LG HOM BOT Square Robotic Vacuum with Mop

The LG Hom Bot robot vacuum makes life easier and helps ease the stress of keeping up with the house.
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Keeping the house clean is not something I look forward to every day. Let’s face it…life is busy enough and there are far better ways to enjoy life than vacuuming and doing chores any more than we need to.  Don’t get me wrong – I love a clean house, but I would choose quality time with my husband and our family any day of the week.  We have long considered a robot vacuum to help keep up with the house and found the LG Hom Bot Square can handle any job we throw at it.

There are many reasons to love the LG Hom Bot Square as the robot vacuum for your home!

There are many reasons to love the LG Hom Bot Square as the robot vacuum for your home!

What Is It?

The LG Hom Bot is a robotic vacuum that is in the shape of a square with rounded edges. The design of the vacuum is very appealing and comes in a few different colors. The Hom Bot allows you to clean your entire home without having to do anything besides pressing a button or kicking back with the remote control for it. You can even get a mop attachment so that the Hom Bot can clean up hard floors as well. The inside houses a .6-litre dirt box, and it’s very easy to empty. Right on the top is a very easy to understand button system. You have the “Home” and “Mode” button; the home button sends the Hom Bot back to the charging station to charge. The mode button does exactly what it says, switches betweens modes. The LG Hom Bot is a great addition to a smart home.


The Hom Bot comes with a remote control that allows you to control it from a distance. The essential vacuum features are present, and there is even a mapping system. The Hom Bot will use it’s camera to figure out where it is and where it’s been. This feature allows you to pick up the bot and place it somewhere else, and it will work it’s way back. There are also 7 different modes that allow you to clean any room regardless of the configuration, number of walls, flooring material, or distance from the charging home base.

There are many reasons to love the LG Hom Bot Square as the robot vacuum for your home!

Defining My Space

Using the remote, you can designate a particular area as “My Space”. Once selected, you can send the Hom Bot directly to that space and start cleaning. This is perfect for anyone because there is always one part of the house that needs extra attention.

Scheduling your Hom Bot

Schedule Mode is very convenient for those who like to have the home cleaned at a particular time and live a busy lifestyle. Use the touch controls on the Hom Bot to set a time and a frequency. The Hom Bot will go and clean the house at that point, and return for charging when it needs to and when it’s finished.

There are many reasons to love the LG Hom Bot Square as the robot vacuum for your home!

ZigZag Mode

This mode is similar to how we all vacuum. The Hom Bot will move back and forth in a room. Each time it hits something, like a wall or the legs of a coffee table, it will maneuver around and continue along its path until the room is complete. You can also use this in conjunction with repeat mode to get an extra cleaning done or care for high traffic areas.

If you are cleaning larger messes, the dustpan is super easy to clean. Lift the handle, remove, empty, replace.  All in a minute!

Cell By Cell Mode

The Cell By Cell Mode uses the camera to create a virtual graph that the Hom Bot will follow. Essentially, the Hom Bot divides the room into rectangular sections and cleans each one.

There are many reasons to love the LG Hom Bot Square as the robot vacuum for your home!

Smart Turbo Mode

Smart Turbo Mode turns up the power, not the speed. That means the suction power is amplified but the cleaning time is about the same. This kicks in on carpeted areas when set. 

One feature that stands out on the Hom Bot are the rotating brushes on the front of the vacuum. They help loosen debris so the robot can catch everything. Combine that with Turbo mode for tough areas.

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode is the same as Smart Turbo Mode except you manually turn it on whenever you want. The Hom Bot will not care if it’s in a carpeted or hard floored room.


I enjoy using the Hom Bot, or NOT using the LG Hom Bot rather since the vacuum can be operated with little to no manual manipulation from me. The Hom Bot also allows me to spend more time with my kids and family rather than cleaning house. Take time to learn which mode is best for each room in your house and you are set.  For example, Cell by Cell Mode is not ideal for very open areas without defined walls, but luckily the Hom Bot has many different modes. The Hom Bot has been a great addition to my smart home repertoire and the kids love helping the Hom Bot move around the house to clean.  It is just another way LG Home is making life in the house easier. 


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