Why We Should Rise through the Ranks

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When we search for a new job, we usually go for the highest paying job with a title that matches our skill levels. However, when starting a new job, it might be better to rise through the ranks, rather than start at the top. We believe there are multiple benefits to starting at the bottom and working hard to get to the top and are honored to partner with Kronos about this message. In fact, many times the extra perks that come from rising through the ranks pay off for years to come.

It may be tempting to want to take the fast track, but there are so many reasons why we should rise through the ranks.

It may be tempting to want to take the fast track, but there are so many reasons why we should rise through the ranks.

The Study

Kronos is the leader in workforce management solutions and does business with tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Kronos helps clients with managing their time, schedules, absence records, HR, Payroll and labor analytics. Through their own operations, Kronos has the experience and knowledge to help not only companies with their own workforce but people entering the workforce as well. Focusing on the people that make up the workforce, Kronos finds the most sought after charcteristics of employees and shares them with everyone in the 1 in 100 Million campaign. The goal of the campaign has been to inspire and motivate others to be not just 1 in 100 or 1 in a thousand, but 1 in a million, and stand out in today’s workforce. In one of the latest episodes of 1 in 100 Million, Kronos shines a light on why it’s important to rise through the ranks, rather than starting at the top.


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What It Means To Rise Through The Ranks

Rising through the ranks means starting with an entry level position and learning the in’s and out’s of a company and what it takes to do each and every job. Through hard work and dedication to the job, people can receive promotions to higher positions. Each promotion brings not only a new title and higher pay but more knowledge about how the business operates. Troy Mitchum is the VP of Security at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Troy’s journey from the mailroom is a perfect example of how rising through the ranks pays off over time.

Rise through the ranks at the Wynn Las Vegas

The Benefits of Rising Through The Ranks

When we apply for a job, we must fight the temptation to start at the top. As we work our way through the company we can learn many different aspects of the business and the importance of each one. Troy started in the mail room at the Wynn in Las Vegas, and over a 30-year span, has made it to VP of Security where he oversees over 400 employees. Over the years, Troy has worked as a mail clerk, pool cleaner, bellman and more.

Each job taught Troy a different skill and gave him the freedom to go to college at the same time. The benefits of rising through the ranks include extensive knowledge of the company, networking opportunities throughout the business, and a mostly flexible schedule depending on the position.

No success is possible without hard work. Be willing to rise through the ranks.

Being 1 in 100 million means more than just having the right qualifications. In order to stand out in today’s workforce, you need to have the right drive and passion for the job. If you have the right passion, starting at the bottom isn’t a problem but an opportunity. Thanks to the 1 in 100 Million campaign we can all be inspired to stand out in the workforce, rise through the ranks, and enter the fields we are most passionate about.


  1. I think rising through the ranks gives you more respect when you actually reach the top. Starting at the top in a new job is sometimes pretty hard, especially if you can’t sit down and help employees underneath you, or have the ability to do their job if needed. It’s hard to respect a superior who can’t do that.

  2. I agree with you, rising through the ranks teaches you a lot more skills than if you just get a high position to begin with. In the long run it will be much better, because so much of a journey is about what you learn along the way.

  3. Starting from the bottom of a job to learn the basics and then moving up is always how I was raised to do things. It’s is a very important life lesson.

  4. I love this and also find it to be true. Dreams being fulfilled take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for the most part.


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