Things to do on Maui for all Travelers

Maui is a prized Hawaiian island! If your travels take you there be sure to check out these things to do on Maui!
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Traveling to Maui is pretty exciting. We’re all getting really pumped for this trip and so instead of being all jittery and useless I’ve decided to compile some awesome things to do on Maui. Whenever we travel we make sure there is ample time to relax and unwind but we also take advantage of the local culture, foods, and experiences. We have used this Maui guidebook as well to make sure we don’t miss anything!

Maui is a prized Hawaiian island!  If your travels take you there be sure to check out these things to do on Maui!

Experience a Real Hawaiian Luau

This one seems like common sense when it comes to things to do in Maui. The luau is something that is really iconic to the Hawaiian culture so I think this would be really fun and a unique adventure for our trip.

Hana Rainforest Helicopter Tour

I don’t know about you but in my mind Hawaii is one of those tropical paradises that is full of natural beauty. What better way to experience all of that natural beauty than by taking it in all at once from up above.

Maui is a prized Hawaiian island! If your travels take you there be sure to check out these things to do on Maui!


Everyone has to eat right?!? Instead of hitting up large or well known restaurants in Maui it’s a great idea to get a feel for the local culture and a taste of the native foods. There are TONS of local places that serve up traditional and local Hawaiian eats. There are even some pastry spots for a great breakfast and some food trucks! Wear a nice Hawaiian shirt to really fit in!

Haleakalā National Park

Dormant volcanoes…Do I need to say more?!? There are also endangered Hawaiian geese to be seen here as well. The National Parks Service maintains this park which means that there will be well maintained trails and information available for learning while also vacationing.


Kula Botanical Garden

If you are not keen on seeing the natural beauty of Hawaii from the air I think this would be a great option! The botanical garden at Kula is an awesome spot to see some of the most gorgeous vegetation of the island up close and personal.

Beaches for Surfing & Watching Pro Surfing

Scuba and Snorkeling trips are fun but Hawaii is all about surfing! You can watch pro surfers in action or get in the water and catch some waves for yourself at these great local beaches near Maui!

The best spot to check out the pros is  Honolua Bay and Hookipa Beach near Lower Paia. These are best during the winter months when the waves are big! Maui’s most famous surf spot for big wave surfing is Peahi. It’s not uncommon to see surfers here being towed out by the jet skis during massive swells!  And be sure to take your sunglasses along for the day; my hubby loves these Maui Jim sunglasses!

Haleakala Maui Sunrise Tour

I know it means getting up really early while on vacation but there’s a chance we’ll all be jetlagged to begin with so why not see an AMAZING sunrise in one of the world’s most beautiful places!

Jungle Zipline in Maui

Ziplining in Maui is right up our alley. We love to be adventurous and outdoor activities are fun for us as a family. Ziplining combines beautiful views and adventure into one great bundle!

The Road to Hana

You might be familiar with this particular road…The Road to Hana is quite beautiful but it’s also pretty dangerous. SO much so in fact that many rental car companies on the island don’t allow for their vehicles to be driven here! This is a great road for some sightseeing and adventure! No stress, you don’t have to drive, there are plenty of tours to check out.


  1. Those all sound wonderful . When we were there on a cruise there was not enough time to do the many things that you listed. Many of those you mentioned were pointed out in brochures we saw too. Take it all in and enjoy the life! ??? aloha!


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