Parents Guide to Disneynature Bears + Child Activities

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We are coming down off our Disney Social Media Moms high after an amazing, fun-filled four days.  During our trip, we enjoyed a screening of Disneynature’s “Bears” before it opened in theaters today.  If you are planning on taking your children to see “Bears”, we are here to help with this parent guide and some fun activities for your children.

Parent Guide to Disneynature Bears + Child Activities -
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A Story of Parenting

Disneynature’s Bears is a story of many things that children and adults can relate to – including parenting.

Parents will find themselves tearing up with “Ooohs” and “Awwws” as the striking similarities in parenting come alive in “Bears”.  The movie highlights a year-long journey of a bear family where two young cubs shadow their mother as they learn some essential lessons along the way. Make sure you keep an eye on your children too because they will find it hard to miss opportunities to appreciate you as parents as they watch the film.  All ages will enjoy this film though our prediction is that children under 11 will enjoy it the most.

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A Story of Siblings

You may be wondering if Bears is appropriate for really young children, say under the age of five.  We believe it is not only appropriate, but a movie that all children will relate to, especially if they have siblings.  Scout and Amber, the two bear cubs in the film, have a very playful and typical brother and sister relationship that will leave kids giggling.  They may even find some similarities between the cubs and their own relationship with their brother or sister.

“Bears” is a story of parenting, siblings, and… 

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A Story of Real Life Struggles

a story of real life struggles. Only around 50% of bear cubs make it through their first year of life and Disneynature’s “Bears” captures Scout and Amber’s first year in true form with a storytelling angle that makes it resonate with viewers.  Coming out of hibernation as a mother is hard for Sky as she needs a ton of food in order to keep her milk supply up for her cubs.

Cubs are a source of food for some predators, which is the most sensitive subject in the movie for really young children.  Disneynature handles the challenges through a graceful narrative; children may leave with a few questions about the movie, but we did not find any scary parts in the movie.  Ava is our youngest at seven years old and had nothing but praise for the movie.

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A Story of Togetherness and Triumph

In the end, a dramatic story ends with peace, togetherness and triumph in Disneynature “Bears”.  After her search for the ultimate food source, Sky finds what she has been traveling for, bringing calm to her family.  It was also nice to see that such aggressive animals could all come together share the food they all need.

It just goes to show that everything is easier if we all play nicely together…a theme that can only be positive for children.

bears activity guide

Disneynature Bears opens today, Earth Day 2014, April 18th, and we also have some fun activities for your children to go along with Disneynature Bears.   CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO GO TO A HUGE ACTIVITY GUIDE THAT YOU CAN PRINT!  

Have fun!

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