Volt; while we have driven a few traditional hybrids, this was our first experience with a hybrid designed like the Volt.

3 Practical Reasons to Buy the Chevy Volt

The majority of hybrid vehicles are considered parallel hybrids which use a small electric motor for driving at low speeds and then switch to gasoline power for higher speeds and acceleration.  Both engines work parallel to each other to provide the driving experience.  The Volt on the other hand relies solely on battery power until it is fully depleted and then switches over to gasoline.

The battery range on the Chevrolet Volt was around 32 miles during our test drive so we tested out how to maximize battery usage in specific driving conditions.  Many wonder how to best utilize a hybrid vehicle in order to save on fuel as well as electricity for recharging the battery – here are three practical reasons to drive the Chevrolet Volt.

1. If your Day is Made up of Short Drives

If your day is filled with frequent trips that are short in distance, the Chevy Volt is perfect for you.  Because the range is under 35 miles and the Volt depletes the battery before switching over to gas, we found the benefits of the battery to be maximized in this environment.   I was able to drive for three days of in town driving before the battery range was completely depleted.

And to go three days without using a penny of gas was a great feeling.

chevrolet volt side

2.  If you Have a Teen Driver

Let’s face it, it isn’t cheap to have a teenager covered for auto insurance. We want our children to be safe in whatever they drive, but see no need for them to have a luxury vehicle for their first car.  The Chevrolet Volt is a safe car that gives teen drivers everything they need – without too much.

They have just the right amount of cargo and passenger space – without having too much.

And most of the time teen drivers do a lot of short trips to and from school or their friend’s houses so they can save money on gas by utilizing battery power the majority of the time.

Parents and teens can possibly save a bit on auto insurance as well if your company gives incentives for environmentally friendly vehicles.

3.  If your Employer Provides Charging Stations

The number of companies that are providing charging stations for employees to power up continues to rise. If you are lucky enough to have an employer that does, the Chevrolet Volt works well for commuting under 40 miles each direction.  The battery power will get you to work and you can recharge at work before heading home.

The Chevrolet Volt’s lithium-ion battery is designed to maximize efficiency and last a long time meaning less battery replacements as well! 


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