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Living the “best” lifestyle is a unique story to each and every person. There is no perfect lifestyle because as long as you are living in a way that makes you happy and fuels you each and every day, then you have found the sweet spot in life. Our lifestyle resources at The Best of Life Magazine are here to help each of us live a life well lived.

Budgeting After a Family Layoff

The economy is tough, and many people have lost their jobs. When a family grows accustomed to living on a certain amount of income...
Decorating for a child's birthday party involves plenty of preparation. Here is how to set a table for your child's birthday party.

How to Set a Table for your Child’s Birthday Party

Decorating for a child’s birthday party involves plenty of preparation. Games, gifts, and entertainment all need to be arranged weeks in advance. Among all...

How to Get Ink out of Leather

Why do I find myself posting about this stuff so much? This has certainly been the month of getting stuff out of something! First...