best-of-life-2Welcome to The Best of Life Magazine! We started writing about products we love back in 2007 and have always loved learning about what others enjoy using and sharing our favorite things with others.  We share discount codes if we have them here as well!  Enjoy and if you have a product or gadget you are wondering about, email us at [email protected] (Affiliate links are used throughout our website so we can keep writing and sharing with you.)

Cocktail Napkins

These cocktail napkins are always in stock in our home, especially for happy hour with friends.  “Alcohol. Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.”

Glass Straws

We love our glass straws and have used them for over five years.  We prefer wide 9 inch ones for high ball cocktails.  They make for a great stir stick as well!

Cocktail Muddler

Whether making mojitos or simply muddling cucumbers in sparkling water, a good cocktail muddler is a must have for your bar or kitchen.  We like this one because it is sturdy and easy to clean!

Riedel Wine Glasses

Riedel wine glasses are our go to glasses for all kinds of drinks. They specially make each and every glass to enhance the flavors of the specific wine or drink. Make every glass the best tasting wine possible. They even have a set with glasses for all common wines!

Wilton Wine Bottle Coaster

I think it’s pretty clear that we love our wine…This wine bottle coaster is both functional and adorable. Because what kind of life would it be without wine?!? No fun, that’s for sure! I love that this wine bottle coaster also makes a great gift.

Coravin Wine System

The Coravin line of products is amazing. We use our Model Two Elite Wine Pouring System all the time! It’s amazing; it allows us to pour wine without exposing the rest of the bottle to the air. The wine can continue to age naturally and we get to enjoy fresh tasting wine with every glass.

Amazon Echo

We bought the Amazon Echo on a beta test when it (she) was first released.  The Echo is hands down, the most used, abused, and loved tech device in our home.  Everyone needs one – it makes music, shopping lists, getting traffic, and EVERYTHING so much easier!

Amazon Fire TV

We have been Amazon Fire TV users for a years.  It makes streaming music, television shows, and movies so easy at home and we can easily watch whatever we want on our devices if we are on the go. We even have our cable channels through Fire TV!

Bella Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

This Bella Electric Tea Kettle looks beautiful and is safe because there are no plastic pieces inside below the boiling line.  It comes in a variety of patterns and even has a curved spout.

ION Audio Block Rocker

We use our ION Audio Block Rocker for outdoor movies, the kids sing and jam in the street, and well, so do the adults. Money well spent. This little wonder is wireless, rechargeable, and loud! It’s great for simple outdoor gatherings. We love to have a soundtrack and this makes it easy to take music with us!

Maxboost 2.0 Quick Car Charger

With a busy life on the go, we got tired of our phones barely charging in the car. This car charger is AMAZING and the quick charge option works better than any we have had in the past. Now we can travel at ease knowing we will always be able to grab a quick charge in the car on our journeys!

Whirly Pop Stove Top Popper

Movie theater popcorn will never taste the same again. We make the best tasting popcorn at home with our Whirly Pop and a few other ingredients. Plus, it is made with coconut oil so it makes our brains happy. I feel good knowing we’re eating a healthy snack and my family is happy munching on something super tasty!

Touch Lamp

We love these simple and cost effective touch lamps on our boat. We use them outdoors at night, the kids use them to read with before bed, and they are perfect when you need a little light overnight somewhere on board.

Storvino Nero Wine Storage Container

We adore our Storvino Wine Crates.  They keep wine bottles snug when on rougher seas and we use one in our liquor cabinet to keep bottles from sliding around or breaking.

Telescoping Hand Gaff for Fishing

The KUFA hand gaff for fishing telecopes so you can store it under seats and in small spaces on your boat or in your garage, which is a must on any vessel regardless of how big or small it is.

GoVino Flexible Wine Glasses

The GoVino flexible wine glasses are amazing. We don’t have to worry about them breaking and they can be used for any beverage! They are perfect for on the boat.

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Press

This sandwich press is the bomb! It’s great for making all kinds of sandwiches and it’s much easier than trying to cook a full meal for breakfast while on board!

Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer

With no oven on board our boat we needed something like this amazing air fryer. We use it to make chicken tenders, tempura veggies, and more. It is great, safe, and prefect for life on board!