Otterbox Defender vs Symmetry Cases – How do they Compare?

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Otterbox cases are now known for being a very well built case to protect almost any smartphone you may own. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android device, Otterbox has a case for you. The only decision you have to make is which Otterbox is right for you and your needs.

Two of the options you have are the Otterbox Defender cases or the Symmetry cases. Just what are the differences between the Otterbox Defender and Symmetry cases?

How do the Otterbox Defender and Symmetry Cases Compare?

The Otterbox Defender case has always been styled with a more rugged user in mind. Keeping your device safe from high drops is its goal. The Defender series is definitely for the heavy users who have a higher possibility of dropping their device. Using a built-in screen protector adds a level of protection that is hard to find with any other cases.

Otterbox Defender 3 pieces

The Defender series has three layers all adding a new level of protection. While having three layers also adds the need to assemble, it’s well worth it if protection is your goal. Then there are the cool features that are added to the back of the outer layer. You can utilize the belt clip or kickstand for easy viewing and storing of your device. You will also find that some phones come with a less bulky Defender case. For example, the Defender case pictured is for the LG G4 and is less bulky than the one we have for our other device.

Otterbox Defender and Clip

Then there is the Symmetry Series from Otterbox. The Symmetry Series is made for the more style oriented people out there. Slimmer than the Defender Series, Symmetry cases still protect, just in a more stylish way.

Otterbox Defender layed out

We’ve taken a look at the Symmetry cases that had a bit more flare to them before. One of the biggest things we like about the Symmetry Series is the tighter fit. These cases are definitely better for those who slide their devices in and out of your pockets.

The style comes in the form of colors and designs that cover the Symmetry cases. No matter which device you have, you can find different colors and options with the style that match your own sense of style.

Otterbox Defender Without Clip

The Symmetry cases do have multiple layers, but only two. Your device will surely be protected, just not on the same level as the Defender series.

Trying to decide between cases always comes down to your personal preference. When it comes to the Otterbox Defender or the Symmetry Series the decision comes down to protection level or style. The Defender case is built tough for heavy users and a more rugged lifestyle. The Symmetry Series is built with style in mind; giving many different color and pattern options. Both cases do their job very well which could either make your decision easier or more difficult.

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