Week One of the 30 Day Slim Down

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Today finishes up Day 6 on Jillian’s 30 Day Slim Down and I am so thankful that tomorrow will be a day of rest. The first week of the Slim Down consisted of the following:
Day 1: The Shred: Level 1
Day 2: The Shred: Level 1
At this point—easy as they come! I honestly enjoy Level 1; my body responds well to it and it always leaves me feeling energized.

Day 3: No More Trouble Zones
About 10 minutes into this, I realized that with 45 minutes left it was impossible to NOT be sore afterward. This was my first time with No More Trouble Zones, but I had heard about her “Surrenders”. I didn’t know what they were…I simply knew they were well named.

Now – I know what they are and, well, they are incredibly well named. That move alone makes it worth buying the DVD.

Day 4: The Shred: Level 1

(Who would have dreamed I would see this as a day off? 🙂 )

Day 5: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism
While I went into this thinking there was NO WAY I would make it, I was wrong. See, two days later, my body STILL ached from the intense No More Trouble Zones workout. However, I remembered the advice I received when I started The Shred for a month…every day. People told me that if I was sore to just push through it and modify if I needed. And when I did The Shred, that was so true. I actually felt better after working out; I felt like my muscles (and whatever else was so sore) just needed to be stretched…and worked…again.

Same rules apply with the 30 Day Slim Down.

Day 6: Quick Trouble Zones
I had some coffee before this workout and spent a good 5 minutes praying that my definition of “quick” would match that of Jillian Michaels. Thus, after a warm up, three circuits (instead of six, but also still including the dreaded “Surrender”), I realized we were both thinking the same thing. Quick Trouble Zones cuts the full version’s circuits in half and lasts about 35 minutes.

Day 7: REST!! Yippee!
Today I am enjoying my day of R&R! And I am not going to look at what next week entails until tonight. 🙂
Tomorrow – onto day 8 of the 30 Day Slim Down!



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