iGrow Hair Growth by Apira – Get Clinical Results at Home

iGrow by Apira Hair Growth System
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Hair loss is a totally natural and mostly uncontrollable occurrence. It happens in both men and women and is usually seen as un unwanted side effect of aging or genes. On a lesser note, women often find themselves wanting longer hair, faster. However, everyone’s hair grows at different speeds and could take a very long time to get as long as we’d like. Enter low-level light therapy or LLLT and iGrow. Using LED or lasers, there is a way to not only grow hair, but fix skin issues, help relieve pain reduce acne and wrinkles, and even fix skin redness.

Using LLLT Apira Science has brought us the iGrow.

iGrow Hair Growth - Get Clinical Results at Home

How it Works

As we age, our bodies go through numerous chemical reactions on a cellular level. Those cells usually die off. When we’re young, new cells grow in their place, but as we age, the rate of regeneration is lessened. LLLT is a way to reignite those cells and create those chemical reactions our body once had on its own. For regrowing or reigniting the cells that help our hair grow, Apira Science uses a red light and it effectively upregulates the cells in our hair follicles.

iGrow by Apira Hair Growth System

How to Use it

Different levels of light have different effects on our cells a more common and well-known way to see that is in sunlight. The ultraviolet rays within sunlight cause the melanin in our skin cells to activate at a faster rate in order to protect us from burning. That chemical reaction causes your skin to darken. A similar idea is at work using Apira Science’s iGrow. The iGrow helps with hair growth, but other forms of LLLT can reverse redness, reduce acne, and more. During CES 2016, we saw the iGrow up close and personal.

iGrow Hair Growth Provides Clinical Results at home

Bringing LLLT Home

While most treatments of laser surgery or laser cosmetics are most often done in a doctor’s office, there is one way to experience LLLT in your own home. The iGrow by Apira Science is a product that you can bring home and use on your own time. It is a helmet-like device that you wear on your head, and it uses a red light to help those hair follicle cells get back to work. Thanks to Apira Science, you can bring home the same therapy that many pay big bucks for at the doctor’s office.  Simply use every other day for the suggested time of twenty minutes and relax in the comfort of home.

There are still many uses to be researched with LLLT and some still to be approved. Until then, iGrow has been proven to work and do as Apira Science says it should. This is just another example of how tech devices is making life easier and as we continue down the path of LLLT, it will get even better.  

*We received an iGrow by Apira to test. All opinions are our own.*


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